Update coming soon to Pandora featuring new ‘Browse’ section loaded with music that you’ll love


Right now, as I write this, I have Pandora on in the background spinning me some great new tunes. Pandora is just an incredible tool for discovering new music without much hassle. Soon though, Pandora is going to be even better at dishing out fresh music that you love to listen to. A new ‘Browse’ section is coming to the app, and Pandora is claiming it will be “your ultimate personalized discovery destination.”

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Pandora introduces Thumbprint Radio for extremely personalized recommendations

pandora_radio_venue_pink_purplePandora is building on its music discovery features with a new, unique Thumbprint Radio. If you’ve ever used Pandora, you probably know that you can “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” a track so Pandora will play more relevant music on whatever particular station you’re listening to. This new Thumbprint Radio goes a step further and uses all of the music you’ve liked and builds a radio station based on your overall music tastes. Read more

Boost Mobile matches Virgin Mobile and T-Mobile with unlimited music streaming from select services

boost_mobile_logo_orange_backgroundWhile Virgin Mobile recently announced unlimited music streaming from certain services, and T-Mobile has offered the feature for a while, Boost Mobile has decided to join the party and delicately skirt around a net neutrality issue by offering their own form of unlimited music streaming. Read more

Rdio layoffs affect more than 100 employees, Pandora extends job offers to some


Upon being acquired by Pandora, Rdio admitted it would be shutting down and turning away subscribers. The future of Rdio’s team, which is allegedly between 140-180, was largely unknown as Pandora’s focus for the deal was on technology and not people; however, Pandora did state that “many” people from Rdio would be offered jobs. A recent WARN Report published by California’s Employment Development Department shows that Rdio laid off 123 people in San Francisco.

Rdio informed the state of the layoffs on November 18, two days after Pandora announced the acquisition. Affected employees will be relieved of their roles by December 31.

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Rdio’s subscribers will be cut on Tuesday, but the service isn’t gone yet


Pandora disclosed its acquisition of “key assets” from Rdio on Tuesday and the latter music streaming service confirmed it would be shuttering. Rdio failed to remain competitive in a world where dozens of players are vying for subscribers. The status of Rdio subscribers was unknown immediately following the announcement of Pandora’s acquisition; however, Rdio has finally clarified what will happen to those paying a monthly fee for premium features.

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Rdio shutters, Pandora buys “key assets”


Two music streaming services made announcements on Monday, both very different in their nature. Just as Rdio files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Pandora is buying “key assets” from one its many rivals. Pandora is spending $75 million on what’s left of Rdio to “accelerate the company’s plans to offer fans greater control over the music they love.” Select employees of Rdio will be given the opportunity to move over to Pandora.

The surviving music streaming service expects to launch an “expanded Pandora listening experience” by the end of 2016.

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Amazon Echo update brings Pandora, MLB, and MLS support

amazon_echo_app_iconAmazon’s latest update to their Echo device brings support for a handful of new services that are a welcome addition. Pandora support is now completely native to the device, so you’ll be able to talk to Echo to create stations or play and pause music. Prior to this update, you’d have to start music on a smartphone or tablet, then stream it through Echo.

Music lovers aren’t the only ones getting new features with this update, though. Major league baseball and major league soccer are both coming to the device, so you’ll be able to quickly get scores or ask when games are. Read more