Rdio’s subscribers will be cut on Tuesday, but the service isn’t gone yet


Pandora disclosed its acquisition of “key assets” from Rdio on Tuesday and the latter music streaming service confirmed it would be shuttering. Rdio failed to remain competitive in a world where dozens of players are vying for subscribers. The status of Rdio subscribers was unknown immediately following the announcement of Pandora’s acquisition; however, Rdio has finally clarified what will happen to those paying a monthly fee for premium features.

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Rdio shutters, Pandora buys “key assets”


Two music streaming services made announcements on Monday, both very different in their nature. Just as Rdio files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Pandora is buying “key assets” from one its many rivals. Pandora is spending $75 million on what’s left of Rdio to “accelerate the company’s plans to offer fans greater control over the music they love.” Select employees of Rdio will be given the opportunity to move over to Pandora.

The surviving music streaming service expects to launch an “expanded Pandora listening experience” by the end of 2016.

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Amazon Echo update brings Pandora, MLB, and MLS support

amazon_echo_app_iconAmazon’s latest update to their Echo device brings support for a handful of new services that are a welcome addition. Pandora support is now completely native to the device, so you’ll be able to talk to Echo to create stations or play and pause music. Prior to this update, you’d have to start music on a smartphone or tablet, then stream it through Echo.

Music lovers aren’t the only ones getting new features with this update, though. Major league baseball and major league soccer are both coming to the device, so you’ll be able to quickly get scores or ask when games are. Read more

Google Now cards officially start showing up with latest Pandora update

PandoraPandora’s latest app update is bringing a pretty useful new feature, especially for those of you that frequently listen to Pandora radio. Now you’ll occasionally start seeing Google Now cards from the app suggesting different radio stations for you to listen to, which has been in the works since Google announced tons of third-party integration in January. Read more

Pandora launches Artist Audio Messaging, Lenny Kravitz among the pilot users


Forget about receiving a tweet from your favorite artists because some of them will soon be sending messages over Pandora. The service announced on Thursday a new feature called Artist Audio Messaging which allows artists to send personalized messages to listeners around the world. Pandora notes that the possible messages shared with listeners, aside from random voice recordings, are tour announcements, new album releases, and crowd-funding campaigns.

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Pandora refreshes app UI with latest update


Pandora has announced the release of a beta version of a new interface for their mobile app on iOS and Android devices. The interface is called Station Personalization and according to Pandora, it is designed to “provide effortless music discovery and listening” for their 75 million listeners. According to Pandora, the interface focuses on three areas – new transition and animations, improved personalization and station details, and improvements to the “thumbs” system. Read more

Google Glass gets access to Pandora


Google Glass owners now have access to Pandora Internet Radio via their wearable device. Users get access to their existing stations or they can create a new station using voice commands. However, several other controls still require the use of the touchpad, including play/pause controls, favoriting tracks and dismissing tracks. Read more

Samsung’s U.S. market share grows as LG, Motorola, and HTC all see small dips


For the month of June, the top smartphone manufacturers in the United States did not see much of a change in United States market share. Apple and Samsung, the two leaders, are the only of the top five manufacturers to see growth. LG, Motorola, and HTC all saw very small changes that went south; however, none of the declines were more than -0.6%. Also, those three companies combined have yet to near Samsung’s 28.6% market share in the United States. On the overall software front, Android still leads iOS by an amount nearing 10%.

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YouTube plans to launch paid music streaming service by end of summer


Video killed the radio star, and YouTube killed the video star. (Wait, you guys don’t still watch MTV, do you?)

All of us have watched a music video on YouTube before. Some of us even use YouTube as our primary music service. It’s free, after all, and has pretty much every song you’d ever want to hear.

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