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Quick Look At Amazon’s Free App of the Day: SketchBook Mobile

Admit it, every one of you draws and sketches even if you’re not an artist. Today’s free Amazon App– SketchBook Mobile, allows you to draw, doodle, and create endless possibilities. SBM is a full-featured drawing application and image studio that’s based off the popular desktop version, but allows you to create your art on the go using your smartphone or tablet.

Like other drawing applications and image studios, SBM is not short on features. You can create images using 40+ set of brushes, pens and airbrushes. When you find your particular one, you can select the opacity of the brush and choose from a wide range of colors and palettes to start drawing with. In addition, you have the ability to add layers to your particular project. In fact, you have the ability to add up to 6 layers to any one project. Pretty neat for a mobile drawing app. Oh and if you feel like fiddling with an existing image or picture on your phone’s memory or SD card, you can do just that and add unique touches to your personal photos.

The app is normally available for $1.99, but of course you will find it today for the price of nothing. If you have the Amazon App Store, be sure to check it out and give it a shot. If you don’t have the Amazon App Store, you can load it up on your Android device by using our handy Quick Tips page. It’s a little bit on the hefty side at 9.1MB, but hey, as long as I can share art like my masterpiece found after the break, it’s worth it. Read more

Want a White HTC EVO 3D? Here’s how to make it yourself

XDA user, Zoidpilot, dropped his EVO 3D which caused some damage. He decided to fix it up, and in the process he painted it white. It looks as good as if it came directly from HTC. So who is brave enough to try this?

List of supplies you will need:

  • 2 sheets of extemely fine sandpaper
  • 1 can of black primer spray paint
  • 1 can of white primer spray paint
  • 1 can of gloss white enamel spray paint
  • 1 bottle of gloss white touch up paint (just in case)
  • 1 set of paint brushes (for the just in case)
  • 1 roll of masking tape
  • 1 razor blade
  • 1 box of pop tarts ( artists get hungry y’know?)

Checkout a bunch of photos after the break

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