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Sharp Aquos compared to Samsung, HTC, LG smartphones

Earlier this month we reported on a move by Sharp to capitalize on the 5-inch display they are producing for the HTC DROID DNA. Sharp plans to produce their own Aquos device with the same large 1080p screen. Initial plans were to target the device at the Russian market. This meant some tradeoffs were made in the hardware and early reviews indicated this caused the device to struggle with some activities like games and video playback. Sharp now appears to be expanding on their plans by offering the new Aquos in China. They have started that effort with the production of some promo materials comparing the device to several other top end smartphones. Read more

LG releases Jelly Bean update schedule for some devices

LG’s Korean site released information today regarding their plans to roll out Jelly Bean updates to some of their devices. It appears the first device to get the official update will be the LG Optimus LTE II starting some time in November. Translating the Korean page is a bit of challenge, but it appears a Jelly Bean update for the LG Optimus G will be pushed out in December. As 2013 opens, LG indicates both the LG Optimus Vu and LG Optimus Vu II will get Jelly Bean updates during the first quarter.

According to Jong-Seok Park, LG’s Vice President of the Electronics Mobile Communications division, the updates will include both Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and some of LG’s own apps and UI modifications. Among the changes that are touted are increased touch screen response speed and enhanced “Q” apps. The changes are expected to create a user experience that is similar to what users get with a Jelly Bean device out of the box.

LG does not indicate whether the time frames and devices listed apply to markets outside Korea.

source: LG Newsroom Korea

LG Optimus Vu II Specs Leaked Ahead of Release

Another day, another spec leak. Today we’ll be discussing the LG Optimus Vu II leak. You have to wonder about these “leaks” sometimes. After all, it was announced in August that we should see this beast in the wild in September, so the specs are inevitable at this point. Plus there’s that Samsung Galaxy Note II, right around the corner. LG may have gotten a little antsy and “leaked” the specs, not to be outdone.

The leak itself reveals a dual-core Snapdragon S4 (Qualcomm MSM8960) processor with 2GB of RAM. Other niceties include an 8MP camera, NFC, LTE, and a slightly larger 2150mAh battery than its predecessor. The screen size will stay the same, as will the resolution with a 1024×768, 5-inch display. The device will also ship with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. On paper, it seems like the Vu II won’t be on par with the Note II, however it hopes to narrow the gap by offering a universal remote feature. We’ll have to see how they both perform in the real world however. Do you plan on purchasing one of these “phablets” soon? Let us know either way as I find the many opinions on this niche type of device fascinating.


source:  IT tong



LG announces LG Optimus Vu II for Korean markets

While much of the world, including the U.S. and European markets, wait for the release of the LG Optimus Vu next month, LG is already moving on to the LG Optimus Vu II for the Korean market. LG indicates the new smartphone device will be released next month. The highlight of the device is the inclusion of an infrared control unit. Matched with a Q Remote application loaded on the device, the Optimus Vu II will be capable of controlling a variety of home entertainment systems and appliances.

Additional specifications for the device were not released. The Optimus Vu has a 5-inch screen, can carry 32GB of storage and runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. LG did not release any information about pricing or future markets. Including IR remote control capabilities is one way to help consumers not lose the remote. Is the ability to control other aspects of a home like HVAC or the refrigerator via IR going to help set this device apart from the rest of the pack?

source: LG Newsroom Korea

Optimus Vu headed to Verizon as LG Intuition

We previously heard rumors claiming LG’s square-shaped Optimus Vu would be heading to Verizon this quarter, but new evidence has solidified our suspicions. A leaked internal document suggests that the Optimus Vu will be making its way to Big Red as the LG Intution. If the leak is accurate, the device will be priced at $199 with a new two-year commitment or $549 off-contract. Add this to the fact that a similar device has already passed through the FCC with support for Verizon LTE, and the evidence is overwhelming.

Verizon has yet to release a product to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Note, and the LG Intuition could certainly fill that hole. However, the Galaxy Note 2 event is just a week away, and if the rumored specs turn out to be true, Verizon could be in for a heap of trouble.

Source: Droid-Life

LG Optimus Vu Will Make its Global Debut in September

LG has announced that their newest flagship device, the Optimus Vu, will be making its way to retailers globally in September. The device has only been available in Japan and Korea but will see a release in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia and the U.S. next month. This news comes slightly after LG announced they had sold more than 500,000 units, an impressive feat and a sign of the phones acceptance. As far as the US release goes, we know it’s coming to Verizon Wireless, but at this point we’re not sure who else will carry the device.

The Optimus Vu rocks a glorious 5-inch screen, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, an 8MP rear-camera, a 1.3MP front facing camera and 32GB of storage. The more I think about it, the more I wouldn’t mind owning an one. It’s slightly larger than the Samsung Galaxy S III, and that phone doesn’t seem too big at all. So what about you? Is the LG Optimus Vu the perfect size? If presented with an opportunity would you buy one? Let us know in the comments!

Hit the break for the full press release from LG.

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LG will Launch the Optimus Vu with LTE at Verizon Wireless this Quarter

In a press release LG Electronics announced the Optimus Vu has passed 500,000 units sold in South Korea, and in the same breath also announced intentions to launch an LTE version of the popular device in the US. Although LG didn’t announce what carrier will have the Optimus Vu, Verizon looks to be among the first.

The specs of the LG Optimus Vu feature a 5-inch display at 1024 x 768 (4:3 aspect ratio), 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 1GB of RAM, 8MP camera and 32GB of internal memory. Given the chance what would you pick up? The Galaxy Note or the Optimus Vu?

source: LG
via: unwiredview

LG VS950 hits the FCC with Verizon LTE, Could be the Optimus Vu

LG’s somewhat answer to Samsung’s Galaxy Note may very well be headed to Verizon touting an LTE radio. The LGVS950 passed through the FCC, and we are confident that this may very well be the LG Optimus Vu. While the documents don’t specifically mention the Vu name or the phone’s 5-inch display, the diagram (seen above) of the LG VS950 shows the exact same speaker grill setup on the lower left as well as the SIM flap on the upper right. The VS950 sports NFC and offers LTE band 13 and GSM 850/1900. The phone has already received Bluetooth Certification, which means it should be in its final stages of testing.

source: FCC
via: engadget

Hands on with the LG Optimus Vu at CTIA [Video]

LG unveiled the Optimus Vu at Mobile World Congress a few months ago. I had a chance to get my hands on it today at CTIA. This is LG’s version of the Samsung Galaxy Note. The specs include:

  • 5 inch (1024 x 768) IPS LCD display, 4:3 aspect ratio
  • 1.5GHz dual-core processor
  • 32GB internal memory
  • 2,080 mAh battery
  • 8 MP rear camera
  • 8.5mm thick
I have to admit, it’s intriguing, but it seems too big for everyday use. I’m still hoping we see this beast in the U.S. Let’s hope it’s not wishful thinking. Hit the break for our hands on.