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Tablet-optimized Fandango App Hits The Android Market

Movie-goers with a special appreciation for a “big screen experience” will likely appreciate browsing for movie showtimes, watching trailers and buying their tickets on the new tablet-optimized Fandango app; now available in the Android Market. Sure, it’s the same features as the standard app, but BIGGER.

Hit the break for a link or QR code to this app in the Android Market.

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Want Some Optimized Apps For Your Motorola Xoom?

Alright, so you purchased a Motorola Xoom, unlocked the bootloader, possibly rooted it and the device only cost you an arm, leg and your first born.  Now what?  What apps can I use on this baby?  Well, our friends over at Android Central have some dedicated forum members who have compiled an unofficial list of apps that work and are optimized to operate on your new Xoom.  Hit the source link for the thread and let us know what your favorite app is and how well it runs on your device.

[via androidcentral]