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Google puts the Lockdown on its Android Mobile Operating System

We all love out Android devices, whether you’re a manufacturer, carrier, developer, or consumer. Anyone that was able to get their hands on the Android code were very happy that they could do as they wish with it. But is seems the search giant Google is putting a few shackles on its mobile device operating system, Android. Google is starting to discriminate more as to what can be done with their os.

Originally Google would exclaim that they are the “open source” platform, unlike their competitors iPhone with its iOS, and RIM and its BlackBerry devices. Due to this open operating system from Google, mobile device manufacturer, carriers, and developers have had a field day with it. What are your thoughts of the fact that Google is cracking down, and putting more control on their Android OS? Let us know in the comments.

[via businessweek]

Chrome or Android – Will Google Merge Them?


There’s a convergence coming in the mobile OS market with respect to mobile technology, platforms and consumer demand. Google aims to capture the best of all 3 areas. We can see it happening right before our eyes. The popularity of Android OS on mobile devices, the announcement of Chrome OS and Google’s partnerships with manufacturers to build Chrome OS proprietary hardware.

After Chrome OS was announced last year, I’ll admit, I was pretty damn excited….in fact, I may have peed a little. That was right around the time I got an Android device and began to realize how deadly it was, especially after updating to Eclair. Now, I’m not sure that I have a real need for Chrome OS. I mean, won’t it essentially be doing what I’m doing on my smartphone already, with respect to cloud computing and application use?

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