Opera launches Appcelerate program for mobile app developers

Today, the great city of San Fran held the popular AppNation conference where developers discussed a number of topics such as the development of mobile apps for cross platforms, monetization, advertising and various aspects of marketing strategies.  Opera Software was present and introduced their new Appcelerate program for developers looking to distribute their app(s) to millions of mobile users.  It looks like Opera wants a piece of the mobile apps store business much like Amazon’s App Store in addition to broadening the developers avenues for content distribution.  Hey, like I always say, choice is good and we’re all for it.

“We are very excited about the APPCELERATE program, the first of it’s kind to help promote content and applications to a global audience” said Mahi de Silva, EVP, Consumer Mobile, Opera Software, “Just one month after the launch of the Opera Mobile Store, we are giving developers unique capabilities to promote their content in channels focused on devices, platforms and geographies”.

It appears as though Opera is really keeping the interest of the developer in mind here, and that’s great.  Developers work very hard to develop and deliver great content and it’s nice to see someone assisting in getting their product out there for a specific desired platform and in a cost effective manner.  Once developers create apps, they will also have the ability to upload them to the Opera browser where millions and millions of users can view and download them.

The Opera Appcelerate program is designed to help developers gain traction on the platform they want, within regions they’re targeting by offering unique ways to specify your audience, define a campaign, and even boost your promotion effectiveness with dollar for dollar co-marketing (get it while it’s hot):

  • Matching co-marketing funds for qualified developers to promote their application – effectively doubling your power! (a limited time offer)
  • Featured promotion of select apps within the Opera Mini and Opera Mobile browsers – stand out, get noticed.
  • Want to be big in Brazil? You can be! Efficient pay-per-download campaign pricing to target only desired content channels, geographies, handsets and operating systems – Focus on specific regions and only use funds when users download your app. No more hoping you get noticed through expensive broad campaigns.
  • Developers, you need to be here. Are you ready to step it up?
  • Ready to get started?  Head on over to Opera’s Appcelerate page and sign up so you can distribute your apps to millions instantly.  Hit the break for the full press release and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below, especially if you’re a developer.

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    Market/App Store Fragmentation: How Many Do We Need?

    Google has theirs (of course), Verizon has one, HTC might get one, Opera just launched one earlier this month and today, Amazon launched theirs. Depending on your carrier and your phone, you could have three or more market applications for your phone. With the launch of Amazon’s Appstore today, this got me to thinking…do we really need all of these different marketplaces?
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    Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11 launched at CTIA 2011


    Opera made good on their promises to launch their Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mobile 11 apps at CTIA Tuesday. With Opera Mini 6, the user interface hasn’t seen much tweaking here except for the new dedicated ‘share’ button where you can share it to twitter, facebook or My Opera, as well as general speed improvements overall.  Opera Mobile 11 got a few enhancements of its own too, which include pinch to zoom, an updated UI and support for tablet devices.

    So if you like Opera, you’ve got a few more reasons to keep using it after today’s announcements, the best being pinch to zoom support. Grab either new version of Opera by hitting the links below.

    [Opera Mini 6 | Opera Mobile 11]

    [via intomobile]

    Firefox 4 for Android Release Candidate now Available


    If you search the Android Market you’ll find a few decent choices when it comes to browsers. My personal favorite on my HTC Evo is Skyfire. I don’t know why exactly, but i’ve been using for a good long time since my WinMo 6.1 days. I always seem to come back to it.

    Well, we now have the latest Firefox 4 RC available for our browsing pleasure in the Android market. With very competent other mobile browsers out there for Android, such as Opera (mobile/mini), Skyfire, Firefox, the stock browser, and a few other less known browsers that may fit your lifestyle, which one do you choose to go to for your mobile World Wide Web experience? Let us know in the comments below..

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    Opera Launches Its Own App Store, Gets Browser Kicked from GetJar

    Opera Mini has been a widely-heralded browser on mobile devices since before smartphones were prevalent. It’s always had a lot of features, even back when mobile browsers…well, didn’t. Naturally, it’s gained quite a following. When you’re in the mobile business and you have a large following, what’s the logical next step? Launch an app store. And that’s exactly what Opera did.
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    Opera browser coming to Android Tablets

    Not to be out-shined by other browsers, Opera is still a major player in the internet surfing game and is looking to turn heads as it sets up shop at CES 2011 in Las Vegas next week.  DotEd, the Community Manager for Opera Software USA, will be there to show off their Android tablet version of Opera first hand.

    While not much is known yet about any new features coming to the tablet version, it does appear to be fast and smooth – as we like our browsers to be.  Hit the jump to see a sneak peak video of the browser in action. Read more

    Opera for Android Getting Flash and HTML5


    The Swedish browser we all know and many love called Opera Mobile will be getting its fair share of love once again as it will be offering Flash and HTML5 Support in its next version 10.1. In a blog post here, Opera’s Pavel Studeny made comments regarding the much anticipated update to come;

    Although Opera Mobile already has all the browser features, we want to improve your comfort when browsing the internet. In particular, you can look forward to:

    Flash: the new web technologies aim to replace it, but Flash will be around for some time. If you have Flash player installed on your phone, Opera will support it.

    HTML5 video: although it’s possible to embed videos in a Flash, you can have videos directly in HTML5, the same way as images. You can already see HTML5 videos on Youtube.

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    Opera Mobile Beta now in the Android Market

    Opera has been capturing the hearts of mobile users for quite some years. Now, Opera is available in beta in the Android Market. We’ve had a chance to try it out, and thus far, it runs pretty smoothly. The app came out this morning, just as expected and announced. Remember folks, beta means we could see some bugs and issues here and there, but thus far it seems to be running fine. What with all the features built in such as “speed dial”, password support, long click menus and the awesome data compression that Opera is famous for, this could easily become your new favorite browser. Be sure to hit up the TalkAndroid Apps link below to check it out!

    Opera Mobile on TalkAndroid Apps

    Opera Mini for Android gets an update

    Still using the stock Android browser? Well there are a lot of great alternatives out there, one of which being Opera Mini. That being said, Opera Mini received an update today. The update didn’t contain anything major, but the “fixes” include:

    • Adjusted font sizes.
    • Font fixes for Chinese and Japanese, so speed on pages with these fonts should be greatly improved.
    • Improved stability.
    • Improved input for Sony Ericsson X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro.
    • Chinese users can now download the application from the Android Market.
    • A bunch of bug fixes.

    It always amuses me when developers list “bunch of bug fixes” instead of listing the actual bugs that were fixed, but I’m just nitpicking.

    How many of you out there are using Opera Mini? Let us know in the comments

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    Opera Mini 5.1 for Android now official

    Not too terribly long ago, Opera was all over the tech world news. Since then, however, it seems to have slipped back under the radar… until now. Opera Mini 5.1 has officially hit the Android market and is available for download.

    Opera Mini boasts great speeds and rendering, and has been popular on many other mobile platforms throughout the years. Supposedly, this new Android version is even faster, and offers more accurate page rendering, both of which are achieved through Opera Mini’s page compression, which can speed things up by up to 90%.

    If you want to give Opera Mini 5.1 a try, click the market link.

    For those who try it out, let us know your experience in the comments!

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