ooVoo updates video app for mobile devices, includes lots of goodies for Android users

ooVoo, the popular video call/chat service, released an app update for Android and iOS mobile devices today. The new version takes the app up to version 1.3.4 and notably, many of the new features target the Android platform.

Among the improvements that apply to both the iOS and Android versions is the ability to conduct a 4-way call. By taking advantage of wifi and 4G LTE networks, ooVoo is now able to display multiple video streams at once. On top of the video streams, users can have a total of 12 other ooVoo users connected to a session. Even without switching to other participants’ video streams, ooVoo will let users send chat messages to the other participants. Read more

ooVoo Video Chatting App Gets Updated, Now Includes 12-Way Video Chat

In case you’re not familiar, ooVoo is one of the better video chatting options available. Well the app and service has taken something good and made it awesome. ooVoo has confirmed the ability for users of its service to participate in an unprecedented 12-way video chat. This means if you use ooVoo on your Android, desktop or even through Facebook, you’ll be able to get in on the action. In addition to the expanded number of users who can connect to the video chat, the new update includes the ability to connect to friends whether not they have ooVoo by simply emailing, posting or texting an ooVoo Call Link as well as a brand-spankin’ new user interface which has been improved, yet simplified for all. In addition to the improvements brought by the latest update, ooVoo also announced its continued and successful growth. Here’s CEO  Yuval Baharav:

“Today’s product announcement is a major milestone for ooVoo and our users. ooVoo’s community is over 46 million strong and our average user spends significant time engaging in fun and interesting activities including watching TV, playing music and games, doing homework and just being together.”

The newly improved app is now available for all Froyo 2.2+ devices. We know you’re ready to get in on the improved ooVoo action, so hit the break to see the full presser as well as find the Play Store link and QR code.

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ooVoo for Android does 6-way video conferencing

Ok Mr. Popular, if you have 6 friends that you MUST video chat with, well here it is.  ooVoo has just released their Android app that accomplishes that feat.  Well, it’s not exactly what you think – all 6 can talk, but there is actually only one live video feed.  If you want to see video of a specific person, all you need to do is click their portrait.  They are working to make the thumbnail portraits live video feeds, but in the meantime, do you really need to see all 6 people simultaneously?

Video calls can be made over wifi, 3G, and 4G – but what makes ooVoo stand out from the rest is their off-site video processing done on their servers that can adjust image quality depending on your bandwidth.  Currently, ooVoo is only available for the HTC Evo and Samsung Epic, but they plan to release it for iPhone and other Android devices in the future.

Is 6-way video calling a bit excessive?  Sure seems like it, but didn’t we say the same thing about 1GHz processors in phones?  …and now we are begging for dual-core!  What do you think?

Grab the app using your mobile browser here:  http://m.oovoo.com

or scan the QR:

[via intomobile]