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Wirefly slashing prices on preorders for Sprint’s upcoming Galaxy Nexus and LG Viper 4G

Many a penny pincher, myself included, at one time or another has come across one of Wirefly’s awesome deals on their online smartphone inventory. It’s always for new lines of service, however, so not too many of us have been a regular Wirefly shopper unless you change carriers as often as you change pants. That said, anybody that is considering trying out Sprint for the first time or returning to the Now Network to try out their new Android offerings should definitely give Wirefly a look. For the next three days only, Wirefly is offering the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for $150 and the LG Viper 4G for $20 on preorder. This is a $50 savings for the Nexus and $80 back in your wallet for the Viper. For prospective Nexus owners, this discount coupled with the $50 in Google Wallet you will receive brings the final price of the G-Nex to a mere $100. Do keep in mind that these prices are for preorders and that these LTE badboys are going to be released in stores this Sunday on April 22nd. Hit the source links below to get the goods before it’s too late.

source: wirefly1  wirefly 2

Google launches Google Offers Android App

Google has been a busy bee lately! Today, Google released an Android app for its daily deals site Google Offers, a Groupon competitor that aims to make it easy for Android users to discover, purchase, and redeem online coupons.

The Google Offers app has the same deals as the beta website and today’s deal was – $15 gets you $25 to spend at REI (I bought this one!). You just purchase the deal through the app and then flash your phone at the corresponding merchant to redeem it. The app will also remind you when your offer is about to expire.

You can also set up daily reminders, or subscriptions if you will, based on your location and you will receive daily announcements of killer deals. Sound good to you? Hit the market link or QR code below and go get your dealio on!


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