Google IO 2016 Coverage

Here’s when your HTC device should get Marshmallow


Among all the companies producing Android devices, HTC is probably the most open and honest regarding software updates. While the company hasn’t commented on many of its phones, HTC has revealed when software updates are coming to the One A9 and One M9. The status of other HTC phones could be known as LlabTooFeR laid out an alleged schedule for more than ten others.

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HTC could announce its ‘One’ smartwatch in February


Whether or not HTC will launch a smartwatch has been an ongoing saga for quite a while. We get excited when a rumour says that the launch of an HTC wearable is imminent, we are disappointed when we hear that the wearable has been delayed or is even flat-out denied. Today’s rumour says that the beleaguered Taiwanese handset maker will take the wraps off of its ‘One’ smartwatch in February next year. Read more

You’ll be able to purchase a OnePlus One on Tuesdays without an invitation

oneplus one tuesday salesTuesday might be the most boring day of the week for most people. There’s no joke to make about Tuesday, and it’s far enough away from the weekend that nothing exciting ever really happens. OnePlus is going to shake that up in 2015, though, as they’ll let you pick up a OnePlus One, completely invite free, on TuesdaysWhy Tuesday? Who knows.

OnePlus has been trying to figure out the best way to get the device into the hands of as many people as possible without them having to shell out extra cash for an invite or post stupid pictures to a forum, and this one seems like it might be the most successful. The company doesn’t plan on ditching its invite system completely, but at least on one day of the week you won’t have to worry about it. Read more

You can buy the OnePlus One without an invite “while stock lasts”


OnePlus has just kicked off its second no invite necessary promotion of the year and this time it’s entitled “The Gift of One”, and is targeted at residents in the United States who are eager to get their hands on the One, but haven’t yet had the good fortune to obtain an invitation. Starting today, the handset is available for anyone to order on the OnePlus website.

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