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Olympus announces MEG4.0 wearable display prototype, perhaps their version of Google Glass?

It seems as if Google isn’t the only ones with the idea of  multimedia glasses. While Google has been publicly engineering their Project Glass for a couple of years now, Olympus actually spend the past 7 years quietly designing and creating the MEG4.0. Unlike Google Glasses, the MEG4.0 isn’t a standalone structure and needs your personal glasses to hang on. The weight of the MEG4.0 is less that 30 grams total, thus it shouldn’t feel heavy while using it.

The QVGA (320 x 240) display can connect to devices through Bluetooth 2.1, with Olympus pointing to a smartphone hook-up to provide both the processing power and internet connectivity, much like Google Glasses. While Olympus themselves have yet to announce availability dates nor a price set, they did reveal some information about it during their official press release that you can check out after the break.  Read more

Motorola Olympus goes iPhone 4 route – found at a flea market, poses for photos

Sure, we’re an all Android blog, but that doesn’t mean we don’t catch the other news out there. Like earlier this year, when Gray Powell inadvertently left the then-unreleased iPhone 4 at a bar, and Gizmodo got their hands on it, causing a huge stink in the tech world. Well, wouldn’t you know it, Gizmodo has gotten their hands on some more tech leakage, and they’ve got a high-resolution photo shoot to prove it – again.

It seems that one of Gizmodo’s tipsters purchased a Motorola Olympus (which, as of late, has been infamous for leaking photos) at a flea market. The unit, when initially purchased, would not turn on. However, the tipster said he was able to hold down the volume down and power keys to access a developers menu, which included an option to bypass activation. Convenient? You bet.

The biggest thing here is that Gizmodo has confirmed that the device they have in their hands is using a Tegra 2 processor, which is the biggest selling point thus far on the Motorola Olympus. They also tell us that they found HDMI and microUSB connections, along with a front-facing camera, and is running Android 2.2 Froyo. Gizmodo is also quoted as saying:

It does look larger than the Defy, as we said before, so that means the screen size is going to be larger than 3.7-inches.

Sounds like our oft-leaked Olympus for sure. Gizmodo is now asking those with access to the Olympus to see if they can confirm that it really does run a Tegra 2 chipset. This information would almost 100% verify if the device they have is truly a Motorola Olympus.

Do you think we’re going to see any backlash from Motorola over this device? Will it be iPhone-4-gate all over again? Be sure to hit the break for a full photo gallery, and let us know all your thoughts on this in the comments below!

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Motorola Olympus Tegra 2 (Olympus) smartphone leaked?

Well, well, well… what do we have here? According to multiple sources, it’s very possible that what you are looking at above is the Motorola Olympus Tegra 2 device. We reported on this rumor mongering little monster a little while back, and now there’s a tipster touting this little guy around the tech blog circuit.

The device appears quite similar to the Motorola Defy, with exceptions like:

  • elongated speaker
  • different volume controls
  • possible front facing camera

While it isn’t yet confirmed that this device really is the fabled Motorola Olympus, we can only postulate at this point – but we think the guesses may be spot on. Any other ideas as to what this device may be? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments, and hit the break for a small gallery of the leaked pics.

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Tegra 2 Sighting? Motorola MB860 gets Wi-Fi Certified

Olympus Wi-Fi certification
It looks like the Motorola MB860, also currently thought to be the rumored Olympus, has been stamped with Wi-Fi certification.

The model/SKU# shown above does not match the Motorola Stingray tab seen not long ago, but rather, it’s listed as a “smartphone”. This may mean that the MB860 could be the much anticipated Tegra 2, but we’ll likely see more confirmation on that as we approach CES in January 2011.

[via Droid-Life]