Amazon Appstore offering deals on popular apps, including OfficeSuite Pro 6

It may be late in the day, but there is still time for you take advantage of a special offer that Amazon is running today. Amazon, through their Appstore, is a popular store for users to obtain apps from and is another option in addition to the Google Play Store. Owners of Amazon devices are familiar with the Appstore because it comes loaded on their devices. Owners of other Android devices can use the Appstore as well by installing the Appstore application. Amazon generates some traffic by offering a free app of the day every day. On this day after Christmas, when many new Android users may finally be getting their feet wet with their new smartphone or tablet device, Amazon is offering several popular apps for free.

Probably the best deal of the whole bunch is OfficeSuite Professional 6, normally priced at $14.99. OfficeSuite Pro 6 can be used to access Microsoft Office Suite files, including the ability to not only view, but edit, Word and Excel files. The app can also be used to convert documents to PDF, there is support for animated slideshows, and integration with Google Docs and Microsoft SkyDrive.

Another popular app, even if not expensive at 99 cents normally, is TuneIn Radio Pro. With TuneIn Radio Pro you can listen to many of your favorite radio stations using your Android device. It is very nice when you are out of town and want a little touch of home or “bring home” a new radio station you find while traveling. Remote workers may be interested in the Splashtop Remote Desktop app which normally costs $4.99.

Gamers are not left out with titles like Radiant HD, Missile Defender, and Shopper’s Paradise HD getting the free treatment as well. To check out the deals, head over to or hit the source link below.

source: Amazon Appstore

Get OfficeSuite Pro 6 in the Play Store for $0.99 Until May 10th

I don’t know about you, but I love deals. This is especially true when it comes to mobile software that normally costs $15.00. Well Mobile Systems is offering their newly released OfficeSuite Pro 6 for only $0.99. If you remember, OfficeSuite Pro 5 was Amazon‘s Free App of the Day last October. So while it’s not as good of a deal as getting it for free, getting the newest version of the Office Suite for a buck is hard to beat.

For $0.99 you’ll be getting a full fledged mobile office suite that has built in support for Word, Excel, PDFs and Powerpoint. It comes with a built-in file-browser and a handy email reader as well. This means that you don’t have to leave the app at all should you need information that an email has in it. It comes with support for phones as well as tablets so you’re getting a lot more bang for your buck. It syncs with your various cloud storage services like Box, Dropbox or Google Drive¬†for example. It’s optimized for Ice Cream Sandwich and has the following features:

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