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Design aficionado Ivy Ross to head Google Glass team May 19

Ivy Ross

Google will be bringing in a new mind to head the Glass team, and she might not be what you would have expected.

Ivy Ross, who previously worked with major companies involved in design and self-branding (Calvin Klein, Swatch, Coach, Mattel, Bausch & Lomb, Gap and will be leading the project come this Monday.

She certainly brings a different angle to the project, and many would argue it’s exactly what Google needs. The search giant needs to find a way to make Glass “cool,” and Ross might be the perfect person to do that. You can expect lots of future partnerships between Google and major fashion/accessory companies, much like what we’ve seen from the partnership with the  Luxottica Group (includes Ray-Ban, Oakley, Vogue-Eyewear, Persol, Oliver Peoples, Alain Mikli and Arnette).

It may take some time, but Glass will make its way to the mainstream eventually, and Ross will certainly help to speed up that process.

Source: +Google Glass

Google strikes deal with Luxottica to bring Glass to Ray-Ban, Oakley, and more


In what likely means Google Glass is nearing a consumer release, Google has formed a new partnership with Luxottica. Don’t know who Luxottica is? They are the manufacturing company behind brands like Ray-Ban and Oakley. To bring these brands and Google Glass together with consumers, Luxottica will presumably use retailers like LensCrafters, which it just so happens to own. In a post on Google+, there is no date given; however, +GoogleGlass says “today marks the start of a new chapter in Glass’s design.”

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Oakley releases Android powered Airwave ski goggles

Oakley released a new pair of ski goggles called Airwave. For $599.95 you’ll be able to hit the slopes wearing goggles that can best be described as half Google Glass, half goggles and all Master Chief. All kidding aside, Oakley’s Airwave brings a lot of appealing features including maps, temperature, jump analytics, speed, playlists and friend location. Oakley said, “The information will appear unobtrusively, as though you’re looking at a 14-inch monitor from a distance of five feet.

The goggles will pair to the Android app via bluetooth and will display messages, calls and playlist information.  Version 0.9 of the Oakley Airwave app is now live in the Google Play Store, but shows limited functionality. The only options listed on the screen shot are Trip Viewer, Buddy Tracking, Music Player and Device Pairing. It will be interesting to see if future generations incorporate a camera or maybe the old sci-fi favorite “distress beacon.”

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Oakley Testing Technology “Comparable With Google’s Project Glass”


Google’s Project Glass is no doubt one of the most anticipated gadgets of the year. While it’s a unique and special concept/project, it’s about to get some major competition— and not from Apple either. According to Bloomberg, Oakley is currently developing a technology that can project information directly onto lenses, similar to how Project Glass projects information through a heads-up display. Oakley would be able to create the glasses for use as a standalone product or have them connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth while also featuring voice commands. Oakley is excited about the technology too. CEO Colin Baden highlights this technology would make “make hardware that’s comparable with Google’s Project Glass”. Having this technology would allow Oakley create a wide-range of items and products that can wirelessly connect to the internet like other companies are doing. Read more