NYTimes for Android app updated to better support tablets

by Jeff Causey on
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The New York Times released an update to their official app today, taking it up to version 3.0. The biggest changes involve optimizations for tablet devices. The app has been redesigned to adapt to different screen sizes. This is accomplished by changing layout properties like the number of columns displayed, adjusting image sizes, and typography scaling. » Read the rest

Paid NYTimes.com subscription gains full access for Android smartphones

by Jesse Bauer on
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The New York Times is putting out a new subscription model for mobile devices, which includes Android smartphones, but not Android tablets just yet.  The subscription will cost $15USD on March 28th as a type of ‘early bird’ special.

You may be asking yourself why you would pay for a subscription to access the NYTimes.com when you can simply use the Free app, which works for both Android smartphones and tablets.  Well, the Free edition of the app currently in the Market only gives you the top 20 news stories through a variety of topics and does not give access to videos, multimedia features or direct access to their blog. The paid subscription will allow you to access the NYTimes.com site through their Android App on your smartphone, as well as on a desktop computer or laptop by logging in to their website.

nytimes iconAccess includes 100 article archives every 4 weeks, access to video, multimedia, slideshows, complete coverage of news, audio and blogs 24 hours a day. It’s quite a bot more news than the standard Free app, so if you’re a news junkie, this may be a good deal for you seeing as it gives you access across multiple platforms all based on your log in.

NYTimes does not state what the regular price will be after the introductory rate goes away, nor do they state if this will be supported on Android tablet devices, but we imagine it would be out soon. Hit the source link below to find out more.

[via nytimes.com]