NVIDIA rolls out Update 2.0 to Shield TV, brings 4K gaming and other enhancements


NVIDIA has had a busy couple of days, its Shield Android TV box landing in the UK today, with the 16GB variant priced at £149 and the 500GB Pro version going for £229. Yesterday, NVIDIA also announced its new video game streaming service called GeForce NOW, with a £7.49 ($7.99) monthly subscription. And today, firmware update 2.0 is also busy rolling out to the Shield TV, bringing 4K gaming and other improvements.

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‘Chariot’ rides into your living room via NVIDIA’s Shield TV


With Android spreading to a wide variety of devices and form factors, one of the challenges for developers is figuring out how to take advantage of new platforms. Developer Frima Studio is bringing their Chariot game for consoles like the Xbox to the NVIDIA Shield TV. This means players will be able to engage in “couch co-op” play on the big screen with friends and family. Read more

NVIDIA recalling small number of SHIELD Pro units


NVIDIA is trying to manage their way through a recall involving a small number of their NVIDIA SHIELD Pro set-top box units running Android TV. The SHIELD Pro units are the 500GB version of the SHIELD units and according to NVIDIA, the problem involves that massive hard drive. According to NVIDIA, less than 1% of those units are prone to hard drive failures. To resolve the problem, NVIDIA is replacing units for customers who are experiencing problems. Read more

NVIDIA reminds us that it has the best set-top box


Earlier this week, Apple introduced new Apple TV hardware that includes support for gaming. Other platforms such as Android TV have been offering gaming capabilities well before Apple’s. The SHIELD set-top box, for example, is really the ultimate gaming set-top box. NVIDIA’s Android TV device allows for console-level gaming, 4K streaming, and access to Google Play’s hefty catalog of games, music, movies, and television shows. So NVIDIA decided to point out all of the advantages that its set-top box has over Apple’s.

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NVIDIA is behind schedule shipping SHIELD Tablet replacements after issuing worldwide recall


Nvidia issued a voluntary, worldwide recall for its SHIELD tablet at the tail-end of July that applied to devices with the ‘Y01‘ battery installed. The recall was issued because the ‘Y01′ battery had been found to overheat, thus posing a potential fire hazard. The way that Nvidia immediately issued a worldwide recall, along with a definitive strategy of making it right by collecting and replacing the affected devices, garnered the company some well-deserved compliments. As is often the case, though, even the best-laid plans can suffer from snags and glitches when exposed to real-world conditions, as shown by the email that is being sent to customers.

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Talk Android Weekly Recap: July 24 – August 1, 2015


We’re just wrapping up another exciting week at Talk Android! OnePlus announced the OnePlus Two, which has been met with much controversy. Motorola revealed a bunch of new devices and accessories: the Moto X Style, Moto X Play, Moto G, and a handful of Bluetooth headsets. Despite a successfully funded IndieGoGo campaign, the YotaPhone 2 will not be coming to the United States, and Google has indefinitely delayed the Android M Developer Preview 3.

Hopefully you didn’t miss out on any of these awesome stories. If you did, be sure to hit the break to catch up on all the latest happenings in Android!

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