NVIDIA pulls Marshmallow update for the SHIELD Tablet due to Wi-Fi issues



Yesterday, we reported that NVIDIA had just started rolling out the long-awaited Marshmallow update to its SHIELD Tablets located in Europe and North America. However, the manufacturer has now pulled the upgrade owing to the presence of a major bug which renders the device somewhat useless by severing all ties to the Internet when using a Wi-Fi connection.

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NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1 review: It’s ‘game on’ with this tablet


For the past several weeks I have spent some time with the NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1, NVIDIA’s latest entry into the tablet market. Part of the class of devices with 8-inch screens, NVIDIA positions the device as a gaming tablet thanks to the processor and graphics chip that help drive the high resolution screen and a variety of effects you likely will not see on other tablet devices.

In the past I have used 10-inch tablets and I have a 7-inch second generation Nexus 7. Like much of the market, I may be a microcosm of what is happening with tablets as I rarely use my tablets, opting for either my smartphone or just jumping on my laptop. One of the questions any tablet manufacturer, including NVIDIA, is faced with is “why bother?” with a tablet. NVIDIA hopes they have answered that question with NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet K1. Read more

New NVIDIA tech enables cars to sense surroundings, navigate autonomously


NVIDIA on Monday unveiled what’s being called the “world’s most powerful engine for in-vehicle artificial intelligence.”

The NVIDIA DRIVE PX 2 reportedly uses NVIDIA’s most advanced graphics processing units (GPUs) to allow for 360-degree situational awareness around the car. That will allow the in-vehicle AI to determine precisely where the car is in relation to its surroundings and decide the best path to take.

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You can watch NVIDIA’s CES 2016 press event right here!


Tonight, CES 2016 really gets started as NVIDIA hosts the trade show’s first major press event of the week. Ever year we see something fresh and exciting from NVIDIA, so it’ll definitely be interesting to see what the company debuts when its press event gets started at 9:00PM ET. We’re likely going to see a new GPU, but perhaps an updated version of the SHIELD set-top box will appear as well. There’s even a possibility we see NVIDIA’s next processor for mobile devices.

NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang will be the primary host of the press event, which should run for well over an hour. This company likes to make things as detailed as possible.

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