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Nuance and Pebble partner to bring voice recognition to many of Pebble’s smartwatches

pebble time gray back TA

Nuance Communications and Pebble Technologies have announced that, together, they’re bringing Nuance’s voice recognition technology to the Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel, and Pebble Time Round smartwatches.

This added voice recognition technology will allow Android users to reply to emails and text messages by using their voice with a simple touch of a button.

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Swype gets Star Trek themes and a new emoji keyboard

SwypeSwype, the keyboard that kicked off gesture-based typing on a touch keyboard, will be getting some new tricks to make typing on your smartphone a little more enjoyable.

The keyboard from Nuance is getting 19 Star Trek keyboard themes featuring many characters that will be available as in-app purchases. The themes span the original Star Trek series and The Next Generation, so there should be something for just about any fan. Read more

Nuance partners with Samsung to use the Gear S smartwatch as a physician’s dictation device

Gear s wrist straps

Samsung’s Gear S is an interesting smartwatch; it runs Tizen firmware and has cellular connectivity along with having a curved 2-inch AMOLED display. Now it seems that Nuance, the company behind the Dragon – Naturally Speaking software, want’s to turn the Gear S into a dictation tool for physicians, according to an announcement at the 2015 Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference being held in Chicago.

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Nuance Dragon Mobile Assistant Adds Location Sharing, Safer Texting

Dragon Mobile Assistant

Nuance has released an update of its Dragon Mobile Assistant app which brings new features such as location sharing and hands-free texting. Utilizing your phone’s GPS, users can let friends know where they’re at and set how long they want to share their location. Texting is now safer thanks to reading incoming messages out loud, and allowing users to easily send new text messages by voice. Another new feature connects with your calendar and will notify you before you have a scheduled call which it can then dial the number directly. Read more

ZTE And Nuance Enter Into A Multi-Year Agreement To Bring Voice-Enabled Android Devices


As the Android platform continues to take a major assault against Apple’s Siri personal assistant, it’s only natural that we have events like CES to see new Android-based alternatives. With that in mind— famed voice to text company Nuance has entered into a multi-year partnership with Chinese manufacturer ZTE to bring voice-activated services for owners of ZTE devices that’s aimed to be used while owners are on the road. ZTE will be introducing its Car Mode feature, which allows for hands-free operation of the device– which shows that ZTE is certainly committed to safe operation for all on the roadways out there. What’s even better is the fact the specialized mode should be available in a multitude of languages— allowing for Nuance’s technology to shine by implementing its voice to text technology which grants access to text messages, calling features and music control— all without the need for needing a cellular data connection, so users can use all the awesome features offline.

ZTE has pledged that the newly announced Car Mode will be available on future ZTE devices released this year, though there’s no indication of when we will see an update for legacy devices.

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Nuance acquires Swype for more than $100 million

Nuance has officially followed through with their acquisition of Swype, thereby bolstering its current ownership of the T9 keyboard system. Following the purchase, Nuance has situated itself in a position of power over a sea of phones as far as the eye can see. In other words, Nuance has long been the default provider for most basic phones and now we will likely see them as as the premier provider of Android default keyboards. The Swype Beta project has been great, but as such has been limited in reach. Nuance should be able to effectively bring Swype to the masses.

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