Nova Launcher gets updated to version 3.3 with Lollipop-style app drawer

nova_launcher_app_iconNova Launcher is one of the best launcher replacements available on Android. Not only does it feature an experience similar to stock Android, but it’s loaded with tons of extra features and it stays updated to keep up with whatever Google adds to the vanilla Android launcher.

The latest update brings one of the best new features of Lollipop to Nova Launcher: the app drawer. Lollipop shows apps in the drawer as cards, sticking to Google’s favored interface design, and now Nova will let you do the same. The option is tucked away in the settings, but in the Drawer section of Nova you can check the new Show Pages As Cards options to get that Android 5.0 feel. It’s not identical to what ships on stock Lollipop devices, but it’s close and a little more customizable. Read more

Latest Nova Launcher Beta features hit the main app on the Play Store



The latest features from the Nova Launcher beta have made their into the main application today, including a several new drawer animations and better app sorting.

While it’s not a major update, it does bring some visual flair to your homescreen, and new customization options are always welcome. Hit the break below for the change log and the link for the update. Read more

Nova Launcher gets Android L-style visual tweaks


Nova Launcher is one of the best third-party launchers available, and today’s update makes it even better. The latest stable update brings some visual flair from the Android L developer preview, including different animations and theme tweaks.

There’s a new animation option for opening and leaving apps called slide up, which causes apps to appear from the bottom of the screen like they do in Android L. Many of the default theme elements have adopted the same aesthetic, including the Google search bar and the app drawer icon. The folder icon previews can now use Android L style grouping, too. Read more

Nova Launcher update brings “OK, Google” hotword and slight design fixes from the beta


One of everyone’s favorite Android launchers is receiving an update that puts it even closer to the stock launcher. Nova Launcher’s latest update adds the “OK, Google” hotword commonly found with the Google Experience Launcher. This feature requires Android 4.1 or higher and a device than can sit in low power consumption while listening (as not all devices can do so). Another addition is the fixes, tweaks, and changes made within the beta version of Nova Launcher. They have all been brought over to the stable release in the Play Store.

Hit the break for download links. Read more

Nova Launcher Beta Gets Updated, Includes KitKat’s 4.4 Transparent Nav Buttons and Notification Bar

Nova Launcher 4.4 Update Translucent

We’ve got to give credit and praise where credit and praise are due. When Google announces a new update version, such as KitKat, it can often take third party developers to catch up with the changes and get their application up to speed. So we’re tipping our hats to the developer behind Nova Launcher, a third party home replacement app that allows you to customize your home screen in a variety of ways. Since the announcement of the Nexus 5, we’ve seen the new “translucent” look that comes with 4.4 and well, we want it. As for several selected devices the new look has been added by the dev to Beta version of Nova Launcher and also takes advantage of custom icon packs. And though the selected devices, as we’ve mentioned, are slim, there are some big hitters (see changelog for full list on Kevin Barry’s G+ page at source link).     Read more

Nova Launcher Adds New Features in 2.2 Update: Custom Docks, Icon Badges, and New Transitions


Everyone’s favorite launcher replacement has received an update today that should please many. With the 2.2 update we see custom docks as well as custom unread notifications. You can change colors, add custom tray patterns and so on. If you’re one of those that dropped the few bones it costs to get the Prime features then you’ll be seeing new scrolling effects. One such scroll feature mimics the glass transition seen in Touchwiz. What you won’t see though is the associated lag that comes with Samsung’s skin.

Either way I highly recommend that if you have the app you update it. If you don’t have it; get it. If you haven’t bought the Prime features yet; do it. You won’t be sorry. You’ll find your download via the source link. Enjoy!


source: Nova Launcher via the Play Store

Nova Launcher update improves app icon handling


Popular launcher app Nova Launcher released a new update over the weekend that adds much more flexibility and control over app icons to go along with normal optimizations and bug fixes. While many people put their favorite apps on their homescreens, others like to access them using the app drawer. This is where many of Nova Launcher’s recent updates are focused. Users can customize app icons and titles used in the app drawer independent of the theme they currently have selected. Users can also group apps into folders in the app drawer and then drag these folders to the homescreen. This essentially means folders can be created from the homescreen or the app drawer. Read more