Nova Launcher Prime is discounted worldwide until December 15, just $0.99 in the US and 10p in the UK


One of the easiest ways to customize your Android device is to install a custom launcher, there are many to choose from, but one of the most popular options is Nova Launcher. While the basic version is free, you can add even more features such as Gestures, Unread Counts, and Custom Drawer Groups by purchasing Nova Launcher Prime, which is currently heavily discounted on the Play Store, almost anywhere in the world.  Read more

Nova Launcher feature to normalize icons


When Google released their new logo recently, it came with a host of updates to their app icons on mobile devices. These changes in turn have drawn attention to the varying sizes of icons on Android devices. While some users welcome the variety offered by the operating system, others seem to be irked by this and would prefer to see icons presented more consistently similar to some other operating systems. Nova Launcher sees this as an opportunity and has started beta testing a new feature to normalize icon sizes. Read more

How to achieve stock Android on any smartphone or tablet [2015]


There are all sorts of user interfaces out there — TouchWiz, ZenUI, Sense, and Optimus UI are just some of them. These different UI’s tend to come packaged with all sorts of bloatware such as theme stores, digital assistants, and popop tips. In addition to that, there’s usually a bevy of carrier apps packaged into your phone, as well. Unfortunately, there isn’t much of a way to get rid of all of that junk aside from disabling them, but there is at least a way we can make any smartphone take on the look of pure Android.

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Top 5 Launchers for Android [June 2015]


Launchers offer yet another layer of customization for Android, and there are many different solutions available. Launchers essentially replace your home screen, most of the time with stock Android. For instance, when company’s put promotions in their news aggregators, it’s an easy process to fix by simply picking up a launcher..

What launcher is right for you, though? What are some quality options over the flurry of launchers that are available? We’re going to walk you through that, but first, what is a launcher, exactly?

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Nova Launcher gets updated to version 3.3 with Lollipop-style app drawer

nova_launcher_app_iconNova Launcher is one of the best launcher replacements available on Android. Not only does it feature an experience similar to stock Android, but it’s loaded with tons of extra features and it stays updated to keep up with whatever Google adds to the vanilla Android launcher.

The latest update brings one of the best new features of Lollipop to Nova Launcher: the app drawer. Lollipop shows apps in the drawer as cards, sticking to Google’s favored interface design, and now Nova will let you do the same. The option is tucked away in the settings, but in the Drawer section of Nova you can check the new Show Pages As Cards options to get that Android 5.0 feel. It’s not identical to what ships on stock Lollipop devices, but it’s close and a little more customizable. Read more

Latest Nova Launcher Beta features hit the main app on the Play Store



The latest features from the Nova Launcher beta have made their into the main application today, including a several new drawer animations and better app sorting.

While it’s not a major update, it does bring some visual flair to your homescreen, and new customization options are always welcome. Hit the break below for the change log and the link for the update. Read more