Google makes Full OTA Images available for Nexus devices, allows you to keep bootloaders locked


Being able to flash the latest version of Android to your Nexus device is one of the most appealing benefits of owning a Nexus handset or tablet. The only real downside was having to unlock your bootloader to do so. That’s no longer the case, though, as you can now access full OTA images for all supported devices, allowing you to sideload the image via adb in recovery, even if your Nexus device has a locked bootloader. Read more

Osterloh surfaces in new leadership role with Google


In the continuing moves by Lenovo to shed the Motorola name from their branding portfolio, we saw the company part ways with president Rick Osterloh last month. Fans of the former president of Motorola will be pleased by news that Google brought Osterloh back into the fold to head up a new division managing hardware lines. Read more

Here is Android N’s Multiplayer Easter Egg


Many of us have been updating our respective Nexus devices to the Android N Developer Preview build that Google released yesterday, enjoying the new features as the split screen and the ability to reply to messages directly from the notification shade. But, one question did keep raising its head – where and what was the easter egg? Well, it’s time to find out. Read more

HTC may have secured a three-year Nexus phone deal

HTC Nexus OneThis year’s Nexus phone is still up in the air, but if a recent rumor is true, it looks like HTC might have secured a deal to make the device this year and for the next couple years, too. Take this with a grain of salt, because these Nexus rumors have gotten kind of outlandish before. With that being said, HTC and Google originally collaborating to bring the Nexus line to life with the classic Nexus One, and more recently the Nexus 9 tablet. Read more