Huawei employee allegedly confirms company’s involvement in a Nexus phone


An unidentified Huawei employee located in the United Kingdom has allegedly confirmed that the company is working with Google on a phone to be released later this year. The employee told IBTimes UK that the Huawei-made Nexus phone will come this fall but did not share anything else, such as specifications or a release date, beyond that. This, along with yesterday’s LG-made Nexus phone details, all but confirms that Google has plans to release two Nexus phones in October.

Source: IBTimes UK

Android M may bring along two-year update guarantee for Nexus devices

Google Nexus 6Android M is due for an announcement very soon, but we’re still hearing rumors about what’s going to come with the latest version of Google’s mobile OS. The newest rumor has more to do with how Android M will affect certain Nexus devices than general software enhancements, but it’s still very useful information when considering which device to purchase. Read more

Huawei Nexus device to have a 2K display and Snapdragon 810, analyst says



Fans of Google’s upcoming Nexus device are clouded in it. Will it be manufactured by LG or Huawei? Could two be on the horizon–one from both companies? The prospect of a Huawei made Nexus device is exciting, but what’ll put a grin on every Nexus fan’s face is what’s inside. Now, Chinese analyst Pan Jiutang is divulging what hardware could be inside Google’s next big thing.

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Say goodbye to the Nexus 7 as Google pulls listing from store page

Nexus_7_White_OfficialThe Nexus 7 was Google’s initiative to kick start affordable, well-performing 7-inch Android tablets. The first N7 was a fantastic device, and its 2013 successor was every bit as good at an affordable price point.

After releasing the Nexus 9 and not even mentioning the possibility of a refreshed 7-inch tablet, though, most of us could see the writing on the wall about the Nexus 7’s fate. Today, it’s finally happened, as Google no longer offers the Nexus 7 on their online store. Finding a listing for the Nexus 7 specifically says that it’s no longer for sale. Read more

Google admits that Nexus devices aren’t selling so well, but that’s not what they said 3 months ago


Well how things can change in 3 months time. In an earnings conference call back in January, Google CFO Patrick Pichette stated that they couldn’t keep up with Nexus 6 demand. That implied that the demand was so unbelievably high, but as we have learned with supply and demand, even if demand is low, supply could still be an issue. When I reported that story, I titled the post….They have to be kidding: Google admits they can’t keep up with Nexus 6 demand….because it was obvious that the Nexus 6 couldn’t be selling that well.

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Nexus Player Wins the Android 5.1.1 Contest, Factory Image Now Available


Remember the Nexus Player? We won’t fault you if you don’t. To many, Google’s first entry into the digital media player space is an exercise in futility, with similarly-priced competitors sporting stronger specs and better UIs. Like many Nexus devices, the Player hasn’t quite made the splash Google (and Asus) might have intended, but how many Nexus devices go mainstream, anyway? The closest we’ve really come to that is the Nexus 6 and (maybe) the (subjectively superior) Nexus 5.

But now, the Nexus Player is also the first device to receive the Android 5.1.1 update. Yes, what is arguably the least-used of all Nexus devices (we’ve got our eye on you, Nexus 10) is now leading the pack in software updates. The now-passé Android 5.1 has been rolling out to a handful of devices over the past number of weeks, but now that progress has been torn asunder by proof that there is more to be had from Lollipop than mere single-decimal nomenclature.

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