Grab a 16 GB Nexus 7 for $149 through Staples or 32 GB for $169


I know what you’re thinking. Another Nexus 7 deal? Yep, these things are hitting are hitting the sale rack just about every week as we wait for Google to announce something to replace it. If you don’t mind not having the latest and greatest, though, Staples is selling the Nexus 7 for as little as $149 for the 16 GB, or $169 for the 32 GB with a coupon code. This is one of the lowest prices the tablet has dipped to, so if you’ve been meaning to pick one up, jump on this deal. These are also brand new, so no refurbished devices. Hit the links below to check it out if you want, and remember to use the code 20098 for the lowest possible price.

Nexus 7 16 GB

Nexus 7 32 GB

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Second-generation Nexus 7 may not reach 8 million sales

Nexus_Logo_Nexus_7_TAWhile some Taiwanese-based vendors say that as many as eight million units of the second-generation Nexus 7 could be sold, a new report by DigiTimes explains that that figure could be hard to reach due to rising competitors. Acer, HP, and Lenovo are just some of the rival companies who have, or are planning to release tablets under $169. The first-generation Nexus 7 shipped six million units, in large part due to its low price that few competitors could match at the time.

The new Nexus 7, co-developed by Asustek Computers and Google, is scheduled to launch by the beginning of August, sources say. It’s supposed to have a 7-inch 1980 x 1200 display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, 5-megapixel camera, 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera, and a price tag of around $199-$249, for the Wi-Fi only model.

Source: DigiTimes

[Deal] Grab a 32 GB Nexus 7 for $199 through Newegg

Nexus 7

We’re starting to see more and more retailers discount the Nexus 7 to make room for the inevitable hardware refresh we’re all expecting, and today it’s Newegg’s turn up at bat. As one of their daily deals, you can get a brand new 32 GB Nexus 7 for $199, plus get free shipping. It doesn’t come with any extras, but if you’re looking for a cheap Nexus 7 with bigger storage and don’t care for refurbished devices, this is a great option. Hit the links below to put your order in.

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Nexus 7 price goes down to $179.99, new model on the way?

Nexus 7

The Google Nexus 7 is the standard, in terms of affordable tablets. Today it becomes even more affordable, as Staples has slashed its price to $199.99 for the 32GB version, and $179.99 for the 16GB device. As a reminder, the Nexus 7 has a 1280 x 800-pixel LCD display and runs on a Tegra 3 quad-core processor with the latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and constant updates.

The Nexus 7 is almost a year old now, so could the price cut be signifying a new model on the way? I’d think so. Hold off if you’re in the market for a new tablet to wait and see what the Nexus 7’s successor has to offer before making a decision.

source: Staples 16GB | Staples 32GB
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New Nexus 7 may support Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile LTE bands


The rumors for the unannounced new Nexus 7 just keep flooding in. This time, we have an FCC filing that shows the new version of our favorite 7 inch tablet will sport LTE bands for Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. And no, that doesn’t mean there will be three different models for each carrier; this is one model of Nexus 7 that has all of the radios built in for (potential) carrier hopping. Well, except for Sprint. Sorry Sprint guys.

The filing shows LTE bands 2, 4, 5, 13, and 17, which covers all of the major US carriers. All of them use some band 4, especially T-Mobile, and Verizon and AT&T use band 13 and 17 respectively. Of course, there’s still that tricky issue of not having LTE coverage, and the filing shows that this Nexus has bands for AT&T’s HSPA+ network. So, essentially, the device may be built for AT&T’s network, but will “support” other networks as well. Take it with a grain of salt, but keep your ears open.

source: Droid Life

Mystery ASUS K009 unit shows up at the FCC doorstep, tries its best to hide its Nexus 7 colors in the process



You know what they say gang: when there’s smoke, there’s probably a fire. So it’s only fitting that we get more details about another version of the Nexus 7 refresh that we’ve been hearing so much about lately. A mystery ASUS K009 unit recently passed through the FCC testing labs and highlights a bunch of really interesting features of the device including a sweet quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro (APQ-8064) processor, a 4,000mAh Li-ion battery and some welcomed 4G LTE radio frequencies on-board. So all in all, this device looks to be another version of the refreshed tablet that’s on the way. Of course the same unit is listed for “marketing purposes”, but the hope is that we are getting our first glimpse of what should be another variant of the new Nexus 7 models.

source: FCC
via: Engadget



Updated Nexus 7 to be priced at $229


We are expecting to see an updated Nexus 7 in July, and we have been assuming the prices will remain the same or go down. A report from DigiTimes is telling us otherwise. They are reporting it will come in at $229, and they didn’t suggest that there will be two storage options like now. All they said was that it would be 16GB. I can’t imagine that Google would increase the price, considering it’s one of the most popular Android tablets. I also think they will continue to offer two versions, 16GB and 32GB.

So my theory is that the $229 price tag will be for the 32GB version and we will see the 16GB version for $179. Either way, I just don’t see Google increasing the price. What do you guys think?

source: DigiTimes

7 inch ASUS tablet running Android 4.3 shows up on Bluetooth SIG


Android 4.3 didn’t show up at Google I/O, but that hasn’t stopped it from showing up everywhere else on the internet. According to a recent Bluetooth certification, a 7-inch ASUS tablet with the model K008 popped up running the latest, yet-to-be-announced version of Android. We can’t get any other details from the filing aside from Android 4.3, so this raises more questions than it answers.

Not too long ago, we saw what appeared to be a Nexus 7 model get the same certification running Android 4.3, so its possible that this new tablet could be a separate 7-inch tablet ASUS has in the pipeline. Hopefully Google won’t take too much longer to clarify this and announce a new Nexus 7 soon.

source: Bluetooth SIG

via: Mobileaks

Google Nexus 7 to be unveiled at Computex, report says

Nexus_Logo_Nexus_7According to an analyst, the next edition of Google’s Nexus tablet could be unveiled in the next few days. CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets’s Chitra Gopal says that the Nexus 7 will be unveiled during the Computex show, which is held from June 4 to June 8 in Taipei, Taiwan. The updated 7 inch tablet would reportedly improve screen resolution to 1920 x 1200, would feature a thinner bezel, and would include a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro processor. The price is expected to stay at the same $199.

In addition, Gopal expects Asus and Acer to “showcase new low-end tablets” at Computex that feature silicon from MediaTek. They could be priced between $100 and $150. Tablet fans could be in for an exciting next few days. Talk Android will keep you updated as we learn more.

source: IBNLive
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Nexus 7 with Android 4.3 receives Bluetooth certification


Well look what the cat dragged in. A Nexus 7 with Android 4.3 onboard just showed up at the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) website. This means it was just certified. Actually it was certified on May 27th, but what is unusual is the model number. It shows as ME307T, which is the same model number as the original Nexus 7. We all know that a new and improved Nexus 7 is on the way, but I would think that it would have a different model number. As to the version of Android, you will notice the Software Version Number is JWR11, which is assumed to be Android 4.3.

I am not a Bluetooth certification expert, but I highly doubt ASUS would need to re-certify the original Nexus 7 for just Android 4.3, so there has to be newer hardware. Since this information is actually available on the Bluetooth SIG website, we know it can’t be fake. Whatever it is, it’s just one more piece of evidence that we are going to see a new Nexus 7 very soon.

source: Bluetooth SIG

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