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Is the next wave of Google Nexus products advancing?


According to a leak from UK based phone retailer¬†Carphone Warehouse, our Nexus 7 storage problems are soon to be over. The image above clearly lists a 32gb version of the flagship Google tablet and although it doesn’t say how much the new version will cost, I’m willing to bet it’ll be around $300, which is still less than its rival, the 32gb iPad. So it finally seems Google is listening to our complaints.

There’s more news too. Right above the aforementioned Nexus 7 leak is a line that reads: “Invisishield for Samsung Nexus 2”. Woah. This is hardly the first time a Galaxy Nexus successor has been mentioned, but so far most of the previous rumors have been proclaimed as bunk. Now we actually have a semi-reliable leak to drool over as we anxiously await Google to unveil the next iteration of the pure Google experience, and as we have seen from the early iPhone 5 leaks, these accessory manufactures are generally pretty reliable when it comes to leaks.

This single photo of a blue and yellow inventory system has officially started me salivating for the next wave of Google products to drool over.

Source: Droid-Life

Google Nexus 7 Review: Redefining The $199 Tablet

The Nexus 7 tablet was the talk of Google I/O, and for good reason. For $199 you get a device with high-end specs that even today’s top tablets have a hard time competing with. With a Tegra 3 quad-core processor, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on board, and a 7-inch HD screen, it’s amazing Google and ASUS were able to manufacture this device for so little money. But specs are just specs… does the Nexus 7 live up to the hype? Hit the break for the full review.

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Nexus 7 Tablet Goes Through Its First Teardown

The fancy new Nexus 7 has been put through its teardown test and passed with flying colors, thanks to the gang at iFixit. iFixit decided to take some time out and show the world what it really wants to know: what’s really inside the Nexus 7 tablet? It definitely delivered in a major way by showing a detailed step-by-step process of tearing down and inspecting the nooks and crannies of the device. Among the things found inside are a ton of goodies inside including a huge 4,326 mAh battery (which was surprisingly easy to remove by the way) and 1GB of DDR RAM.

As exciting as the detailed photos are, most consumers want to know the second biggest mystery, which is how repairable is the Nexus 7? Well, the gang at iFixit gave the device a repairability score of 7 out of 10— making it fairly easy to repair should anything go awry or wrong for prospective owners. There’s much more detail in iFixit’s session with the Nexus 7, so hit the break to see all the photos and descriptions of the different parts.

source: iFixit