Android 4.3 leaks for the Nexus 4


Android 4.3 is likely to be officially available next week for the Nexus 4, but if you just can’t wait a few extra days, a leaked version is available. The build is JWR66N and was installed on a phone bought on Craigslist from a Googler. The build is in TWRP backup format so you will need the custom recovery installed. Currently the radio and bootloader are missing, but will be added soon. We also don’t know how final this firmware is so there could be other bugs. I will simply wait, but for those of you that just can’t, hit the source link.

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source: XDA
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White Nexus 4 coming to Canada via Google Play, WIND Mobile, and Videotron

lg_nexus_4_white_leak_02Google Play shows the white version of the Nexus 4 as sold out in the US, and maybe even discontinued, but in Canada, it’s still just arriving. LG Canada sent an email to Mobile Syrup claiming that “the device is coming to Canada via Google, WIND and Videotron. Timing TBA, so we’ll keep you posted.”

Exact pricing is also unknown at this point, but it’s a pretty safe bet that it will run at around $300-$400 outright. Talk Android will keep you posted as we continue to hear details of the white Nexus 4’s imminent arrival in Canada.

Source: Mobile Syrup

Yup… some Nexus 4 models have slightly different screens and no, it’s not an easy fix



In slightly startling news, it appears that the various Nexus 4 smartphones out there may have a significant difference with one another— and we’re not talking about the refreshed units with nipples either. The curious bunch at Phone Arena noticed that one Nexus 4 unit had a warmer display temperature than another unit. Naturally this raised some suspicion, so out of curiosity, the gang ran a bunch of tests and found that one Nexus 4 had an average color temp of 7100K, while the other had an average temp of 7900K— which more than confirmed the original suspicions. When asked about the differences between the Nexus 4 units, an LG rep confirmed “from time to time it becomes necessary or preferable to alter certain product specification if engineers and management feel the change improves the functionality or usability of the device.

Naturally, it should be hypothetically simple to correct this by issuing a simple software update in order to ensure all Nexus 4 units are on the same page, right? Not so fast folks— the same LG rep confirmed “there is no easy way for normal users to access the setting level to be able to recalibrate the display” since “today’s smartphones are configured a specific way to give average consumers a specific user experience.” Because of this, a software fix may not be the easiest solution for LG since it would be presumably difficult and especially costly.

So yeah, it sucks that owners of earlier models will have a slightly worse color temp, but fortunately, they do have a few color calibration apps that should help to correct the minor gaffe for some of you owners out there.

source: Phone Arena

White Nexus 4 now available in United States from Google Play and T-Mobile

white_nexus_4The white Nexus 4 that had been rumored for so long launched in Hong Kong on Wednesday. Today, folks in the United States can enjoy as well. The phone is available at this very moment on the Google Play Store as well as from T-Mobile directly.  From Google Play, the 8 GB version is $299, and the 16 GB version is $349. Google’s offering a free bumper along with purchase. T-Mobile, on the other hand, is offering the 16 GB white variant for $427, without a monthly plan option.

Right now, the US is the only western market in which the white Nexus 4 is available for purchase. If you’re looking for a new phone, you can purchase yours from the links below.


The white Nexus 4 is official and will be available on May 29 in Hong Kong


A white Nexus 4 was rumored for a long long time folks, and it’s finally official. LG just announced that it will be available in Hong Kong on May 29 with global introductions such as Asia, North America, Europe, and the Middle East “over the next several weeks.” It has the same specs as the black Nexus 4 such as a 4.7-inch (1280 x 768) True HD IPS Plus display with 320ppi, a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, and 2GB of RAM. Nothing was mentioned about Android 4.3, but we expect to see that update soon. Hit the break for the press statement.

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White Nexus 4 spotted yet again, for sale in India

india_nexus_4The Nexus 4 has been spotted many, many times in white. Let’s add another appearance to the list. A white 16 GB version of Google’s phone is reportedly on sale from “local retailers” in India. With the same specs sheet as the black version, the white phone is available for 360 euros, close to the 349 euros the black version runs for.

It’s unknown if the phone will come with Android 4.2 or the upcoming 4.3, but the phone is rumored to be announced by Google along with Android 4.3 and a Nexus 7 tablet on June 10. We’ll be here providing you with all the information you need.

Source: Into Mobile
via: Tutto Android

White Nexus 4 pictures released again, possible June 10th release alongside Android 4.3?


After a bunch of web leaks and an appearance at this year’s Google I/O, the white Nexus 4 has shown up once again in all its glory. This time the pictures seem to be press images rather than leaked photos of the device. The white Nexus 4 has been rumored for a June 10th release with options for 8GB or 16GB of internal storage. Unfortunately this means that at least for now, there won’t be a 32GB+ option.

Since we don’t know if the release of Android 4.3 will be paired with the release of the white Nexus 4, we’ll assume that the device will ship with at least Android 4.2 and will obviously be immediately upgradable to the next release of Android. Check back for more information about the phone as it is released. More photos after the break.
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New screenshots of Android 4.3 surface; shows slightly different camera software UI


Thanks to XDA user chaleen, new screenshots of a Nexus 4 in Thailand’s Mobile Expo 2013  running Android 4.3 have surfaced. So far nothing too interesting in the screenshots as it just shows the build and kernel info, but one of them was fairly interesting as it shows a slightly re-designed UI for Google’s stock camera UI.  You can check out that screenshot right below.

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Google to debut Android 4.3 on white Nexus 4 June 10th


We’ve been hearing plenty of rumors of the elusive white Nexus 4 for the past few months, and now we’ve got some more fuel for the fire. According to the latest round of rumors, Google is going to launch the white Nexus 4 on the Play Store on June 10th. An even cooler detail about this variant of the Nexus 4? It’s going to be running Android 4.3.

Google spent the first day of I/O focusing on Play services instead of an Android update, and they definitely succeeded. Unfortunately, this lends some credibility to the rumors that 4.3 is likely just going to be minor under-the-hood tweaks, like new APIs. Either way, we’ll be sure to let you know next month.

source: Android and Me

Video of white Google Nexus 4 surfaces


Yesterday, only a couple days before Google I/O is scheduled to open, a new photo of a white Google Nexus 4 device surfaced. Today, things ratchet up a bit with the discovery of a white Nexus 4 at a Qualcomm booth at The Mobile Show in Dubai. The folks at TechView even took the time to video the device which was presented to them as a demo unit. One thing that is apparent now is that only the back is white with the face still sporting black panels surrounding the screen. Since there is no information on a timeframe for a retail release, or if that will even happen, there is always the possibility the whole thing could end up being white, not just the back. Hit the break to check out the video.
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