Next Launcher Is Released To The Masses, Gives Another Taste Of 3D Homescreens


We all know how popular and awesome GO Launcher already is– but the maker now has a new launcher up its sleeves for the masses to try out called Next Launcher. It’s a 3D-based launcher which has full 3D elements and 3D effects, while featuring items like an unlimited screen layout, stereoscopic screen preview and of course, those fancy 3D widgets that compliment the 3D screen. Essentially– Next Launcher is GO Launcher in full 3D— and who doesn’t want to see a cool 3D launcher to cover up their awful skin on their Android device?

The new launcher is up for allĀ  Android 2.2+ devices, but will run you about 16 bucks— which might be a bit hefty for some. Still– the launcher is intriguing enough, so if you’re willing overlook the steep price and give it a try, head on down to the Play Store today and give it a try.


Play Store Download Link