Top 5 news and RSS apps for Android [January 2015]

newsKeeping up with news articles can be a cluttered process, especially if you use multiple apps or bookmarks on your phone or tablet. Using a news aggregation app or an RSS reader can tidy up your mobile device and make keeping up with things even easier. There are tons of apps that can get the job done, but we’re going to go over the best options in this guide to help you get started on staying on top of the news.
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Google News & Weather app gets redesigned for first time since Android 2.3 Gingerbread


The Google News & Weather application has been bundled with stock Android for quite some time. While it can be considered useful, Google has left it relatively the same since the days of Android 2.3 Gingerbread back in 2011. Today, the Google News & Weather app has been completely redesigned to represent the company’s vision for the operating system and its design language.

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Google combines Currents and Play Magazines apps into Google Play Newsstand


Things were getting a bit confusing on the news-front of Google Play. First we had Google Reader, but it was discontinued. Play Magazines and Google Currents brought the news straight to our devices, but why were they two separate apps? After all, they pretty much preformed the same function.

Now, Google is introducing Google Play Newsstand. This application combines Play Magazines and Google Currents into a single, standalone application, and will let you follow your favorite magazines, newspapers, blogs, news sites, and will format all of the news for your device.

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‘Pocket’ application to receive 5.0 update, will automatically categorize articles based on length, topic, and more

Pocket App

Have you ever scrolled down your Twitter feed and felt overwhelmed by the number of how many articles you want to read? “Pocket,” an Android and iOS application certainly minimizes these issues, as it saves articles and web sites in a central location to read later. Today, the application’s developers released version 5.0.

Major additions includes a “Highlights” feature, which categorizes your saved articles and sites into one of four categories: best of, trending, long-form articles, and short articles. As you save new articles, the app will automatically categorize the content, making things a lot easier for you.

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Google working on a location based news feed for Google Now


Google has revealed they are working on a new Google Now card that will deliver local news stories based on a user’s location. Google Now cards work off of algorithms to present the user with “contextually relevant” items. Among the inputs used to determine what is relevant are interests, time of day, and location. The new card is being tested in a closed beta right now, apparently only within Google itself, as revealed by Johanna Wright, Google’s vice president of search and assist.
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APPY Geek News Reader App

You just saw some thoughts on News Republic earlier. Now what if you are only interested in technology-related news? Well you’re in luck. MOBILESREPUBLIC has their APPY Geek app which essentially is a technology-centric version of NR. Similar to NR, you search for articles based off your topics– Android, Apple, Smartphones, Dual-Core, Gaming, etc. The topics you search for are then  pushed to you in the form of recent, noteworthy, and relevant articles. Again, you can’t view articles from your favorite technology sites, but rather are limited to a handful of technology news sources. When you find an article interesting, you have the ability to be social by sharing the app via email or any social networking site that you may have. You also have the ability to find related topics and articles based off your original article using the handy link feature.

Be sure to hit the break for the Market download link, QR code, and some screenshots of the app in action. Now go on, what are you waiting for? You have a great app waiting to find a home on your smartphone or tablet.
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Quick Review: News Republic

What does the average Android user think of when they hear of a news reader app? They think of something like Pulse Reader or even Google’s little app. Well friends, developer MOBILESREPUBLIC wants Android users to know their News Republic app is a viable alternative to other news reader apps out there. It may not be the flashiest app and it lacks key features, but read on to see why the app is a must-have for all Android users as well as the Market and QR code links.
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Quick Review: Pulse News

The greatest thing about your smartphone or tablet is the ability to access news on the go. You can have the world literally at your finger tips and see news by opening a browser or an app. Now suppose you don’t want to go back and forth in your browser or have multiple news apps open, which could ultimately slow your phone down. Wouldn’t it be nice to have just one app which streamlines all of your favorite news sources in one simple interface? Well friends, you’re in luck– Pulse News allows users to see all of your favorite news sources into one simple and intuitive interface. Of course there are other news readers out there, but Pulse News is by far the simplest and best reader available. Read on to find out why as well as find the Market and QR download links after the break.
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