BuzzFeed News now available for Android devices


They may take a lot of flak from standup comics and late show hosts, but BuzzFeed has no doubt developed a popular news service, especially with the 18-34 year old crowd that is their core audience. Earlier this year they released a dedicated app for the iOS platform so their audience no longer had to use their mobile web browser. Now BuzzFeed has released the Android version of their app and you can grab it in the Google Play Store. Read more

Mobile news app Circa fails to find a buyer, goes on indefinite break

circa newsCirca was a niche news app that took a mobile-first approach to information curation. It was a cool app with a decent number of downloads and an impressive average rating on Google’s Play Store, but apparently that just wasn’t enough to help sustain the company.

The co-founder of Circa, Matt Galligan, released a statement today announcing that the app/service will be taking an indefinite hiatus after failing to be purchased by a bigger company. Circa developers looked at multiple monetization options, but none of them really fit what was considered the focus of the company, which lead to this situation where Circa would either be acquired by another more profitable company, or it would be doomed. Looks like the latter happened. Read more

Google Announces YouTube Newswire to Sift the Wheat from the Chaff

YouTube Newswire

YouTube is full of chaff. Full of it. Don’t believe me? Look here. And here. And here. And here. And here. And here.

Much of that chaff comes in the form of ad hoc first-person video journalism. There is tremendous value in curating legitimate user-generated content, but with over 5 million hours spent every day on YouTube watching news, it becomes increasingly difficult to verify the legitimacy of a source. We often see more hoaxes than we do legitimate content. Thanks for that, Jimmy Kimmel.

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USA Today gets Android Wear support, lets you check top stories from your wrist

usa todayUSA Today’s Android app has received an update today bringing a few new features for users. You’ll get your traditional vague bug fixes and improvements, a new video playlist section for keeping on top of the news clips in one place, and Android Wear support.

This update will let you quickly check the current top five stories from your Android Wear smartwatch without having to open the app. You won’t be able to read them on your watch (why would you want to?) but if you see something that catches your eye, you can take your phone out to catch up. Read more

[New Android Wear App] Get news delivered to Android Wear with PaperWear


Watch any television show from days gone by and chances are good you will see someone break out a newspaper to get caught up on current events. The advent of online news sources delivered via computers and then mobile devices like tablets, smartphones and e-readers have changed the way “news” is created and how it is delivered. The explosion of interest in smartwatches is leading some to look to these new devices as yet another vector to deliver news as seen with the new PaperWear app released to Google Play. Read more

Top 5 news and RSS apps for Android [January 2015]

newsKeeping up with news articles can be a cluttered process, especially if you use multiple apps or bookmarks on your phone or tablet. Using a news aggregation app or an RSS reader can tidy up your mobile device and make keeping up with things even easier. There are tons of apps that can get the job done, but we’re going to go over the best options in this guide to help you get started on staying on top of the news. Read more

Google News & Weather app gets redesigned for first time since Android 2.3 Gingerbread


The Google News & Weather application has been bundled with stock Android for quite some time. While it can be considered useful, Google has left it relatively the same since the days of Android 2.3 Gingerbread back in 2011. Today, the Google News & Weather app has been completely redesigned to represent the company’s vision for the operating system and its design language.

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Google combines Currents and Play Magazines apps into Google Play Newsstand


Things were getting a bit confusing on the news-front of Google Play. First we had Google Reader, but it was discontinued. Play Magazines and Google Currents brought the news straight to our devices, but why were they two separate apps? After all, they pretty much preformed the same function.

Now, Google is introducing Google Play Newsstand. This application combines Play Magazines and Google Currents into a single, standalone application, and will let you follow your favorite magazines, newspapers, blogs, news sites, and will format all of the news for your device.

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