New streaming video service may be offered by Amazon


New reports indicate Amazon is preparing to rollout an ad-supported video streaming service next year that is different from the Prime Video service included with their Prime membership offering. The new service will supposedly be aimed more at competing with Hulu and Netflix in that it will be based on a monthly subscription fee for access. Analysts think Amazon will undercut the monthly prices offered by other services through the use of ads. Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter thinks this would make the new Amazon offering a “Netflix killer.”
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Netflix post-play features finally come to Chromecast

netflix_web_logoNetflix has been teasing that they were planning on bringing the post-play features of TV episodes to Chromecast streaming, and it looks like that’s finally happened. Now you’ll be able to quickly play the next episode from your phone without having to wait for the credits to roll, or to grab your phone, back out to the episode menu and manually pick the next episode. The feature is available to almost all smartphones and tablets, and PC support should be on its way soon.

Why not go binge watch an entire season of your favorite show to celebrate?

source: Netflix

Netflix testing a private viewing mode


Although the fare may be tame compared to what is out on the Internet, Netflix still has some stuff that users may not want showing up in their recent history or getting shared to Facebook. To help with that situation, Netflix has started testing a new privacy mode that users can jump into for those B-movie excursions. According to Netflix’s director of corporate communications and technology Cliff Edwards,
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VIDEO: Hands on with Android TV at Google I/O

android tv hands on

Google TV wasn’t as great as we all expected when it debuted a few years ago, but Google is back with another television platform.

Officially announced at the Google I/O 2014 keynote today, Android TV will bring an entirely new home entertainment experience to your living room. The service will launch in the fall, but for now, check out our information on the platform here.

And be sure to check out the rest of our Google I/O 2014 coverage as well. Hit the break for our hands-on video with Android TV at Google I/O.

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‘Orange Is The New… App?’ Netflix’s hit show makes its way to the Play Store

organge is the new black

Netflix has a hit on their hands to accompany House of Cards — it’s called Orange Is The New Black, and it just returned for its second season earlier this month.

As with all great modern shows, a presence on social media and other online areas is absolutely necessary, so the creators are doing all they can to promote the show via a brand new app titled “Orange Is The New App.”

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Netflix update brings Post-Play once a TV episode or movie ends


On almost every Netflix-capable device except mobile, the streaming service will continuing rolling into the next TV episode or movie once the current one ends. With the latest update to Netflix’s Android application, Post-Play arrives. With this, users have a hands-free experience to continue watching TV episodes on a smartphone. Post-Play for movies, for now, is capable with only tablets. And in a few months, Netflix plans on having Post-Play ready for Chromecast. So go ahead and binge-watch without ever touching a device until you are finished.

Hit the break for download links.
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Netflix announces European expansion for late 2014


In a statement released this morning, Netflix announced that it will be expanding to a number of European countries in late 2014, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

This is great news for those of you overseas who have been wanting to take advantage of Netflix’s services since its popularity has grown here in the U.S.

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Netflix prices staying put for two years for current U.S. customers, $8.99 thereafter


A few weeks ago we learned that Netflix would be implementing a price hike for new subscribers. Today, Netflix has explained just who will be faced with the price hike, when, and how much.

The account holder in my household received the email above and states that the $7.99 monthly charge will get raised to $8.99; however, current customers are protected for two years. All new members will have to pay $8.99 from the start.

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Netflix set to raise prices for new members by a dollar or two in some countries


Don’t worry, this will not be anywhere near as outrageous as Netflix’s infamous price hike in 2011. But yes, Netflix does plan on imposing a one or two dollar price hike in some countries in order to cover the cost of new content and improving technology. For current Netflix members, everything will remain the same for the foreseeable future. However, new members will feel the wrath of the price hike.

Here is the quote from Netflix CEO Reed Hastings:

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