Sacramento Kings become first team to incorporate Google Glass during NBA game

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On Friday night against the Indiana Pacers, the Sacramento Kings became the first team in NBA history to do something very special. And it has nothing to do with the team’s performance on the court. The Kings are the first team to utilize Google Glass during a game. Kings Host Scott Freshour used Google’s wearable gadget to give TV and web viewers a look at the arena getting revved up for Friday night’s game.

The team also distributed Google Glass to the announcer, general manager, and some fans. One fan told CBS 13 in Sacramento that “I’m watching the game and then they’ll come to me and they’ll see what I’m looking at.” With such good reception, the Kings plan on giving coaches Google Glass to have a look at plays just seconds after they happen. To do this, there is a control team underneath the arena; however, that team will soon get its own dedicated control room in the near future. And to keep themselves in front of everyone else, the Sacramento Kings have announced they will start accepting Bitcoin in March.

Source: CBS 13 Sacramento

LeBron James Showcasing Samsung Products Again In New Commercial Ad (Video)

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Lebron James

Samsung, the company that has no problem marketing its products is still at it and this time they’ve brought MVP LeBron James back for some more Samsung promo love. It was announced earlier this week that Samsung and the NBA struck a $100 million dollar deal where the association will use and promote Samsung products. To kick things off, Sammy is showcasing their new commercial which aired on opening night for the Miami Heat, touting their products with LeBron’s help.

The two minute spot shows  off the four-time MVP using his Note 3 Galaxy Gear and Note 10.1 tab to capture personal and profession interactions with family and fellow NBA players. You can see LeBron tank a golf shot in the drink, video chatting with his son and even a little driveway B-ball for the NBA championship winning shot. Check out the video below in full and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.   » Read the rest

Google Glass a fit for NBA Refs? Houston Rockets exec speaks

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We always knew questions like this were going to eventually come up as the technology used in Google Glass became more and more prominent— in a Reddit AMA session (Ask Me Anything) on Friday, Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey was asked, “Do you think Google Glass could ever be integrated into live games, for example by having the officials wear them and letting the TV audience see what they saw?”

Morey, an MIT grad, was definitely interested in the idea, and even told the Redditor to ask Adam Silver, who will be stepping in as the NBA’s next commissioner come February.

Now the actual chance of something like this actually happening is very low, as some professional sports leagues are still getting used to the idea of something as low-tech as instant replay (MLB). It may be a welcome change somewhere way, way, way down the road, but don’t expect anything anytime soon. Just a nice idea for now…

Source: AllThingsD


2K Games releases NBA 2K13 for Android

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For all the fans of the 2K line of basketball games, you will be happy to know that you can play 2K13 anywhere you have a device running Android 4.0 or higher. Yesterday 2K Games released NBA 2K13 on the traditional consoles, but they also released it in the Google Play Store. The game costs $8 and won’t give you the full experience you get on a traditional console, but will let you play full exhibition games as any of the 30 teams. You can also recreate legendary performances in NBA’s Greatest Games mode or play as your favorite team in  the Multiseason Mode. It uses the 2K basketball engine with controls optimized for mobile gaming. Normally I would not expect much from a game like this, Madden 12 anyone, but we will let you be the judge. Use the link or QR code after the break to check the game out in the Play Store.

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Want to win an HTC Thunderbolt? You can through Twitter

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If you’re a basketball fan, or even just need a new smartphone, you may want to check into how you can win a brand new Verizon HTC Thunderbolt. On top of winning that phone, you’ll also get a private party with Mark Cuban (owner of the Dallas Mavericks and net worth $2.5billion) and 10 of your friends. Just sayin here, it could be one heck of a wild night with a guy that has a bank roll like that!

You’ll have to follow Mark Cuban at to gather 5 puzzle pieces, which will be revealed to you which Verizon locations they’re at for you to retrieve. The pieces will start Friday April 1st and go til April 5th. the winner will be selected at Victory Park Plaza, Dallas, TX on Wed April 6th.

Who: Dallas Area Fans who want to win a ThunderBolt by HTC & a private party with Mark Cuban!
What: ThunderBolt Launch Party
When: April 6, 2011 at 4pm CT
Where: Follow @MCuban to find out where to gather puzzle pieces

Official rules here

[via twtvite]

T-Mobile is the Official Telecommunications Provider to Miami Heat!

by Jesse Bauer on
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T-Mobile Logo

T-Mobile has inked a multi-year deal with NBA team Miami Heat and is now their Official Wireless Telecommunications Provider. T-mobile has since been a major sponsor of TNT and the NBA. The sponsorship deal will include radio broadcasts, in-game features, retail promos and other social promo events.

During the game last night, you may have seen a commercial featuring the new T-Mobile myTouch 4G and NBA stars Dwayne Wade and Charles Barkely showing off the new device running Android. This opens the door for Android to be recognized as a familiar face in the mobile arena, on top of the popularity of the NBA and T-Mobile. Android may be riding on their coattails a bit here, but we know it’s well deserved.

Check out the Full Press Release Below.

Live NBA Games Headed to Android

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Although you might have seen similar apps in some form or another, the NBA is finally ready to finalize its business model after a long time testing different strategies. Their apps offer live streaming of NBA games and events directly to supported devices. The group has been streaming to iPhones and Android devices since October. The process has involved development of Blackberry, iPhone, and Android apps in free forms, paid forms, and team branded assortments. Nothing was stated on what the final plans will be, but keep your eyes open for available apps on a device near you!