The NBA is filming the All-Star Game in 360-degrees for Samsung’s Gear VR


If you’ve ever wanted a court-side seat at an NBA (basketball) game but couldn’t afford the $9.000 price tag, Samsung and the NBA may well be on the verge of providing a solution. All you need is a Galaxy Note 4 smartphone, its accompanying Gear VR headset, access to Samsung’s Milk VR Store and you could be watching NBA highlights in virtual-reality

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Companion app released for 2015 NBA All-Star Game


Thousands of basketball fans from around the country will head to New York City in less than two weeks for the activities surrounding the 2015 NBA All-Star Game. Both the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets will co-host as the city is home to the teams. The game itself will be played at Madison Square Garden while Barclays Center has other weekend activities. Since there will be so much going on in such a big city, the NBA has launched a companion app. The NBA All-Star NYC App is a complete guide with schedules, ticket information, and point-to-point directions. Of course, the league is paying attention to fans that will not make it to New York City. The app also has news and NBA Game Time content. And, as a bonus, there is a map containing the history of basketball in The Big Apple.

The 2015 NBA All-Star Game takes place on February 15 with preceding events starting February 13.

Hit the break for the gallery and download links.

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ZTE partners with Knicks, Rockets, and Warriors as official smartphone sponsor


On Tuesday, the National Basketball League will start its season and one of the teams playing in the evening’s doubleheader has a new sponsor. The Houston Rockets, along with the New York Knicks and Golden State Warriors, have each partnered with ZTE. The Chinese telecommunications company is the official smartphone sponsor for those three teams. The sponsorship entails involvement in local communities with each team and its charities.

This is just adds to the plethora of NBA sponsors, past and present, from the wireless industry. For the entire league, companies like Samsung and Sprint are sponsors. On a team-by-team basis, just about everyone has a sponsorship somewhere.

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NBA 2K15 for Android exclusively available from Amazon

NBA-2K15-androidNBA 2K15 launched today for Android, but for now, the only official way to get it on your device is through Amazon’s AppStore. It’s unclear how long it’ll be until the game is also available on Google’s Play Store. The new game has greatly improved graphics, a new MyCareer mode that has players work through a storyline for their custom-made character, and a new Pharrell Williams-curated soundtrack.

You can download the app from the Amazon link below.

Source: Amazon

Pebble officially gets ESPN app for live scores

pebble espnESPN has announced that they are officially bringing their application to the Pebble Smartwatch. The app will cover scores from many major professional games, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, plus college football and basketball. It’s just in time for football season to kick back up.

The app will be available in the Pebble store and will let you keep up with your favorite teams and sports without having to take your phone out of your pocket. Definitely a must-have for sports fans.

source: ESPN


NBA looking to give anyone with Glass a courtside experience


Those in the NBA are big fans of the new tech that is Google Glass. The Sacramento Kings were the first of the NBA to incorporate the device. Well the Pacers are looking to incorporate the device while also looking to expand functionality of Glass during their games by expanding the amount of services that take advantage of it. Glass users will be able to view the game courtside regardless of where they sit. Texts can be sent to Glass users giving them directions and alerts letting them know when the team and this courtside experience is about to go live.

Roy Hibbert has been the biggest supporter of Glass for the Pacers, but there are others that are embracing the technology. While the NBA has been on team Android for a few years now, with Samsung being the supplier of tablets and other devices, the NBA is really pushing forward with experimenting with Glass. At some point refs may be wearing the device too. So while the device may not be that popular with the every day folk out there, it’s at least picking up traction in the sports world. Of course, having a fat bank account might help with that too. You can check out Roy Hibbert and Glass in action after the break.

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Google Search adds NBA video recaps, more leagues to join in the future


If you activate Google Search right now and cue any NBA team actively in the playoffs, you are going to get a ton of information. The newest addition is a video recap that links directly to YouTube. If you are on a mobile device, the YouTube app will automatically open. Elsewhere, an embedded video will play rather than opening a new link or tab.

Google is currently working on adding other professional sports leagues for future video recaps.

Source: +Google

Sacramento Kings become first team to incorporate Google Glass during NBA game


On Friday night against the Indiana Pacers, the Sacramento Kings became the first team in NBA history to do something very special. And it has nothing to do with the team’s performance on the court. The Kings are the first team to utilize Google Glass during a game. Kings Host Scott Freshour used Google’s wearable gadget to give TV and web viewers a look at the arena getting revved up for Friday night’s game.

The team also distributed Google Glass to the announcer, general manager, and some fans. One fan told CBS 13 in Sacramento that “I’m watching the game and then they’ll come to me and they’ll see what I’m looking at.” With such good reception, the Kings plan on giving coaches Google Glass to have a look at plays just seconds after they happen. To do this, there is a control team underneath the arena; however, that team will soon get its own dedicated control room in the near future. And to keep themselves in front of everyone else, the Sacramento Kings have announced they will start accepting Bitcoin in March.

Source: CBS 13 Sacramento

LeBron James Showcasing Samsung Products Again In New Commercial Ad (Video)


Lebron James

Samsung, the company that has no problem marketing its products is still at it and this time they’ve brought MVP LeBron James back for some more Samsung promo love. It was announced earlier this week that Samsung and the NBA struck a $100 million dollar deal where the association will use and promote Samsung products. To kick things off, Sammy is showcasing their new commercial which aired on opening night for the Miami Heat, touting their products with LeBron’s help.

The two minute spot shows  off the four-time MVP using his Note 3 Galaxy Gear and Note 10.1 tab to capture personal and profession interactions with family and fellow NBA players. You can see LeBron tank a golf shot in the drink, video chatting with his son and even a little driveway B-ball for the NBA championship winning shot. Check out the video below in full and don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  
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