Google IO 2016 Coverage

Sony officially states that the Xperia Z series is no more


While we have know for a little while that Sony wouldn’t be releasing an Xperia Z6, there was still the question of whether Sony would completely discontinue the Xperia Z line altogether. Well know we have an answer to that question. To the possible discontent of long term Sony Fans, the Xperia Z series of Sony devices has been officially discontinued in favor of the newly minted Xperia X lineup.

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LG G5 could provide big push for company


One of the moves that industry watchers noted in connection with the MWC 2016 in Barcelona, Spain, was that LG decided to go toe-to-toe with their launch event against the likes of Samsung and Huawei. This is part of a new push by the company to try to regain some market position riding on the back of the LG G5 and the innovation they are bringing to market as well as a major investment in advertising. LG hopes to regain some lost spots and jump back up to the number 3 position in global smartphone market share. Read more

Xiaomi Mi 5 is official with Snapdragon 820 SoC, 128GB storage and 5.15-inch Full HD display


MWC 2016 is still on the go in Barcelona, and the latest news is that the Chinese handset maker, Xiaomi, has officially announced its latest flagship, the Mi 5. As expected, the Mi 5 uses the Snapdragon 820 processor, has a fingerprint scanner, while it also boasts curved edges and a ceramic rear panel (on the Pro model). There are three variants of the Mi 5, so join us after the break for the rest of the features and specifications. Read more

LG does a comparison of the G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7


Comparisons are extremely common in the mobile industry because consumers want to know whether they should be one device over the others. Usually it’s the media doing the comparison, but today LG stepped up to do one of its own. The company is comparing the G5, which it announced alongside other devices on Sunday, with the Samsung Galaxy S7. Seven areas, because that’s the current installment of the Samsung flagship, are focused on by LG.

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Samsung’s new experience center, Samsung 837, opens in the heart of NYC


Samsung has just officially opened the doors to its brand new experience center, Samsung 837. Experience center may not even be the right word to describe this beauty with Samsung calling it a “first-of-its kind cultural destination, digital playground and Marketing Center of Excellence” placed in the Meatpacking District of New York City.

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Mastercard to roll out selfie and fingerprint ID verification system for online payments later this year


Over at MWC 2016, it isn’t all just about the latest smartphones and smart gadgets, we also have Mastercard announcing that the credit card company will begin accepting selfie images and fingerprints as proof of identity when making online payments. The move comes after the company trialled the technology in The Netherlands and the U.S. in 2015. Read more

Sony’s Xperia XA and X are now available to pre-order in Europe

Xperia XA Colours

Sony announced its new X series of smartphones at MWC 2016 yesterday that consisted of three 5-inch handsets with a varying level of specification. While the Xperia X Performance has Qualcomm’s powerful Snapdragon 820 processor providing the grunt, the Xperia X carries a Snapdragon 650 chip, with the Xperia XA making do with a MediaTek MT6755 octa-core processor. Sony’s new range may only be officially launching in the summer, but the Xperia X and XA handsets are already available to pre-order from Amazon (Germany). Read more