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Samsung announces new wallet app, but not for making payments


Many people who hear the word “wallet” connected to an app’s name may immediately jump to the conclusion that it can be used to make payments. That makes sense since Google has been playing up their Google Wallet app despite the reluctance of carriers to allow it on smartphones. Samsung announced today their own “Samsung Wallet” app that is in development to address some of the other stuff kept in a wallet besides credit or debit cards. The new app will keep track of tickets, boarding passes, and discount or loyalty cards. Samsung also indicates the app will have built in location awareness so it can let you know whether you have a card or discount available when you are near the retailer that issued the card. Read more

Exent GameTanium For TV Brings Android Games To The Living Room

Exent, provider of game subscription services, announced a new service at MWC called GameTanium For TV. Although billed as a gaming console-conversion for your Android device, it appears more like it just streams gaming content to your TV. GameTanium is currently available for Android and works in much the same way as Steam for PCs. If you’re already a GameTanium subscriber then this is great news. For the rest of us, the yet to be announced price will be a big factor. Well, price and whether or not you’ve already plopped down $100 for an OUYA.

The device/service is not without its appeal. It would be nice to fling birds across the TV using my phone as the controller then continue the game even after I’ve walked out the door. And like Steam, the subsciption model is sure to appeal to avid gamers. The question is: is there such a thing as hardcore Android gamers? Follow our 2013 Mobile World Congress coverage here.

Press Release after the break.

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NVIDIA back with videos showing off gaming graphics at MWC 2013


NVIDIA is back on their blog today about their new Tegra 4 chips, this time with information about games primed for Tegra powered devices. Games are a great way to show off the computing power of a new chip as NVIDIA demonstrates in a couple videos from Zombie Driver and RU Golf. With more computing power, graphics can display better textures and more polygons, making for smoother results. The new Tegra 4 chip will also let game developers take advantage of features like dynamic lighting to create accurate shadows. Read more

LG using MWC to showcase its Wireless Ultra High Definition Transmission technology




One of the great things about events like MWC is the fact we can see new and innovative technologies that can potentially revolutionize our lives. As electronic giants such as LG develop Ultra HD TV sets, it’s only natural to wonder when it is we can push high quality content and streams from our smartphones to these cool TV sets, right? Well wonder no more as LG has announced it is using the trade show to showcase the first Wireless Ultra High Definition Transmission technology out there in all the land. The aim of the technology is pretty simple: the Wireless Ultra HD Transmission technology looks to ensure the smooth delivery of smartphone content to TV sets faster and more efficiently than previous mobile video compression and transfer systems. There’s less lag and the technology can easily optimze resolution sizes of what’s found on smartphones— so the result is what can be considered smooth and pretty visuals. Oh and LG also claims that its technology can consume less than half the power of other similar transmission standards. Nice.

No word on when we’ll see this device implemented in its TV sets, but we suspect it shouldn’t be too long before we see it in action. Hit the break for more deets from LG in the press release.

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LG introduces the WCP-300: the world’s smallest wireless charger



LG is using MWC to formally announce its WCP-300 wireless charging accessory. The charger was developed for portability and convenience for consumers— so you know it’s going to come with some pretty impressive dimensions. The unit comes in at only 6.9cm in diameter, effectively making it the world’s smallest wireless charger. In addition to that impressive feat, the charging unit is also Qi-certified and features electromagnetic induction, which produces a magnetic field that creates an electric current in order to give those batteries in devices placed on the charging pad some extra juice. As of this time, the WCP-300 is only limited to the LG Spectrum 2 and Nexus 4 smartphones, but we’re hoping that we more devices compatible with the unit sooner than later.

More details can be found once you hit the break to check out the full presser from LG.

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NVIDIA shows off Phoenix reference phone at MWC 2013


NVIDIA took some time today to post more details regarding their Phoenix reference phone powered by their new Tegra 4i chip on their company blog, including a hands-on video with the device. NVIDIA’s Tegra 4i chip comes with a built-in 4G LTE chip and promises to be better than the current generation Tegra 3 chip by most any measure. To help accelerate adoption of the chip by phone manufacturers, NVIDIA has created the Phoenix reference phone. The video shows some of the physical features of the device and also shows a little bit of what performance will be like for gaming or video playback. One of the features covered in the video is NVIDIA’s technology that allows for lag-free HDR photos, videos, and panoramic shots.

Check out the video after the break for more on NVIDIA’s new reference phone.

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source: NVIDIA

More ASUS videos showcase new Fonepad


Earlier today we saw ASUS release a new promo video for one of their new devices from Mobile World Congress 2013, the ASUS Padfone Infinity. Following on the heels of the Padfone Infinity video, ASUS has released a couple new videos showcasing their new 7-inch tablet, the ASUS Fonepad. While the Padfone Infinity is touted as a two-in-one device, letting the user pick the size for their current need, the Fonepad is a single device aimed at being either a large phone or a small tablet.

One of the videos shows some of the features of the device and provides some background into design decisions. The other video showcases a Chicago tour guide and how he uses the Fonepad to connect to his customers. Check out both videos after the break. Read more

ASUS releases PadFone Infinity promo video


Earlier today, ASUS revealed their latest PadFone device, the ASUS PadFone Infinity, and now they released a promo video.showcasing it’s attributes. The promo makes note of all the features of the PadFone including the 5-inch full HD display of the phone as well as the 10.1-inch tablet dock. It shows how a veterinarian and designer use the PadFone to be efficient on the go, so check out the video after the break.

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Sony Xperia Z and Tablet Z to launch worldwide on March 1st


Today at MWC, Sony announced that its Xperia Z and Tablet Z devices will go on sale globally on March 1st, 2013. The Xperia Z, Sony’s latest flagship phone, is already available for pre-order and available in some parts of the world with varying storage capacities. The Tablet Z, however, was announced back in January, but we didn’t have any details concerning a launch date or pricing. Check out the press release after the break and sure to follow us as we bring you all of the latest news coming out of Mobile World Congress 2013.

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Dual-screened NEC Medias W prototype shown at MWC


In a world of ever changing technology where phones are getting larger and tablets are getting smaller, the NEC Medias W gives us the best of both worlds. Spotted at MWC 2013 the Medias W looks sort of confusing at first. In tablet mode it has two screens covering 5.6-inches, but by simply swinging the device at the hinge, you get a 4.3-inch smartphone. This is the first dual-screen offering we have seen since the Kyocera Echo.

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