Panasonic Eluga drops March 29th in Japan, Europe in April

For those of you who didn’t catch the announcement of Panasonic’s Eluga at MWC, what we’ve got here is a 4.3″ device with a TI OMAP 4430, the very same of which resides inside the Motorola RAZR. From the hands on impression at MWC, however, it seems it may not be as fluid as the RAZR, despite the similarity. You’ll also find 1GB of RAM inside as well as 8GB of embedded storage. Unfortunately this one will ship with Gingerbread and a relatively small 1150mAh battery. It’s been a while since MWC, though, so maybe Panasonic has had time to retool the onboard software for enhanced performance. Plus it has dust and water resistance certification going for it. That’s pretty awesome, right? Expect the first wave of them to hit Japan in March, followed by Europe in April. Pricing and US availability are yet to be seen.

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Sony Xperia S Gets Software Update Through Sony PC Companion

If you’re in the market for a brand-spankin’-new Sony Xperia S smartphone, today’s a great day for you— especially if you were one of the lucky few to score the smartphone at MWC or you live in the UK. While the Xperia S was available for sale at MWC this year, Three UK and O2 UK are each offering the intriguing smartphone and ready for its customers’ wallets in the UK. Three will be offering the smartphone for free on contracts of £30 ($47 USD) or more per month. Or if you want to pay full price– it’s available for a fairly modest £369.99 ($582) if you go on pay-as-you-go route. O2 is offering the smartphone starting at £79 ($125) on the lowest contract (£16.50/$26 per month). Or if you’re ambitious, O2 will also offering the Xperia S for free with a contract of £21.50 monthly ($34). As an added bonus, O2 will also include 200 minutes, unlimited texting and a 500MB data cap with that plan. Read more

LG Optimus L3 Arrives in Europe This Month

We were introduced to LG’s “Optimus L” series of phones at Mobile World Congress this year, and it looks like the lower-end Optimus L3 is the first to make it to consumers when it launches in Europe later this month. Asia and Russia are next in line. The specs for the L3 are very modest, with a 3.2 inch display, 800MHz processor, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and a only a 3MP camera on board. There is no question this is an entry-level device by today’s standards.

No word on whether it’s coming to the States, but with these specs, I can’t see it being anything but a carrier give-away. Full presser after the break.

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Sample Photos Show Off HTC ImageSense


HTC stole the show at Mobile World Congress with the unveiling of their HTC One series of phones. We’re talking specs spanning dual-cores, quad-cores, HD screens, polycarbonate unibodies, and more. One of the areas HTC focused on (pun intended) is the camera, with a new integrated custom HTC ImageChip, and big improvements to the lens, sensor, and software. This suite of imaging improvements is known as HTC ImageSense.

The specs sound great, but how does it perform in real-world situations? Androidandme managed to get a hold of sample pictures taken with an HTC One, and although they are not the full resolution originals, they show just how amazing ImageSense can be. The focus is sharp, the colors vibrant, and the contrast high. These rival many point-and-shoots in my opinion. Granted, these were probably shot by a pro under the best conditions, but they prove that the One series ups the ante significantly in the imaging department.

Check out the gallery after the break.

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Sony Exec on Quad-Core Devices: Maybe Next Year

While most folk feel that quad-core devices are the in thing this year, as made apparent at MWC this year by companies like HTC, Huawei, LG, and Toshiba, a few companies are holding off and sticking with the dual-core architecture. Sony, has made it clear that they are perfectly comfortable with it, at least until next year at the very earliest.  Stephen Sneeden, Product Marketing Manager for the company, had this to say:

“We’re going to join quad-core when we feel that the performance matches the battery efficiency. Because right now we don’t feel that is there. What we are going to be doing in the second-half of the year is moving to the Cortex A15 architecture, which we feel outperforms the current quad-core architecture.” 

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Android Robots Strut Their Stuff, Make Batman Jealous After Dancing With Batgirl


MWC was full of twists and surprises this week and the action below is no different. While taking a break from fighting crime, the Dark Knight and his female counterpart Batgirl took some time out to get down on the floor and jam to some music. A couple of suave Android robots jump in and start dancing as well. What happens next is nothing short of bold and awesome. The Android robots swoon Batgirl into dancing with them and leaves Batman in the dust, which prompts him to throw a small fit and separate her from the Android robots before any further shenanigans happened. Talk about Android being attractive… sheesh. Check out the comical video in its entirety below to see why the Android robots are the biggest studs at MWC.

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Google Airs Day 3 Recap Video from MWC’s Android Booth

Yesterday we showed you a couple of Google’s MWC recap videos that highlighted on just a few of the awesome things happening in the Android booth at this years Mobile World Congress. Just a couple hours ago, Google released day three’s recap video and it focuses on some of the more important aspects of Android and its path that is ultimately paving the way for our beloved operating system. Matias Duarte touches a bit on Android design and the cool looking UI wall they designed to give developers inspiration on the touch and visual experience for future ICS applications. You will also see developers discuss Android Beam, the benefits it already has and the endless possibilities for future development. Check it out. Pretty cool stuff.

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Samsung Makes Education Cool with the Learning Hub [Video Demo]

Some of you may already be familiar with Samsung’s various social and cloud “hubs” that are included on current Sammy tablets and smartphones. So far they have the Social, Music, Video, Reading, and Game Hubs but they are getting ready to add the new Learning Hub that was announced at MWC. I imagine you are wondering what the Learning Hub actually is and thanks to our friends at the Phone Arena, we now have a video demo from a Samsung specialist himself. Essentially you can watch a video lecture on one half of the screen while a text explanation is displayed on the other half. What’s cool about this idea is that you can use a stylus (or finger) to highlight or take notes on the text portion of the lecture. A very interactive way of learning indeed, and one that could change education for the better.

When the Learning Hub launches on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 LTE on launch, it will provide access to over 6,000 textbooks and videos spanning across 30 different publishers. As you probably already imagined, some of the content will be free but the majority will most likely come at a reasonable price. This isn’t a bad thing when talking about furthering one’s education. Jump past the break to see what the Learning Hub is all about.  Read more