PlayBook will ‘support Android apps’ – more evidence surfaces

The BlackBerry PlayBook is RIM’s entry into the tablet wars, and although it hasn’t been launched officially yet, rumors have been cooking online about the PlayBook being able to run Android apps, either natively or through some 3rd party type emulator. We’ve all heard these rumors, but now we have some audio caught on a MWC video with a PlayBook demo, where the employee at the booth showing the PlayBook states “we’ll also support Android apps” part way through.

Have a watch/listen below, the quote is heard at the 0:14 mark at the beginning of the video. No need to bother with the rest if you don’t want to as the demo is pretty weak otherwise. I wouldn’t get a PlayBook based on this demo personally.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Family images from MWC 2011


Here’s a good look at the whole Sony Ericsson Xperia family photos from MWC 2011. Look at how they interact with each other so nicely, without screaming and pulling each others hair, or wrestling over the last cookie in the cookie jar…ok, that’s another family reunion. Moving on.

For your viewing pleasure, here’s a nice gallery by Engadget on the family of devices launched from Sony Xperia line so far in 2011, giving you a good idea the size of each, and how well they’ll fit in your skinny 80’s metal jeans.

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New HTC devices launching on several UK carriers

After HTC had a HUGE day at MWC in Barcelona, we now have several UK carriers jumping on the HTC train. Three and O2 announced on their Twitter pages that they’ll be launching the HTC Desire S, while Orange and Vodafone will be adding the Desire S, Wildfire S and ChaCha (a facebook phone) in Q2 of this year.

Three in the UK will also be carrying the HTC Flyer tablet, and thus far is the only carrier to announce the launch. Surprising we haven’t heard anything from T-Mobile UK yet.

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Intivation Umeox Apollo Solar powered Android smartphone

The Umeox Apollo smartphone from Intivation is a fresh new look at how mobile technology can be fused with Green technology. This little device has a solar-powered back, built-in flashlight, and runs Android 2.2. All packed in this neat little body is 320×480 capacitive touchscreen in a 3.2 inch display (about the size of an HTC Magic/T-Mobile MyTouch), bluetooth 2.1, 3 megapixel camera on the rear, 3.5mm headphone jack, MicroSD support, 1GB storage, and 512MB RAM. Also, it’s only 100g weight. thats what you get when you take out those big batteries I guess.

Pretty nice looking device, and a cheap price! $100 is all you’ll need to grab one of these, but don’t expect it to be a super fast device, basic smartphone usage will be lots for it to handle.

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LG Optimus 3D scores high on Quadrant benchmark tests


We told you about the awesomeness of the LG Optimus 3D smartphone at WC earlier here, but look at what this badboy can do on a Quadrant benchmark! In the words of Joey from Blossom…”Whoa!” The LG Optimus 3D pulled down a 2958 for the crowd at MWC, which you can tell from the pic, is substantially more than other current devices on the market.

Power of the “dual everything”, now that’s impressive!

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What We’re Looking Forward To At MWC 2011

Well folks, it’s that time of year again.  CES has come and gone and Mobile World Congress is upon us.  Easily one of the biggest phonegasm meetings of the year, MWC promises an exceptional show for us.  With an expected attendance of 50,000 plus, it’s going to be elbow to elbow trying to report all of the mobile tech news coming out of that venue.  So, what Android goodness can we expect to see?  Here are a few things we’ll be keeping tabs on at the event:   Read more

Specs leaked for Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC Wildfire2, Desire2, Desire HD2

Just a couple more days until MWC 2011, where we’re sure to hear about the following devices launching, with full specs, maybe even prices too! Who wants to wait for that? Not us, so we grabbed these here spec sheets that got leaked by online mobile retailer Expansys, courtesy of Pocket-Lint screencaps. Pretty good list of devices here, even though the names may change at the official announcements.

Check out the leaked spec sheets below.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 may be 10inch with Honeycomb


Pocket-lint has a report that the new Samsung Galaxy Tab2 that we may hear something about at MWC on the 13th, will be in a 10 inch version of the popular tablet, rather than the 7 inch. This would pput it in direct competition with the other 10 inch tablets such as the Motorola Xoom, LG G-Slate, HP Touchpad and Apple iPad, which would be a bold move for Samsung to make.

The tablet is also rumored to be running Android 3.0 Honeycomb out of the box upon launch. Some have opinions as to the advantages for a 10 inch tablet versus a 7 inch, but it’s clear Samsung may be leaning towards the 10 inch being a more powerful device, maybe while keeping the 7inch a more mid-range spec’d tablet.We’ll see in a couple of days what Samsung is planning.

Stay Tuned!!

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Huawei IDEOS X3 and IDEOS S7 tablet revealed before MWC


Huawei has a couple more devices to show us that should be making their official appearances during the MWC conference next week on the 13th. The first is the Huawei IDEOS X3 smartphone. Looks to have a front and rear camera, back, search and menu buttons, and 4 different colors to choose from (red, black, silver and blue). This looks to be more of a mid-range Android device, when compared to the

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Sony Xperia Playstation Phone launching with Orange in UK


Looks like the rumor mill is flying online again regarding the Sony Playstation Phone. We haven’t really had any information on when or where this device will be launching, price points, or carriers. Mobile Today however speculates that the Sony Ericssopn Xperia PS Phone will be heading to the UK, specifically with Everything Everywhere, which supports Orange and T-Mobile products in the UK.

The Xperia Play has a 1GHz snapdragon processor, 512MB RAM, and Android 2.3. Also, the Sony Xperia Play is said to make its appearance, with possible launch details, at MWC 2011 next month. Hopefully we can get some more information on it that we know is concrete.

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