MediaMonkey for Android is coming soon

If you are a fan of MediaMonkey you will be happy to know that it is being developed for Android by fellow XDA forum member, BulletproofIdeal, to celebrate the upcoming release of the fourth version of the desktop client.

If you are not familiar with MediaMonkey here is how the wiki describes it:

MediaMonkey is a proprietary digital media player and media library application developed by Ventis Media Inc., for organizing and playing audio on Microsoft Windowsoperating systems. By using plugins, it can be extended to handle video and other media formats as well.

This is a work-in-progress beta, but it is well underway. Checkout the list of planned features after the break:

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Get AOSP sounds on your Sense device thanks to XDA

Love Sense, but miss the awesome ringtones / notifications that come with all those AOSP ROMs? Well, thanks to (as usual!) XDA, you can get yourself a nice, clean, flashable ZIP to get them back. According to the original thread:

Here is a flashable zip file of all the AOSP ringtones and notifications. I requested this to use on a sense rom (MikG v2.2) Thanks Preludedrew for making this for me!!!!! Hopefully all the sense users out there that are stuck with some pretty weak tones can find this useful. And always remember to DO A NANDROID BACKUP FIRST! I am not responsible for what happens to ANYBODYS phone!!!!!!!

So hit the original thread here, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

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Spotify has landed in the US – available now (video)


It’s finally here folks! Spotify, Europe’s awesome music streaming service with over 15 million songs n their catalog has launched in the US and sign ups are available right now for the Unlimited $5 or Premium $10 memberships. If you decide you want to go with the the free service, you’ll only get in with an invite right now as the free service in the US is in beta stages.

Spotify will allow you to stream music to your smartphone or desktop, with on-demand access, offline mode and social media integration as well. See here why we think you should get Spotify, and head over to the source link to check them out and sign up.

Video and Presser below.

Android 101.03: Managing Your Music/Your Phone as an MP3 Player

Now that you’ve learned how to transfer files from your computer to your phone via USB this next lesson will be a cinch. You’re sick of carrying both your dedicated MP3 player around and your phone, huh? Well this lesson here will narrow down your devices in your pocket to one. You know what’s even better? You have two ways about this that you can do: Hard memory or streaming. Hit the break to read more. Read more

Amazon Cloud Player now has unlimited storage for $20, iCloud who? limited offer

In the war of cloud services, Amazon is certainly leading the pack when it comes to storage , particularly with music storage. Sure we have Google Music coming to all soon, and Apple’s iCloud, as well as Spotify hitting the US soon, but Amazon has put themselves ahead of the game again by announcing that for a limited time, you can get unlimited storage for your music on Amazon Cloud Drive and play it anywhere with the Amazon loud Player for only $20 a year.

Songs purchased through Amazon will not count against the storage at all and you can load up .mp3 and .mp4 files. So if you’ve been waiting on which service to go for, this is as sweet a deal as anywhere, in fact, you wouldn’t even need to worry about buying extra MicroSD cards for your music now that it can all be loaded to Amazon. On top of all that, if you paid for more than the 20GB storage plan already prior to today, Amazon will pay you back the difference minus the $20 per year fee and grant you unlimited storage as well. Nice work!

Press Release below.

Amazon tablets launching in second half of 2011 – production limited


The Amazon tablet that we have been hearing about should still be making its way to the public in the second half of 2011 (which starts tomorrow – lol). The previously rumored tablets should have an initial order of 1.5 to 2 million units at launch according to a report by Digitimes, who also reports that their sources suggest the first launch in September. Touchscreen manufacturers fighting for the job to help build these include Wintek, HannStar Display and J Touch all based out of Taiwan.

There lies a wall ahead for the Amazon tablets however, which is meeting the demand of their initial order from manufacturers, as it appears most tablet manufacturing from hardware makers may be focused on Apple iPad 2 production (since they have 95% of the tablet market share). This could make the Amazon tablet launch a rocky road.

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Google Music Beta Rolling Out In Europe?

You didn’t think the US was going to have all the Google Music Beta fun for long did you?  We’re receiving reports that various parts of Europe are starting to receive the Music Beta goodness too.  It looks like lucky owners of the Nexus S running Android 2.3.4 in the UK were able to install the application without an issue.  We’re being told that the device allegedly prompted to self-install on the smartphone all on its own.  If you’re a fellow UK’er and you’ve managed to snag the install successfully, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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Jamendo Player For Android, Available For Download In The Market (Video)

Jamendo Player is one of the latest players to hit the market and offers a few nice extras as well.  The app is dubbed the largest Creative Commons-licensed music catalog around and offers content discovery from works of independent artists all over the world.  Search for any and all content related to your favorite artist and create a playlists for continuous playback as well.  The player has a nice, clean and crisp UI offering you an extreme interactive experience.  Best thing about the app is, it’s all free, legal & unlimited!, says  Hit the break to check out some screen shots and a video of the app in action.  The video is of version 1.0 but you can get a basic feel for the UI and how interactive the application really is just as well.   Read more

mSpot for Android available – Radio Spotter beta music in the cloud

mSpot has updated their Android app to version, which brings the new ‘Radio Spotter’ beta music functionailty, allowing you to match songs in your device to similar music, something like Pandora or does. This is a little more tuned to your Android device through the mSpot App, which is free by the way. You get 5GB of online storage for Free, and are welcome to upgrade to 40GB for $3.99 per month for larger collections.

The mSpot app will provide you internet radio stations, streaming capabilities for all your devices including android, web-based TV, computers and tablets. You can choose to stream music, save it to storage, or even cache music in case you’re on the go where you may not have network connectivity. Lyrics databases are available to make sure you sing along correctly, equalizer and lock screen widget as well, making this a pretty sweet offering for a free cloud streaming app.


Press Release and video walkthrough below.

Miro 4 released – will sync tunes to your Android device – and it’s free


Similar to what Winamp can do for syncing your local tunage to your Android device, Miro 4 has launched, and is on a mission to take over your computers ability to sync music and video to your Android devices. Just looking at the interface is almost enough for me to want to use it over Winamp, I mean, just look at it. It looks super sexy! It’s got the iTunes look and feel, yet it’s an open source project, which many of us love to support as much as we can.

Now to the functionality…Miro has done a great job putting together some 30 second videos to brainwash convince you to at least try Miro 4 with Android, some of which the features are as follows;

  1. Works with your current music library
  2. Converts and syncs to Android
  3. Buy Music and Apps inside Miro
  4. Download and play almost any video
  5. Convert any video
  6. Share Your Media on your Network
  7. Open-source – don’t lock yourself in!
  8. Ultra-fast torrent downloading
  9. Miro is a simple, beautiful, unified way to download, organize, and watch videos and listen to music. And it’s totally free

miro4 sync

Miro 4 is available for PC, Mac, and Linux. It’s Free, and if other partners start helping this project along (Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.) it may actually take off. That said, it sort of conflicts with what they are already trying to do with cloud storage and sales.

Download it here.

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