app on Android gives streaming music on the go

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If you’re the type of person to love music, but you can’t stand the cookie cutter tunes your local radio station plays on regular rotation, mobile app may be just what you’re looking for on the go. You’ll get streams from top DJ’s from around the world, genre tab for quick selections, audio skip by seconds, and search for favorites as well. This app is EUR 2.99 in the Android Market now. Also, they’re launching a Premium app subscription service in Q2 2011. No charge has been announced yet for that.

The service will give you unlimited listening for the first 90 days, then 5 hours per month. Also something to keep in mind is your carriers data plan. It could go up using this service, so user beware. Unlimited data users need not worry. qr

Android market Link

Click here to watch an introduction video for

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Thanks to Customer Feedback, Update Brings Improvements to RealPlayer for Android

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RealPlayer for Android made its appearance mid-last-year, and RealNetworks has been soliciting feedback from users from day one, and have really been listening to your suggestions. Today they announced an updated version of their media player app, taking their updates largely from your input. The updated version brings the folllowing changes to the table:

  • A redesigned home screen
  • A widget allowing playback from the home screen
  • Enhanced graphics
  • A feature for videos and song removal
  • An improved way to select directories for music, videos and photos
  • Landscape mode for music playback
  • Music playback by directory folder
  • A quick way to hide video status bar
  • A selection for video aspect ratio
  • Removal of the roulette wheel
  • Support for music playlists playback

If you have downloaded the RealPlayer app, be sure you pick up the update. And if you’re looking for a good media player app, give RealPlayer a try. Either way, let us know what you think of it.

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“Touch To Shazam And Then Play In Spotify” Partnership Announced

by Joe Sirianni on
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Shazam and Spotify have recently announced their new killer partnership for the Android platform.  Now, Android fan boys and girls can enjoy the best of both worlds, by having your cake and being able to eat it too.  Ahh shucks, throw some icing on that bad boy while you’re at it!  When users hear a song in Shazam and tag it, they will now be able to hit an option labeled “Play in Spotify”.  The app will then transfer you to the Spotify application where you can know the track that is playing and learn more about the artist, while listening to the full length of the song.  Here’s a quote from the release below: » Read the rest

Vevo Now Available In The Android Market

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We’ve got some fantastic news for all of you music lovers who have been waiting for a unique music experience on the Android platform.  Vevo, one of the worlds leading premium music entertainment providers has released their Android application for devices with firmware 2.1 and higher.  The app has a few custom features tailored just for Android, like voice searches to find a song or an artist quickly.  Obviously, Vevo allows you to stream music videos, but also adds functionality for searching charts about top artists and songs, as well as creating custom playlists.   So, if you’re bored searching through YouTube to find your favorite video, then head on over to our apps database via the source link or check it out on the Android Market.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think about the app in the comments below.

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Asteroid car receiver by Parrot brings Android, apps to your car dashboard

by Dustin Karnes on
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Remember Parrot, and all the A.R. Drone stuff they brought to the world awhile back? Well, it looks like they’re back, and they’re bringing some Android goodness along with them. The company has come out with a new car receiver, with Android baked right in. Granted, the OS is largely modified and apps have been changed to fit to the 3.2 inch screen, but it’s Google’s OS nonetheless. The device also comes with a jog wheel, back button, and menu button for controls.

Along with all this, the in-dash device also has inputs for USB iPhone docking (how ironic), USB storage, 3G modem, GPS dongle, SD card slot, and a microphone. Parrot says they’ll be launching in major European markets in Q1, and a US version in Q2. There still is no word on pricing.

Be sure to hit the break for a gallery of pics from engadget, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Tune Pop will show you song information automatically

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XDA member rbtconsultants has developed the perfect way to interrupt yourself when you’re trying to surf the web, or text a friend, or follow driving instructions…kidding. The app is a neat idea, and its called Tune Pop. When you’re around any music playing, your Android device will pop up a little info bubble about the song name and artist so you can be the first to know what the heck that crazy song is the DJ started playing at the club.

This app is free, and also has a Pro version for $.99 USD. Advanced preferences in the Pro version include how often you’d like to see the pop up during songs, text sizes for the pop up, pop up shape, and the pop up position on your display such as center, bottom, or top of the screen. The App also includes a ticker if you’d like it to appear at all times.

Scan the QR

tunepop QR

Android Market Link

If you like this app and would like to give some feedback to the developer, follow this thread.

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Cowon D3 Plenue is an Android 2.1 based portable media player, looks pretty slick

by Dustin Karnes on
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We got an email this morning about a new Android-based PMP, the first one running Android 2.1. Granted, it doesn’t look like it’s anywhere near stateside from the shots we’ve seen, but that doesn’t keep it from looking pretty awesome. According to the article sent to us, the Cowon D3 Plenue has:

  • Android 2.1
  • 800×480 3.7 inch AMOLED Display
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • WLAN 802.11 b/g
  • gravity sensor
  • vibration feedback
  • terrestrial DMB
  • FM Radio
  • E-Book
  • Photo Album
  • vocabulary
  • Twitter
  • More applications

The D3 Plenue will come in black and purple, with capacities of 8, 16, and 32 GB, along with a MicroSD expansion slot to rock your tune capabilities even further. Be sure to hit the break for a full gallery of pics, and let us know what you think in the comments. Cheers, Erik!

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Download: Leaked Android Honeycomb default music player app, with complete UI overhaul

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Want a sneak peek at some Honeycomb goodness? Of course you do! And now, thanks to xda member johnnie93, you can have some. It looks like good ol’ Johnnie managed to yoink the default music app for Android’s yet-to-be-released Honeycomb iteration, and wants to share his wealth. The UI is smooth and slick on this author’s Evo, and the entire experience is pretty smooth. Remember, though… it’s not 100% functional, and has a tendency to force close. The great news here? You don’t even have to be rooted to install the app. Simply:

  • download the .apk
  • put the .apk on your sd card
  • use a file explorer to navigate to the .apk, tap and install

And that’s it! Be sure to hit the break for the download link, as well as to check out a gallery of screenshots, and tell us what you think in the comments!

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WinAmp for Android Leaves Beta, Goes Official

by Michael Murphy on
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WinAmp for Android is leaving beta and going 1.0. Checking the market, it still looks beta, so perhaps the update has just been “announced” and being rolled out but not completely ready to go yet. Those of you using the WinAmp beta will likely be happy for the update, and if you haven’t tried it yet and are still using the default media player — you should really check it out, it’s a fine, free music player. And it allows syncing with WinAmp on your computer via wifi, which is quite handy. Full list of features includes:

  • Wireless Desktop SyncIn addition to the standard USB sync, Winamp for Android offers Wi-Fi sync with the Winamp desktop client.
  • iTunes Library – A stand-out feature of the WAFA app is the ability it affords users to import all music and playlists from iTunes.
  • Mobile Media Library – WAFA is a complete Android media management solution that seamlessly updates a user’s music library when changes are made either on the device or the desktop
  • SHOUTcast Radio – Users can access one of the world’s largest radio directories; browse by genre; bookmark favorite directory listings, and view recent listening history
  • Persistent Player Controls – Always available controls allow users to quickly pause, change tracks, manage play queue and gracefully navigate through the application.
  • Widget Players & Shortcuts – Users can add playlist shortcuts along with a functional widget player to the Android home screen and also directly control playback from the lock-screen.
  • Now Playing – This feature displays song info, album art, artist bios, photos and discography. Users can press and hold on the track info to interact with other related apps installed on their phone like Pandora, YouTube and the Amazon MP3 store.
  • Scrobbling WAFA supports scrobbling with the app when both are installed, capturing users’ mobile listening history in real time.
  • Ongoing innovation of WAFA will include the addition of new features and upgrades over time, including Podcast support, tablet support and more.

Presser after the break. Be sure to check out WinAmp for Android here.

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Open Handset Alliance adds VisualOn to team in time for Gingerbread

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VisualOn, a company that specializes in bringing rich mutimedia experiences to handsets, has just joined the Open Handset Alliance. Just in time, too, with Gingerbread poking its head out over the horizon. The company will now start contributing to Android with the new release, and we can start looking forward to a new and better slew of features in the area of music and video, streaming, mobile TV and more.

VisualOn’s Android solution comes courtesy of VOME (VisualOn Media Engine), an “OpenMAX compliant media framework that is capable of working directly with hardware and/or software multimedia components.”

We can also expect faster market releases with the new partnership. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

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