Rooted devices are blocked from Android Market movie rentals; Is Google closing the door on “Open”?

It looks like Google is blocking rooted devices from the new Android Market movie rental service. Google is claiming the reason is due to requirements related to copy protection.

Rooting is all about the “openness” of Android. I am not going to go into a rant on Google closing the door on “open” because we don’t know enough. I just can’t imagine that Google came up with this on their own. There has to be something with the movie studios. Yes, Netflix is working on jailbroken IPhones, but that is a different platform.

We also know that Google Music is not what Google wanted it to be. They wanted to be able to sell music on top of cloud services, but they were unable to get deals done with the labels. Could this be one of the issues with the music industry as well?

It is also likely that the developer community will figure a way around this anyway. Stay tuned, we will let you know more as it develops.

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Amazon will accept electronics for Trade-In – get cash for that old G1

Still have that T-Mobile G1 or HTC Magic kicking around? Is it collecting dust and you’ve never really had a reason to dump it? You may now as Amazon will take your old electronics and give you credit towards anything on Amazon for your old digital junk. BGR had a chance to test out, and although it’s not going to make you a rich person or anything, its still not bad to get even more savings from Amazon than have that old Android sit and feel useless.

Paul Ryder, VP of electronics at Amazon states;

We want to give customers the opportunity to get great value from their used electronics, Hundreds of thousands of customers have already received millions of dollars in gift cards from the other products in our program. The Electronics category is a natural extension and we are delighted to offer our customers more trade-in options.

Whether you’ll get more money out of Amazon then you would from say T-Mobile’s trade-up program is hard to say, but it’s another option at the very least right?

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Now available from Slacker, Premium Service for $9.99 per month

I’ve always enjoyed Slacker radio over the other top steaming services out there. It just works for me well. And with todays information, they’ve just improved the service to exceed all others. Today Slacker has announced a third tier to its pay-per-month streaming service, called Slacker Premium Radio. This new subscription can now be purchased for $9.99/mo. Signing up for Slacker Premium Radio gives you all the perks of the $3.99/mo Slacker Radio Plus, no banner or audio ads. In addition, you’ll get the ability to play songs and full albums from the artist of your choice. Any song at any time, will be available for listening. Create custom playlists with every song you want to hear, and the ability to store those playlists on your sd card and listen offline! Unlimited song skipping, lyrics and more.
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Always Know The Words To That Tune With Lyrics App For Android

Ever heard a song and just wanted to quickly find the lyrics?  Lyrics App for Android has got you covered.  Sure, you could use Shazam, but we just want the lyrics here, nothing else.  With Shazam, you’ve got about a 50% chance of getting the lyrics to any song anyway.  It’s basically hit or miss.  Lyrics App for android is just one of those apps that work without having to dig deep into the science of it all.  While you have a song playing on your device, run the app and be amazed at how lyrics for the song just instantly appear. It’s instant gratification when trying to clarify a word being said by the artist.  At the very least, this would be a great companion for Shazam.

No more need to manually search for lyrics.  Displays lyrics for currently playing song. When music is playing, adds icon on status bar for easy lyrics access.

Ready for the download?  Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.  Hit the break for more info from the developer and to snag the download links.  
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Chief Announcements From Google I/O Keynote: Ice Cream Sandwich, Updates to Honeycomb, USB Host Support, Movie Rentals, Music, and a Commitment to Updates

Yummy little guy, isn’t he? Sadly, while TalkAndroid wasn’t able to attend Google I/O (stupid day-jobs!), we’re watching the coverage closely, and there’s some interesting stuff coming out of the keynote already!

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Pandora: Comedy added, new genre of streaming media


Pandora is a great service for the music lover. I use it on a regular basis myself. As a member you can choose their free or paid service. Well the automated music recommendation service has taken steps to add comedy to its service. No longer will you only find music on the web based version or the Android app. Now you can search for your favorite comedians, and stream hilarious, knee slapping jokes to tickle your funny bone.

Hit the jump for the press release.

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Is Amazon launching their own Android tablet this summer?


GDGT’s founder Peter Rojas believes Amazon could be the next run at Apple’s tablet market domination. The article makes good insight and a great argument how Amazon is positioned strategically to take Apple on in a mixed business plan containing many things that may appeal to consumers more than what Apple is currently offering. The first thing for Amazon to do to bring their products directly into the hands of everyone…release their own tablet device.

Rumor has it that Samsung will be the manufacturer of the Amazon tablet (as you could judge by the pic above). This is what Peter Rojas had stated;

It’s something of an open secret that Amazon is working on an Android tablet and I am 99 percent certain they are having Samsung build one for them.

Once Amazon has a cheap (under $300) tablet, they can customize it to deliver all they have to offer including streaming music, movies, downloadable music, movies, books, games, and Android apps. Since most already have an Amazon account, the transition would be painless for many consumers. Things Apple doesn’t have in that mix include streaming music movie service, pay per play movies, tv episodes. Amazon has a premium service which allows you to get 2 day free shipping for products as well as unlimited streaming of over 5,000 movies and tv episodes called Amazon Prime, which only costs $80 a year. That’s cheaper than Netflix.

This is all rumor currently, and neither Amazon nor Samsung have yet commented on this story, but we’re sure we’ll hear something very soon.

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Google Negotiations With Music Labels Are “Broken”

In an ongoing effort to launch a reputable and effective music service with the blessings of most major record labels, it looks like Google is at a stand still.  Negotiations with the record labels seems to be moving “backwards” as one reputable blog puts it.  Peter Kafko of MediaMemo states it this way:

But others contended that Google has changed its terms in the past few weeks and that has held up negotiations.

With Amazon having just launched their cloud based service, Cloud Drive, Google is in a bit of a time crunch.  If Google can’t officially score a deal here with record labels, then it’s possible we could see the search giant launch its own cloud based music service much like Amazon’s, one where users can just upload their own music and stream it from several avenues.  That’s not Google’s ultimate goal, as revenue would be less than par compared to a subscription based service like iTunes.  But, I guess something is better than nothing right?  Only time will tell, but stay tuned because you’ll catch it all here on Talk Android.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Sprint unveils Music Plus – get your music fix, if you like RealNetworks

Sprint always seems to be coming out with new, semi-cool, carrier-billable services, and today is no exception. The carrier has released “Music Plus”, a new service that runs off of the RealNetworks back end and is available on Android and Blackberry handsets.

The service provides access to singles, albums, ringtones and ringback tones. They all come in DRM-free, and th app also doubles as a media management too, where you can store your playlists and get recommendations on new media. There is also talk that you can save by bundling your tracks when you buy.

Be sure to check it out by scanning the QR code below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Head in the Cloud: Music 2 of 3 – Rdio Review

Anyone who hasn’t been residing under a large rock in the middle of the Gobi Desert can see that technology has been shifting more and more in a mobile direction. As a result of this, storage (media and otherwise) has been taking a different direction than that of several years ago, in that while most storage is still physically stored on devices, it’s becoming more and more common to see storage and media available via servers. This storage has become commonly referred to as “the cloud,” which has become a sort of geek catch phrase that I’m sure many non-techie people have puzzled over. Well, TalkAndroid is here to help you understand this technology and, whats more, incorporate it into your life.

One area where cloud-based technology has been progressing is music. Several apps offering this type of service are available in the Market and we’ll be covering three of the most popular. Yesterday, we covered MOG and today we’ll be reviewing Rdio. How will it fair? Read on to find out!

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