Google to launch a family plan for Play Music tomorrow


Tomorrow will be quite the day for Google as it will be announcing the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, a new Chromecast, and possibly additional hardware. Software, too, will receive attention as Android 6.0 Marshmallow will be showcased and a new version of the Chromecast app will debut. And now it looks like Play Music is going to be joining the party at Google’s event as Android Police reports that a family plan for the music streaming service is on the way as well.

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TuneIn announces premium subscription with tons of ad-free radio stations and content

tunein premium subscriptionTuneIn has announced a new premium subscription option for listeners that includes a ton of content that should appeal to just about everyone. The subscription includes 600 commercial free music stations, access to over 40,000 audiobooks, play-by-play coverage of all Major League Baseball games and Barclays Premier League and Bundesliga matches, and 16 language learning stations. This makes for a pretty compelling option for someone that’s looking for more than just on-demand music streaming. Read more

Facebook denies reports of a music streaming service plans


Earlier this month, we came across reports claiming that Facebook was planning to launch a digital music-streaming service to take on the existing players in this domain such as, Spotify and Apple Music. However, in a statement issued to The Verge, the social networking giant has squashed such reports, saying that it isn’t building a music streaming service. Read more

Spotify’s pricing not sitting still after Apple Music announcement


The biggest announcement to come out of Apple’s WWDC 2015 keynote was the debut of Apple Music, a new music streaming service with various elements that will be available on Android. The pricing, considering what Apple Music offers, is very good. A single person can use Apple Music for $9.99 per month while $14.99 per month supports up to six people. Spotify and some of the other services facing Apple, though, do not even compare when it comes to the family plan price.

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Rdio introduces new Select streaming plan, includes enhanced radio and limited offline playback

rdio selectRdio has announced a new tier in their streaming subscription offerings called Rdio Select. This plan runs just $3.99 per month, making it one of the most affordable music streaming options available. It’s not as fully featured as something like a Spotify or Google All-Access subscription, but depending on your listening habits it might work for you.

The sub gives you enhanced radio streaming options, including endless radio playback based on any artist, song, genre, etc., plus a personalized radio station with no skip limits and no ads. Not bad for four bucks. You’ll also be able to stream music at a very high 320 kbps bitrate, which is fantastic for those of you that are bothered by low quality audio. Read more

Pandora launches Artist Audio Messaging, Lenny Kravitz among the pilot users


Forget about receiving a tweet from your favorite artists because some of them will soon be sending messages over Pandora. The service announced on Thursday a new feature called Artist Audio Messaging which allows artists to send personalized messages to listeners around the world. Pandora notes that the possible messages shared with listeners, aside from random voice recordings, are tour announcements, new album releases, and crowd-funding campaigns.

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Rdio slashes family plan prices in wake of Spotify’s new family pricing


Rdio announced yesterday that it would be cutting the pricing of its Family Plans in the wake of Spotify’s new family plan pricing. While Rdio has always had family plans, the company is dropping prices and they now start at $14.99 per month. For those who don’t know. Spotify started at $14.99 per month for two users. With yesterday’s announcement Rdio is following suit.

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YouTube may launch music service with ad-supported and paid versions

YouTube_music_service_concept_logoYouTube’s music service has become the topic of many rumors lately, with some sources claiming the service is very close to launching. We still haven’t heard anything concrete, but YouTube’s Susan Wojcicki discussed what’s happening with the service with Re/code to shed some light on what we’ve been hearing.

According to Wojcicki, the service is still in the early stages, which means it might not be available as quickly as we’d thought. YouTube is still exploring how to best create a music service to compete with other subscription models like Spotify or Pandora. One of the options she mentioned was an ad-free service, similar to Google’s own All-Access. Read more

Verizon launches Slacker Radio Tones for custom ringtones and ringback tones


Apparently there are people out there willing to pay for a very unique way to get ringtones and ringback tones. On Thursday, Verizon launched Slacker Radio Tones with the popular music streaming service. For $2 per month, Slacker Radio Tones gives Verizon customers access to its music and stations. Ringtones work with whatever a user selects or assigns to a specific contact. The ringback tones, though, can operate with a station offered by Slacker. This keeps your incoming callers entertained while generously waiting for you to pick up the phone.

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