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Giveaway: Win free access to Poweramp 3.0 from Talk Android!


Anyone with an Android device from back in the day knows Poweramp, the music player that has been around for years and served millions of people worldwide. To this day, over 2 million people are still using Poweramp. It simply remains the very best music player for Android devices because of the features standing unmatched by the competition. Poweramp plays all of your music in a custom layout with controls that are deep as possible.

If you want to try out the service for yourself, Poweramp’s $3.99 price tag is preceded by a 15-day free trial; however, the developers of Poweramp are gladly giving 20 lucky Talk Android readers free access to the latest version.

That’s right… We’re hosting a giveaway for free access to Poweramp 3.0!

Hit the break to enter.

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SoundCloud Go shows up (very late) to the music streaming fight


Music streaming isn’t the easiest business to be successful in. There are just too many services on the market and they’re not doing all that much to stand out. So, if you’re not already established like Spotify or have deep pockets like Apple, it’s going to be very difficult to bring in subscribers and generate substantial revenue. Yet SoundCloud believes it found an opening to peel customers away from existing subscriptions, getting them to instead spend monthly on SoundCloud Go.

This music streaming service, which SoundCloud refers to as “the next significant step” in its evolution, is a very late arrival to the fight. SoundCloud Go offers unlimited ad-free streaming, offline listening, and songs from emerging and well-known artists. Sound familiar? That’s because its competitors have been offering the same stuff for a lot longer.

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Google Cloud Platform to handle Spotify’s infrastructure

Spotify new color

Any service is only as good as the infrastructure backing it. Spotify’s infrastructure has long been handled by a purchased or leased data centers, server hardware, and networking equipment to ensure its millions of customers get a quality experience. Now the company feels it’s time to switch over to a dedicated all-in-one solution, and Google is the perfect company to handle what Spotify needs. Spotify and Google have entered a partnership to move the music streaming service’s infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform.

“This is a big deal,” according to Spotify.

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Kanye West’s new album is a Tidal exclusive, but that won’t save it


If you’ve been anywhere close to Twitter over the last few days, you know all attention has been on Kanye West and his new album. The album, The Life of Pablo, became available through music streaming service Tidal on Sunday, which unsurprisingly angered those who prefer to get their music legally. Tidal is subscription-based, meaning Kanye’s fans and anyone else wanting to listen to the album would be forced to sign up for the service owned by Jay Z.

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