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Samsung to release Music Hub service to other devices and countries

After Samsung acquired mSpot in 2012, they revamped the music locker service and released it as Music Hub on the Galaxy S III. Up to this point, Music Hub has been exclusive to the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy Note II, but Samsung is reportedly planning to release the application to more devices, as well as to devices outside of the US. Older Samsung devices will get the honors of being first in line, and other non-Samsung devices will receive it afterwards. No word on exactly when this is happening, but with the success Samsung is having, I can’t imagine it’s going to take too much longer.

source: Sammy Hub

Samsung Music Hub exclusively for the GSIII

Samsung is just full of announcements today, having just stated the delay of the pebble blue GSIII. Now Sammy has some good news with the official announcement of their “Music Hub” that will initially be available exclusively for the GSIII. Music lovers will be able to have access to over 19 million songs for purchase along with free 30 second previews of each song and a web-based interface for listening and purchasing at It sounds very similar to what is currently offered by competitors now so we will have to see if Sammy will be adding any distinct flavors to separate themselves from the pack. Check out the full presser below for more details. Read more

Samsung Brings Free Scan-and-Match Feature to Its Music Hub Subscription Service

In the wake of the official announcement and unveiling of the Galaxy S III there have been some other announcements made by Samsung that you should take interest in. For instance Samsung also announced that it will be bringing a Scan-and-Match feature to its Music Hub Subscription service. Similar to iTunes Match, this service will scan your hard drive for any and all music and if it matches a song from Samsung’s library in the cloud it will be accessible to you via the cloud. However there is one key difference between this feature and iTunes Match; Samsung’s feature is free where iTunes is a $24.99 per year charge.

Music Hub costs $9.99/month for one smart phone or tablet or $12.99/month for the ability to access the service from up to four devices and the web. One could argue that it’s not actually free as you have to pay the monthly fee but it’s important to note that there isn’t an additional cost for this feature. As the subscription service contains over 17 million tracks this Scan-and-Match feature sounds pretty good. The music service and this feature are available on any Galaxy S II or newer device, the Smart TV, Galaxy Tab, Smart Blu-ray player, smart home theatre systems or even through the good ol’ internet from your favorite browser. So if you are a user of Samsung’s Music Hub service you can expect to see this feature real shortly if not already. If you missed the full S III event and would love to see it then you’re in luck as we have it here for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!