Google Play Services sees update to version 4.1 with several new features


Google has updated their core Play Services to version 4.1 which includes a handful of nifty new features. They’ve added in turn-based multiplayer for Google Play games with support for up to 8 players and a new transition splash screen for when games ask to connect to Google Play. Developers will also now have access to a Google Drive API which they can use to allow apps to read and write files saved to Google Drive so apps and programs can remain synchronized across devices. That’s something that will definitely take the headache out of switching devices in the future.

There are also some minor tweaks, including updates to Google’s Mobile Ads SDK and improved Google+ integration. Nothing major in this update, but there are enough cool new tricks to stay interesting. Like all of Google’s new updates, this Play Services update will likely roll out over the next few weeks to your devices.

source: Android Developers Blog

EA announces unique twist for cross-platform gameplay in Need for Speed: Rivals


At E3 2013 today, EA announced a unique twist on cross-platform support for a new chapter coming out in their Need for Speed series. Most people probably think cross-platform multiplayer support means being able to participate in the actual gameplay. For Need for Speed: Rivals, EA is including a unique feature that will enable tablet users to interact with the game and impact what is going on by acting as a virtual “spotter” for other players. As an example, users could call in support to the help the cops chasing a player. Read more

PBA Bowling Challenge adds multiplayer support thanks to Google Play’s game service


Concrete Software wasted no time incorporating Google’s new gaming service into their title PBA Bowling Challenge. Multiplayer support was a function users had been requesting for the highly rated game and the new game service enabled Concreate to quickly incorporate that feature into their title. Concrete’s decision to take advantage of the new game service may be a harbinger of how Google’s game service will serve both players and developers. According to Keith Pichelman, CEO of Concrete Software: Read more

ErnCon multi-player public beta arrives in Android Market

Woo Games, the developer behind the 4.5 star rated FRG Deluxe is back with another quality multi-player game for you Android gamers to sink your teeth into.

ErnCon is a fast and furious space shooter that sees you battle with up to seven human opponents in a free-for-all deathmatch format. Picture if you will, Asteroids combined with Quake Arena and you’ll get an idea of what to expect. The game is multi-player only (via both 3G and WiFi) whilst in beta, however Woo Games promises that an extensive single-player mode is in the works and will arrive post beta.

Remember folks, ErnCon is currently in public beta so be sure to get in touch with the developer with feedback and info on bugs etc.

The game is available to download from the Android Market right now. Check out the video below and hit the link to get downloading, those spaceships won’t shoot themselves!


YouTube Preview Image


Market Link


Shadowgun: Deadzone Announced, Brings Shadowgun Multiplayer Goodness to Android

Nvidia made some pretty big announcements today. For example, the 7-inch Transformer Prime tablet, or the fact that ICS is available for the 10.1-inch Transformer Prime today (seriously, download it now). Well that doesn’t mean that the news has stopped as Nvidia and Madfinger Games announced Shadowgun: Deadzone. Excited yet? No? Well, Deadzone is slated to bring multiplayer awesomeness to your mobile device. Imagine, playing console quality multiplayer action on your Nvidia Tegra 3 tablet. As the Madfinger team puts it:

“Each of us loves multiplayer games such as Battlefield or Modern Warfare 3, and we wanted to bring that same console gaming experience to mobile devices.”

The game is set to release quarter one of this year and sadly will be debuted exclusively on Tegra-3 devices. You can challenge up to seven friends in four different environments. There will be several game modes that include, deathmatch, team deathmatch and so on. Deadzone will also bring new control elements like sprint and roll, wider arsenals with the ability to be upgraded based on character’s rankings and it will support the use of game pads and voice chat.

So there you have it, if  you are looking for multiplayer goodness on your Tegra 3 device then you’ll only have to wait a little bit longer. If you aren’t excited yet then maybe you should check out the video of Shadowgun optimized for Tegra 3 here. Otherwise, hit the press release below to get the full details.  Read more

Cross-Platform Multiplayer, Part 1: Where Are We Now?

The smartphone market is actually getting a glimpse of something that the console gaming world has yet to see: cross-platform multiplayer games.  This concept of Android users playing games against iPhone users is still in its infancy, but it is out there.  And we’re not talking about who has the highest score on Angry Birds, but rather straight-up head-to-head gaming.  There are only a few games that we’ve found so far, and we’ll happily highlight them for you here.  In another article at a later time, we will examine the big picture and evaluate the likely future of cross-platform gaming.  But for now, let’s take a look at the current landscape.

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Set up profiles in Angry Birds with Angry Aviary

Are you tired of people messing with your oh-so-perfect scores in Angry Birds? If so, then you might want to take a look at Angry Aviary. A once root-only application, this app will allow you to swap Angry Birds profiles on the fly, so now you and another player won’t have to be on completely separate phones to keep track of who’s better than who. I know this app will be great for me and my daughter, as she loves to play Angry Birds on my phone, and doesn’t always *ahem* aim so well.

Be sure to scan the QR code below or click on the market link from your mobile device to get Angry Aviary on you phone now, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

Market Link

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Croquet for Android now available

Croquet for Android

No need to go digging for that Croquet set buried deep inside your shed or garage. There’s a new game that’s hitting the Android Market called simply Croquet.

Some of the key features in Croquet include multi-player support, accurate court dimensions, 3D graphics to play in, and Realistic gameplay physics. These features combined with a challenging play action, make this a decent game for Android devices, and we imagine even better on an Android Tablet.

Search for “Croquet” in the Android Market to download.

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TalkAndroid visits OpenFeint HQ

In case you don’t know, OpenFeint the popular social gaming network for iOS is now on Android. With 38 million iOS users, the OpenFeint team has big plans for the Android version.

For those who don’t know, I flew out to San Francisco to sit down with not only OpenFeint CEO Jason Citron, but also members of their marketing and engineering team to discuss their plans for OpenFeint on Android and what their plans for it entail.

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