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Australia Finally Gains Access to Movie Rentals Through the Google Play Store and YouTube

Great news for you Aussie folks! Google Australia’s blog recently announced the availability of movies for rent through the Google Play Store and even YouTube. Previously this option wasn’t available to Australian Android users but as of yesterday they now have access to thousands of movies from both U.S. movie studios and Australian studios alike. Rental pricing starts at $3.99 for standard definition titles and $4.99 for High-def movies. New release flicks are going to cost a buck more for both the standard and HD versions of the movie. Once you click on that “rent” button you will have 30 days to begin watching your rental and once it has begun you only get 48 hours to complete your selection. To check out the titles that are available go ahead and visit both the Play Store and YouTube.

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Google Movie rentals are now live in the U.K.

U.K. owners have been out of luck for Google Movie rentals as its only been available in the U.S. and Canada, but today you’re in luck. You can now head into the market and start renting movies.  A few weeks ago Google Books was launched so Google continues to show some love to our friends in the U.K.

You will need the Google Videos app to play your rentals so be sure to hit the link or QR code below to download.

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Google Videos now working on Android 2.2 and higher

Google Videos was originally launched on the Motorola XOOM back in May, and is has finely become available to a lot more people. If you are rocking Android 2.2 (Froyo) or higher, you can head over to the Market and install it.

Google Videos is the official player for all Android Market movie rentals. There are thousands of movie titles that you can begin watching instantly, or if you know that you won’t be data connected, you can make them available for offline use.

It will also offer you access to your personal video collection including those awesome movies you took with your tablet or phone camera.

Hit the source link to download or scan the QR code.

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Netflix updates Android app – Works on new phones now

This morning we reported that Netflix was now available on 24 phones. It was listed on the app page, but there wasn’t an update, so we assumed that it would not be necessary. Apparently they either forgot to update it, or somebody jumped ahead and put the information in too soon.

Either way, head over to the market and get the update, I promise this time it will work.

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You can now Play, Watch, and Read with the new Android Market [Video]

A brand new Android Market is coming to your phone very soon and it is a major upgrade. The new Market client will feature an improved UI and will be designed to better showcase top apps and games. To make it easier for users to find fresh content, Google has added their app lists right to the Apps and Games home pages. Users can now quickly flip through these lists by swiping right or left. The lists include Top Paid, Top Free, Top Grossing, Top New Paid, Top New Free, and Trending. They will also be country specific.

You will also find changes to the app details page. The app name and price has been moved to a compact action bar at the top of the page. Directly below, users will be able to swipe through screen shots, flipping right or left, or they can continue down to the app’s description, what’s new, reviews, and more.

The other big news is movies and books will now be available in the U.S. You will be able to rent movies for as little as $1.99, and be able to watch them immediately, or save them to watch offline when you don’t have a data connection. There will be over 3 million books that you can purchase and read immediately. Google plans to offer movies and books outside of the U.S. soon.

Hit the break for the video showing it all off.

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Google movie rentals may be coming to phones soon [Video]

Google showed off their movie rental service back in May at I/O, but only launched it for the XOOM. It was originally supposed to be for Honeycomb 3.1 devices, but non of the other Honeycomb 3.1 devices have access to it.

We do have an interesting development as some people saw the application in the Android Market briefly last night and were able to download it. Looks like they may be making this a widespread application soon. Of course, it will only be available for non rooted devices. No word on availability, but we will let you know as soon as we hear more. Check out the video of it running on a Nexus S after the break.

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Rooted devices are blocked from Android Market movie rentals; Is Google closing the door on “Open”?

It looks like Google is blocking rooted devices from the new Android Market movie rental service. Google is claiming the reason is due to requirements related to copy protection.

Rooting is all about the “openness” of Android. I am not going to go into a rant on Google closing the door on “open” because we don’t know enough. I just can’t imagine that Google came up with this on their own. There has to be something with the movie studios. Yes, Netflix is working on jailbroken IPhones, but that is a different platform.

We also know that Google Music is not what Google wanted it to be. They wanted to be able to sell music on top of cloud services, but they were unable to get deals done with the labels. Could this be one of the issues with the music industry as well?

It is also likely that the developer community will figure a way around this anyway. Stay tuned, we will let you know more as it develops.

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Chief Announcements From Google I/O Keynote: Ice Cream Sandwich, Updates to Honeycomb, USB Host Support, Movie Rentals, Music, and a Commitment to Updates

Yummy little guy, isn’t he? Sadly, while TalkAndroid wasn’t able to attend Google I/O (stupid day-jobs!), we’re watching the coverage closely, and there’s some interesting stuff coming out of the keynote already!
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