Latest Android Wear update is on its way to the Moto 360 (2015)

motorola_moto_360_2015_launch_front_moto_body_heart_TAGood news for anyone currently wearing a Moto 360 (2015)! It looks like Motorola is pushing out the Marshmallow update to the smartwatch, bringing all those newly announced Android Wear features to the stylish wearable. Things like Doze support, improved gestures, and alternate messaging platforms are all on board, plus all the things that Motorola has baked in. While that update does enable speakers on watches that have them, the Moto 360 does not include any kind of speaker, so don’t get your hopes up there. Read more

Motorola’s now selling the Moto 360 Sport through the Google Store in Canada


Motorola has just launched the latest iteration of its Moto 360 smartwatch, the Sport, on the Google Store in Canada. The device has been available to purchase in the region exclusively from Best Buy in various colors for the past couple of weeks, but it’s now listed on the search engine giant’s official Android Wear page in the gorgeous black colorway for $379.99 CAD ($280 USD).

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Lenovo reveals new Moto branding position with Q3 financial results


Lenovo announced their third quarter financial results revealing they had returned to profitability for their smartphone division consistent with a commitment made after acquiring Motorola. In addition, Lenovo also revealed what their branding strategy would be for the Moto line of devices after it was recently revealed they would be dropping Motorola branding. Read more

Motorola Moto X Pure Edition review: Moto flies solo


In 2013, Google instructed Motorola to reboot and reinvent itself as a producer of Android devices different from anything else. Motorola did almost nothing to stand out from the pack up until then. The brand and its devices couldn’t stand out from Samsung and HTC despite being heavily promoted on its own and with help from carriers in the United States. Motorola was releasing phones and tablets at a pace not unlike as Samsung but without the same success. Consumers couldn’t understand why they should be buying from Motorola. So Google pushed Motorola to change for the better and the company’s massive lineup was brought down to just three phones focusing separately on entry-level, mid-range, and high-end tiers. The Moto E line is for those who need a cheap phone with value while the Moto G line adds a bit of flashiness to affordability. And the grand Moto X line is for when you want to drop a few hundred dollars to get a top-notch phone. The commonality between the three lines is having simple hardware and a clean software experience. No more debating which Motorola device is right for you. Based on your budget and needs, you could tell exactly which one you should be buying.

The new Moto X Pure Edition (known as the Moto X Style outside of the United States) aims to carry Motorola’s flagship into territory complete free of carrier chains. Its design is nicely refreshed, the specifications are among the best around, and price is attractive as possible.

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“More innovative, more attractive” Moto phone is coming in July


Two years ago, Google let go of Motorola by selling the beloved company to Lenovo. The deal didn’t become official until October 2014, and Motorola’s new parent didn’t really make any sudden dramatic moves likely because multiple devices were still in the pipeline. But in 2016, Lenovo has not been shy about changing the way Motorola operates. Motorola will be going away while the Moto brand lives on through devices also stamped with Lenovo’s name. And that big move is expected to be noticeable later this year when Lenovo pushes out those first Moto devices with their name on them.

Speaking with The Wall Street Journal, Lenovo CEO Yuanqing Yang commented on the first Moto phone to be released this summer.

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Motorola discounts the Moto X 2nd Gen (32GB) to £199 in the UK, Moto Maker options included


While we wait for the shiny new handsets to be officially unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona next month, there are some bargains to be had on older models. One example of this is the Moto X 2nd Gen 32GB, which is now available with Moto Maker options for just £199 directly from Motorola’s UK site, giving a saving of £50. Read more