Motorola Moto X Style versus Samsung Galaxy S6


The Motorola Moto X Style is truly an innovative flagship device for the company, and will possibly be one of the more respected handsets among the flagships that have and will release this year. Many were concerned what the Lenovo acquisition would mean for Motorola’s devices, but it seems to have been a smooth transition with Lenovo not wanting to interfere with Motorola’s big push for the pure Android experience.

The Moto X Style offers the pure Android experience with few modifications, and the device stacks up very well against the OnePlus Two, but just how well does it compete with what is arguable one of the biggest flagships of the year, Samsung’s Galaxy S6?

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Motorola Moto X Style versus OnePlus Two


We certainly saw some interesting devices launch this week, from OnePlus introducing the “2016 flagship killer,” the OnePlus Two to Motorola offering the Moto X Style, a flagship device at an affordable price point. That said, it could be hard choosing which one to pick up this summer.

Let’s see how the Moto X Style and OnePlus Two stacks up against one another, shall we?

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Moto X Style, Moto X Play, and Moto G hardware roundup


The Motorola Moto X is a respected device, and many fans of the device have been waiting for more than just another incremental upgrade for the device. Last year’s refresh was minimal, however, Motorola more than delivered this year, introducing not only the Moto X Style/Pure Edition and the Moto X Play, but also a better Moto G.

All three devices are sporting some great specs, and each one might be the best in its class. Hit the break to check out what all three devices are packing, hardware wise.

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Motorola launches new Moto G today


Alongside the Moto X Style, Motorola announced the new version of their most popular smartphone, the Moto G. The new Moto G will come equipped with a 5.0-inch HD display, a Snapdragon 410 processor and either 1 or 2GB of RAM. The Moto G gets a 13MP rear-facing camera with a 5MP front-facing unit. For power, the Moto G comes equipped with a 2,470 mAh battery. Read more