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Motorola Marketing for Android Tablet Debut at CES 2011

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You may have all heard about the video that Motorola sent out last week teasing about their highly anticipated, Area 51 secrecy-like, Android tablet. This week, Motorola has begun its email marketing campaign to continue on the push towards CES 2011. If you aren’t sure when CES is, you need look no further than Motorola’s website showing a ticker as well.

I know I’m excited to see what it’s all about, including the features Honeycomb will enhance on the new wave of tablets for 2011. How about you?

If you missed the video we’re discussing, don’t be left out and give it a watch below.

New Motorola Tablet Video Teases Android Honeycomb OS for CES 2011


Motorola Released a video today about their new Android Tablet we saw Andy Rubin with at the D: Dive Into Mobile Conference a couple of weeks ago. The video walks us through a museum of our history of tablets dating back centuries of great tablet ideas, which unfortunately missed the mark in some way. Included in this walk through memory lane is the iPad, referring to it as a “giant iPhone”. Then we see a bee fly across the screen landing on Motorola’s new red logo, then a reference to the CES 2011 show in January.

Hmm, a red Logo could mean its going to Verizon, and will announced at CES 2011…we’ll have to wait and see. Let us know, do you think this is the iPad killer?
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