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Mysterious Sprint Motorola Full QWERTY Keyboard Smartphone Outed

Another day, another leaked device coming out of the blue— this time an intriguing slider phone by none other than Sprint and MOTO. According to sources, the QWERTY device you see above is supposedly a “test device”, but looks to come jam-packed with an assortment of features. In addition to the 5-row keyboard layout, you’ll notice the gorgeous, yet completely button-less display— which will allow users of the device to truly utilize the virtual buttons found in Ice Cream Sandwich on the display screen. Aside from the obvious in the photo, there are no additional details such as what’s in the guts of the phone— though there’s some speculation this device may be the first offshoot of that little Intel-MOTO collaboration we told you about earlier in the year.

While there’s not much to go off of at this point for this mysterious device— one can’t help but be excited at the idea of possibly having a Sprint-branded DROID slider phone. Stay tuned with Talk Android as we will look out for any additional details on the smartphone.

source: Android Central

Verizon Delivers Promised 2.2.3 Security Update For The OG Droid

Admit it, for a second there your dislecia kicked in and you thought that was a 2.3.x Gingerbread update didn’t you?  Sorry to disappoint OG Droid owners, but hey, there’s always the dev community to fall back on.  However, an update is an update and if it’s going to improve a device’s performance, we’ll take it.  Recall a few weeks back when Vz promised a security update was coming?  Well, it’s here and you can benefit from a few less bugs crawling around.  Build number FRK76 brings to light 2.2.3 and addresses a  “rogue/unauthorized certificates” issue which occurred through the native web browser.  Other than that, there is nothing new hear and the update will ultimately be transparent to you.

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Motorola to Update Original Droid With Security Updates

Even with the over abundance of new phones in the DROID line, the RAZR being the latest, it appears that Motorola is still showing the flagship phone that started it all some love. Motorola has come out with an update that adds two security updates to the phone. They say:

“Thanks very much for signing up to give feedback about your Motorola Droid. You will be testing final software for Droid. This is a very limited update providing two security patches for the device. It should be essentially “invisible” in terms of device operation.”

So those of you still using the original DROID, be on the look out for this update. Sorry to say this isn’t the Gingerbread update you had hoped for. However it is nice to see that Motorola is still updating this phone.

[via Verizon by Droid Life]

Droid Bionic Video Preview Surfaces

YouTube Preview Image

An anonymous source comes to us today with a long-anticipated video showcasing the Droid Bionic’s boot sequence and a few quick previews. Take a look at the fancy new animations that come with BLUR, as well as the neck-breaking 4g test. While impressive, and certainly pretty, it appears to come with that scrolling lag so common on stock Motorola devices. Perhaps it’s the video quality, but this author is inclined to think that Moto still hasn’t learned that we hate BLUR. Regardless, kudos to our tipster for the video! We’re excited to finally see the phone in action.

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Motorola Droid vanilla Gingerbread ROM now available

For those of you who are still hanging on to your original Motorola Droid, a new ROM has been made available that brings vanilla-flavored Gingerbread to the OG Droid.

This Gingerbread ROM for the Droid was created by Peter Alfonso. He added in a few of the Android community’s favorite modifications as well as the original Droid launcher and boot animation, but make no mistake, you will still get a Gingerbread experience out of this ROM.

Verizon Wireless and Motorola both decided that the Droid 1 has reached its EOL and would not receive anymore major updates, but now you can have the Gingerbread experience anyway! Head on over to Peter’s website and get started. Let us know how you like the ROM in the comments!

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Motorola Droid Bionic shows up on Amazon for only $149


The Motorola Droid Bionic has hit Amazon for a sweet price of $149.99 on a 2-year contract with Verizon. The Droid Bionic was one of the elite devices shown at CES, and got some great benchmarking numbers as well. The device showing up on Amazon already may mean that the device is much closer to launch than the original “end of Q2” with Verizon as previously stated. The page seen above has however been pulled down shortly after it was up, so we’re not sure when it’s going live again.

We’ll keep you all posted! Keep your wallets ready.

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Motorola Droid Bionic gets benchmarked, shows impressive numbers


At CES 2011, talkandroid was there and got to play with the impressive Motorola Droid Bionic. It is a sweet little device, as you can tell in our Hands-On video here. To add to it’s awesomeness, some others got to run some benchmarks on it, and not surprisingly, it put up some kick butt numbers in comparison to other “top devices” currently on the market as you can see below.


There’s many tools out there to benchmark an Android device, but Quadrant seems to be the favorite, scoring the Droid Bionic 2284 putting it well above other previously released Android smartphones.
Check the full test video from CES below.

Motorola to produce the first LTE device on Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless’ COO John Stratton has confirmed that Motorola will be the first manufacturer to launch an LTE-capable device on Verizon Wireless’ mobile network.

This should come as no shock to the smartphone world, as Motorola and Verizon Wireless together have become somewhat of a smartphone juggernaut with the DROID series of devices. This started with the Motorola DROID, which undoubtedly brought the Android OS to the mainstream.

Now, we play the waiting game for what should be a spectacular LTE-capable device from Motorola and Verizon Wireless.

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Motorola Droid Gets Update release OTA from Verizon – not Gingerbread

The Motorola Droid is getting an update, but unfortunately, after the announcement of Gingerbread earlier today, it’s not Gingerbread. Verizon had the following to say regarding the Droid updates coming down the pipe;

Verizon Wireless will begin pushing an update for the DROID by Motorola today. Enhancements include an updated Twitter® application, improved Exchange Active Sync® functionality, updated Gmail user interface and more. For more information about this update customers can go to

You can view more about the changes included in this update here, as well as a full rundown on the OTA process, in case you’re unfamiliar with it.

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CyanogenMod releases custom ROM with lockscreen gestures for DROID

CyanogenMod has released a custom ROM with a lockscreen gesture feature courtesy of mtwebster. A version of this ROM is now available for the original DROID.

Gestures is the ability to “draw” out anything you wish onto your lock screen which will then launch an application or phone activity that is associated with that drawing, similar to Google’s Gesture Search app.

For now, only DROID users can try out this custom ROM, but there will be more devices supported soon. Click the CyanogenMod source link if you want to check out this ROM!

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