Motorola DROID Bionic Software Update Version 6.7.2233 Leaks Out, Includes Android 4.0.4 Glory


Good news for you Motorola DROID Bionic owners. While Motorola and Verizon has owners of the device playing the waiting game for the official ICS update due later in the year, a leaked software version 6.7.2233 update has leaked for the smartphone which includes the latest Android 4.0.4 version and is ready for those who are fearless and ready to get a taste of that Holo goodness. The phone is already smooth with Gingerbread 2.3, but while this leaked is not official— reports are coming in that it’s super smooth and amazing.

While the update seems to be working fine for those who’ve successfully flashed the update to their devices, actually flashing the update certainly looks rather intimidating for beginners and is probably not for the faint of heart. Still, having ICS on the Bionic is definitely worth it in the end. If you’re an owner and are interested in getting a bite out of the 4.0.4 sandwich, hit the break in order to see the source link as well as video of the update in action. Read more

Real Meaning of Motorola’s Misread Tweet Regarding ICS Update Plans

It seems that a tweet sent out earlier today by Motorola has gotten a little misunderstood and conclusions were made before the real meaning of the message would be deciphered. Motorola’s tweet read, ” We’ll be releasing devices for ICS 6 weeks after Google releases the final version of it”, and in turn, sent the rumor mill for a fill-in-in-the-blank  hay day.

Two of the most reported rumors were: 1, Motorola was planning on updating current capable devices to Android 4.0; and 2, new devices would be revealed 6 weeks after the final version of ICS was released. Both of these turned out to be false and some clarification was later issued by Motorola to the folks at Android and Me putting all hear-say to rest. Read more

Droid Bionic gets Fastboot Recovery files for broken software and bricked devices

Have you already turned your shiny new Bionic into a paperweight that rules all? First of all… bummer dude. Second… you might just be in luck!

Motorola’s FXZ Bionic recovery file was just released allowing the phone to return to factory condition. If done properly, the Fastboot XML zip package will return your phone back to stock i.e. bloatware, BLUR, Android 2.3.4 and stock boot image. If you are in a bootloop this should repair your system.

We have included the tentative instructions after the break. And just as a friendly caveat, Talk Android is not responsible for any damage to software and/or hardware and we list these instructions for reference purposes only. Proceed at your own risk!

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If your Bionic has signal troubles you may need a replacement

It has been brought to our attention that some early adopters of the Motorola Droid Bionic are having signal issues causing an ongoing switch between 3G, 4G, and no signal at all. (My Bionic was defective out of the box and wouldn’t even activate). It has been reported that the constant switch between radios can decrease battery life to under 6 hours with only minimal use. Since the Bionic is such a new device, Verizon may not even know that some phones are experiencing this issue.

If you are having radio problems it’s a good idea to contact your local retailer or customer service rep to seek out a possible replacement. You are still within your “14 day worry free guarantee” and should have no problems getting a new Bionic. Enough reports have surfaced on the interweb to deem that this might just be an actual defect.

[via droidlife]

Droid Bionic’s Browser Benchmarked

We’ve got some images from a browser benchmark on the Droid Bionic. While benchmark tests don’t always mirror real-world usage, this at least gives us somewhere to start when comparing. While the Bionic is running full blur, it look the lead over a stock Nexus One running Android 2.3.4 (as it certainly should with it’s dual-core goodness). Initial thoughts in the report was that the phone is extremely light, pretty thin, and boots up very quickly. I can’t wait to see this phone in person it looks to be a solid device for sure. Hit up the break for the Bionic and Nexus comparison images.

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New Bionic Video Shows off Retail Box with Short Hands On

The Droid Bionic is almost here, and if your not out playing Bionic Arena, here’s a short video for you to check out. Android Central forum member bworley50 has posted a Bionic video that shows off the retail box. There is also a quick hands through the UI and a glimpse of the About screen. Check it out after the break and give us your thoughts.

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DROID Bionic is Rooted

If you’re considering picking up a Droid Bionc, but were worried about rooting it, worry no more. The folks over at MyDroidWorld have gotten the Droid 3 exploit to work for the Bionic as well. This is of course great news for future Bionic owners to see this before the device is even released. Stay tuned, as I’m sure easier methods for the faint of heart will be appearing soon. For full details, hit up the source link below. If you’re excited about this let us know!

[via mydroidworld]

More DROID Bionic Images Leak, Possible Lapdock Promo

Pop Herald has posted some leaked Bionic images said to be intended for an “online store”. They’ve reported these images to be the first clear shots of the Verizon logo and the new DroidEye, but you can also see a good shot of the back here and a live bootup showing the eye here if you missed them. What’s interesting to note about the article is the mention of a possible Lapdock bundle. A source reported that Verizon my offer a promo knocking down the price of the Lapdock, if purchased on launch day with the Bionic. You can catch a glimpse of the Lapdock right here. The Bonic sure looks sexy and solid. Who’s getting one? Hit the break for one more image.

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More Pictures of the DROID Bionic

Thanks to Droid Life we have another set of pictures showing off the Droid Bionic. In case you missed it, there was a nice preview video posted yesterday of the Bionic running here for your viewing pleasure. In the gallery you’ll see the About screen showing off Gingerbread 2.3.4 and a shot of updates still coming in for the device before it’s launch. You’ll also find a shot of the Battery & Data Manager screen, Battery Usage screen (10% down in 3 hours), Mobile Hotspot Settings, and the SIM and SD card slot.

Anyone else burned out on this device yet? Maybe checking one out in the store will bring back the excitement. Hit the break for the full gallery of pictures.

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Droid Bionic Video Preview Surfaces

YouTube Preview Image

An anonymous source comes to us today with a long-anticipated video showcasing the Droid Bionic’s boot sequence and a few quick previews. Take a look at the fancy new animations that come with BLUR, as well as the neck-breaking 4g test. While impressive, and certainly pretty, it appears to come with that scrolling lag so common on stock Motorola devices. Perhaps it’s the video quality, but this author is inclined to think that Moto still hasn’t learned that we hate BLUR. Regardless, kudos to our tipster for the video! We’re excited to finally see the phone in action.

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