Motorola MOTOACTV Price Dropped to $149, Now Comes with a Free $30 Watch Strap


I, like many of you, have this desire in the back of my head to just get out there and be…athletic. Well now is your time–the Motorola MOTOACTV has substantially dropped in price over the last week. The Android powered device was originally launched at $249 for the 8GB model, and today in most stores it’s going for $149 while some stores are as low as $140.  For all of you with massive libraries of music, you can grab the 16GB model for $180 at box stores like Walmart.

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MotoActv Gets Updated With Better Performance, Improved Notifications, and Longer Battery Life

The Motorola MotoActv smart watch will soon be receiving a welcome new update. Version 7.10 and 7.11 (depending on your device) will bring with it a number of improvements including more useful notifications, improved fitness measuring during workouts, and even an enhanced Scorecard when playing the Back 9 on your local golf course. Fixes include less force closes during workouts, along with better battery life when Wi-Fi is in use. Those of you with the certain 8GB units that don’t have the golf features will get version 7.11.

Motorola has been pretty active (no pun intended) when it comes to updating the MotoActv and many users have reported positive reviews. If you have the 8GB or 16GB model you should see the update available for download when you connect your MotoActv to your PC. Hit the break for the full changelog.

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MOTOACTV gets major update to 7.2, Adds Facebook Twitter and more

The MOTOACTV sports/fitness watch seemed cool when it first launched, but I must say, Motorola has done a fine job with updates and has really made it the best watch to own, even if you’re not a fitness nut. This latest update (version 7.2) now allows you to see Facebook updates and read your Twitter updates. Plus there are more options for golf, better workout planning, and so much more. To get the update, just plug your MOTOACTV into your PC or MAC. Hit the break for the full list of enhancements.

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MOTOACTV App Now Available For All Android 2.1+ Devices


MOTOACTV is no longer limited to just that cool watch + MOTO phone as you might have seen before. And no, we’re not talking about having to pull a few tricks to get the app on your device either. Motorola has announced through its discussion board that MOTOACTV is now available not only in an app form, but the app is available for all Android phones– regardless of manufacturer. That means if your device is operating on Android 2.1 or higher, you too can get in on the popular fitness action such as:

  • Plan workouts on your phone, launch them from your MOTOACTV and see your workout data back on your phone
  • Track progress of your personal fitness goals on your phone 
  • Use your Android smartphone to set up Wi-Fi networks for your MOTOACTV

Awesome isn’t it folks? You can grab the app today by hitting the QR code or Play Store link. Read more

Motorola MOTOACTV Update Postponed Until Friday

Motorola’s huge update for the MOTOACTV fitness device, originally scheduled for March 7th (yesterday) has been postponed until tomorrow. Although not entirely great news, it’s only a 24 hour wait, and I’m sure it’s to ensure that the update is rolled out without issues. The update is planning to bring over 40 new activities to the device, including yoga, pilates, dancing, and martial arts. The update will also bring some new convenient functionality tweaks, including activating the screen by a flick of your wrist, and WiFi setup straight from the device itself (opposed to currently having to do so from your phone). If you own a MOTOACTV, keep your eyes posted tomorrow for an incredible update for your device.

source: pocketnow

MotoActv update coming March 7th – Supports more sports and other capabilities

MotoActv owners can look forward to an update on March 7th that will bring over 40 new activities to the little unit including yoga, pilates, dancing, and martial arts. Moto has also went ahead and tweaked the functionality of the MotoActv in this update. For instance, you’ll be able to activate the display with a flick of the wrist and they moved WiFi setup onto the device itself. No more messing with the phone if you don’t want to. The last thing they mentioned in their official blog post related to the MotoActv Training Portal. Specifically, the update will allow you to hold competitions against others using the service, almost Xbox Live style.

That seems like a pretty hefty update, and yet, Moto teases, “and this is just a sneak peak – look out for more details of further new additions.”

We’re looking forward to seeing what all is in store when the update drops worldwide, March 7.

source: Motorola

MOTOACTV Gets Torn Down and Rooted, Now The World’s Smallest Wearable Tablet

So you had a great day yesterday and received the MOTOACTV watch for Christmas. Well it looks like your Christmas is going to get even better because Chris Wade, the gentleman behind the Dingleberry hack for the PlayBook, has one of his own and rooted the device.  Before he rooted it though, he decided to take the MOTOACTV apart and see what was running under the hood. Here is what he found:

– CPU: omap3 (3630) – 600Mhz
– Ram: 256MB
– Nand: 8GB
– Wifi: 802.11n
– BlueTooth: Yes
– Fm Radio: Yes
– GPS: Yes
– LCD: 1.6″ QCIF+

Wade put the device back together then set in on his real work. He managed to find a full boot.img file and was able to root the underlying Gingerbread OS. He took the GPS tracker and turned it into a 1.6-inch tablet by sideloading the stock Honeycomb launcher. Wade took it even further by giving the watch Android Market access allowing you to download and play games like Angry Birds.

Check out the photos and video below the break to see the watch broken down and the video of the mini, wearable “tablet” in action. If you have the device and are feeling brave enough to root it, hit the source to find instructions on doing so.  Read more

Motorola Mobility UK Unveils The MOTOACTV™ Fitness Wristband, Gives People A Reason To Have Fun During Workouts


People living in the UK suddenly have another reason to make fitness fun. Motorola Mobility UK has just unveiled the MOTOACTV™ fitness companion. In case you’re unfamiliar, this attractive device is part fitness performance tracker and part smart music player. The MOTOACTV’s objective is to simulate having your favorite fitness instructor and DJ helping you train at an optimal level during workouts. The device features a cool 8GB of storage– good for up to 4,000 songs, 1.6-inch screen with Gorilla Glass, the option to sync the MOTOACTV with your Android phone to receive calls and texts and Bluetooth 4.0.

The list doesn’t stop there either. Motorola Mobility realizes the need for users to keep track of their goals, records and trends. The MOTOACTV uses Motorola AccuSense™ technology and GPS to ensure measurement accuracy of your performance. “Your time, distance, speed, heart rate and calories burned are all measured, so you can reach your fitness or weight loss goals faster than ever”. What’s even more cool is the ability to upload your workouts to– which is cloud-based, meaning you can upload all your statistics and trends to the website and see your strengths or overcome your weaknesses. Sounds cool, right? We know you’re interested in more information for the cool fitness device, so you need to hit the break to find more details in the presser. Read more

DROID RAZR Accessory Pricing Leaked, MotoACTV Fitness Watch Included

Whether you’ve already ordered the new Motorola Droid RAZR or you’re still doing a little window-shopping on it before you make any commitments, you’re fancy will surely be tickled by a newly leaked accessory pricing sheet for the device. Accessories include a standard HDMI Dock for $59.99, navigation windows mount for $39.99 and rugged MotoACTV fitness watch starting at $249.97 (with 8GB). Note that the watch is available as “direct fill launch”, meaning you must order the item directly from Verizon as they won’t be made available in stores; the same goes for their Lapdock 500, which you can snag for $299.97 by the way.

Hit the break for the full DROID RAZR accessory price sheet.

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