Google IO 2016 Coverage

Moto India starts Twitter campaign for new phone release


Lenovo’s marketing arm in India has launched a new Twitter campaign via the Moto India account that is teasing a new smartphone coming to the market. The Moto India team does not help too much with clues to which device this might be. However, some recent leaks show the new Moto G and being a budget phone that would fit right in to the Indian market, odds seem to favor that device. Read more

Motorola president Rick Osterloh reflects on life with Lenovo


With the Motorola name being phased out, Motorola president Rick Osterloh is happy with where the company is now that it’s been fully absorbed by Lenovo. And he’s confident, despite the fact that some wondered if Motorola would simply fade into oblivion after being purchased by Lenovo, that the products put out under the Moto name/brand will continue to be among some of the most interesting phones on the market.

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Lenovo reveals new Moto branding position with Q3 financial results


Lenovo announced their third quarter financial results revealing they had returned to profitability for their smartphone division consistent with a commitment made after acquiring Motorola. In addition, Lenovo also revealed what their branding strategy would be for the Moto line of devices after it was recently revealed they would be dropping Motorola branding. Read more

“More innovative, more attractive” Moto phone is coming in July


Two years ago, Google let go of Motorola by selling the beloved company to Lenovo. The deal didn’t become official until October 2014, and Motorola’s new parent didn’t really make any sudden dramatic moves likely because multiple devices were still in the pipeline. But in 2016, Lenovo has not been shy about changing the way Motorola operates. Motorola will be going away while the Moto brand lives on through devices also stamped with Lenovo’s name. And that big move is expected to be noticeable later this year when Lenovo pushes out those first Moto devices with their name on them.

Speaking with The Wall Street Journal, Lenovo CEO Yuanqing Yang commented on the first Moto phone to be released this summer.

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Motorola discusses their brand’s future after Lenovo’s decision to phase it out

motorola_android6.0_marshmallow_111215Lenovo recently announced that they’re planning on phasing out the Motorola brand after the company’s major acquisition two years ago, and needless to say, that stirred up plenty of emotions from people all over the web. Before things continue to escalate, Motorola has released a statement about how they’re going forward into 2016 and beyond, including the fate of the Motorola brand. Read more

So Long Motorola, and Thanks for All the Phones


Consumers who have watched the cell phone market for years, on back into the depths of history when cell phones first surfaced, will be saddened to learn that the iconic Motorola brand name will be phased out by Lenovo during 2016. Lenovo will continue to use the “Moto” mark and the stylized “M” logo on high end smartphones and other devices, but all devices will otherwise be unified under the Lenovo brand around the globe. Read more

First-Gen Moto G handsets to receive Lollipop Update according to ‘Future Updates’ message from Motorola


If you own a first-generation Moto G, it appears that Motorola is sending messages to begin readying your device to receive the Android 5.0 Lollipop update in the ‘upcoming weeks’. If you’ve received this message, it’s important to click the ‘More Info’ tab at the bottom, as explained after the break.

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