Samsung Pay has more than 1 million users in South Korea


It would be fair to say that Samsung’s mobile payments system, imaginatively named Samsung Pay, is doing pretty well for itself. Samsung Pay first launched in Korea, and more recently in the United States at the tail-end of August, and the Korean electronics giant has recently announced that more than 1 million people have used the service in its homeland in the two months since its official launch.

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PSA: Samsung Pay finally works with select phones on Verizon


The long wait for Verizon to allow customers with select Samsung phones to use the company’s mobile payments service is finally over. Owners of the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy Note 5, and Galaxy S6 Edge+ can start using Samsung Pay right now.

Upon downloading a software update that is currently rolling out, the Samsung Pay app will be available to install from Google Play. Then you can start using your phone to pay for goods and services from your phone at more locations than any other mobile payments service.

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Yet another Samsung Pay ad pushes massive support


Samsung Pay is accepted in more locations than any other mobile payments service. Samsung is making that pretty clear, right? The first television advertisement for Samsung Pay knocked Apple Pay for this reason and the second showed how simple it is to use Samsung’s offering at various places. Now we have the third ad that once again emphasizes Samsung Pay’s advantage of being supported where other mobile payments services are not. Samsung says you can “pay where you’ve always used your credit card.”

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Another ad for Samsung Pay debuts as the mobile payments service launches


Samsung Pay is finally here. Consumers, as of this morning, now have three major mobile payments services to choose from — Samsung Pay, Android Pay, and Apple Pay. Samsung’s might actually be the best due to it being accepted in the United States more than Google and Apple’s offerings. The company actually used that advantage in a television advertisement that started airing last week. Today, coinciding with the launch of its mobile payments service, Samsung released another ad for Samsung Pay.

Hit the break to watch the video.

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Android Pay confirmed to not work with rooted devices


As Google wraps up rolling out updates to their Google Wallet application to transition to their new Android Pay platform, some power users are discovering an unpleasant surprise. Android Pay does not work with devices that have been rooted. This means users who have installed custom ROMs or perhaps other apps that required root access cannot make use of the mobile payment service. In response to comments that users who root their devicesĀ are some of the most ardent Android fans and could help build momentum for Android Pay, a Google staff member took to the XDA forums to discuss the security model and why Android Pay will only work on non-rooted devices. Read more

Samsung Pay’s first television ad knocks Apple Pay


Three mobile payments services will be vying for your attention this fall. Google, Apple, and Samsung are all ready store your accounts and cards in phones for easy checkout while shopping just about everywhere with a compatible terminal. Samsung Pay, however, is able to tout itself as the mobile payments service that works in more stores than any other. And tonight during the 67th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards, Samsung ran the very first stateside television advertisement for Samsung Pay to promote its advantage over Apple Pay.

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