AT&T To Launch New Program Dubbed “Sponsored Data”

Mobile Data Plan Usage

In an effort to keep up with the industry’s competition and stay fresh on the mobile scene, AT&T is offering a brand new program that will allow companies to only pay for the mobile data used by specific companies’ enterprise applications not counting against their own mobile data plan cap. Without a doubt a pretty bold move by the company. AT&T has dubbed the new toll-free calling for mobile data “Sponsored Data” and companies will now be able to promote their applications and services to businesses interested in only recieving data charges by the carrier for a specific application not by total data used by the user.  If AT&T and its on-board partners can market this product well it could mean huge gains and big success. However, there are some skeptics keeping a watchful eye on the new venture. Eddie Hold, an NPD Group analyst had this to say regarding the bold move:   Read more

Best Android apps for monitoring data usage [June 2013]


Data caps are a hard reality for many customers on a majority of carriers, and managing that data usage can be tricky. Even on prepaid plans, hard and soft data caps are put in place for carriers to make a bit of extra money ensure their network is optimized for all of their customers. Unless you don’t mind facing ridiculous overage charges or buying top up cards six times a month, keeping up with how your data is used is important for any smartphone user. In this guide we’re going to go over a handful of apps that do a great job of giving you an easy way to track your data usage and keep you from going over your limit. Head on past the break to get started.

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U.S. mobile data traffic may exceed 1 exabyte by the end of 2010

As the third quarter of the year comes to an end, the demand for mobile data has only become more apparent. According to Chetan Sharma, an analyst who tracks the wireless data industry, the U.S. wireless-data market grew 25% in Q3 of 2010 compared to Q3 of 2009. The market gained 7% over Q2 of 2010 to total about $14 billion.

What do American carriers have to say, you might be wondering?

Sprint CEO Dan Hesse commented last month that by end of 2010, almost half of Sprint’s subscribers are going to be using smartphones, and therefore gobbling up data. T-Mobile CTO Neville Ray said that new, more powerful smartphones and faster networks are only going to push the wireless-data consumption, perhaps to gigabyte-a-month levels.

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