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Review: Mobeo from Mobywan, Social Location-based Gaming

Actions Speak Louder. So throw a Flaming Cabbage.

Yea, thats right, Flaming Cabbage. Today we’re going to discuss a location based game called Mobeo, which utilizes an arsenal of throwable items from flaming cabbages to bad eggs, agitated soda cans, angry missiles, and more. Non-throwable or “traps” including but are not limited to, slippery bananas, bottomless puddles, menacing rain clouds, possessed lawnmowers, and the list continues. Now tell me ‘possessed lawnmower’ doesn’t peak your interest just a little.

The game is, as I said location based. You go about your day, keeping a watch on friends at your leisure via other location based application such as Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare or maybe even your sixth sense. Understand though, these applications are only used to assist you in finding the location of the friends you’re connected to. It is absolutely your call if you choose to use the checkins from your friends or take a shot in the dark. Basically, any way you can find out where a target is located at any given time. Whatever you choose, when you actually locate and hit a friend with your weapon of choice you will feel an unexpected excitement when Mobeo give you that notification that your target has been hit. This being said, from the description I laid out, you do not have to share your location with anyone to play.

Hit the break for a video, screenshots and more!