Android OS is top dog according to Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix Report

Mobile advertising platform company Millennial Media has just released their Mobile Mix Report for Q1 that includes data on mobile devices, manufacturers and operating systems as well as global technological trends. According to the report, Android is the leading operating system today. This news comes as no surprise given the fact that the Android OS comprises of 59% of smartphone market share.

What is also interesting is that the original Samsung Galaxy Tab appears to have the number two spot in tablets, beating out Amazon’s Kindle Fire and coming in behind Apple’s iPad. The report appears to be measuring advertisement activity within the devices to assess trends among each category. Being that Google is the king of ads, we can see how the Galaxy Tab, having been around for a good bit, would be at the top of the tablet category.

Other honorable mentions include Samsung being the number two manufacturer and mobile gaming saw an increase of 10% from last year. Hit the source link below for more details on this unique collection of data.

source: millennialmedia

Millennial Report Out: Android and iOS Shares Flat in October, HTC No. 2 Vendor

It looks like Android is top dog in Millennial Media’s usage share charts for eleven months running while the smartphone platform landscape stayed flat.  Just as it did between July and September, the mobile ad network served impressions to the following devices:

  • 56% to Android devices
  • 28% to iOS devices
  • 13% to Blackberry devices
Apple inched up just a bit as October’s top vendor with 23.5% up from 23.09% in the third quarter. HTC showed the most growth and passed Samsung as the No. 2 vendor with 18.11%. While the Apple iPhone was the most popular line with 12..53% usage share, however, Samsung had six of the top-20 phones on Millenial’s network. The Samsung Freeform, which is the first feature phone to get into Millennial’s top-20 devices list since this past May, is one of these devices. Follow the break to see additional charts from Millennial’s October report.

Android share balloons from 54% to 61% in the past month

Millennial Media has tracked a 7% increase in Android usage on their network from June to July. This marks the eighth consecutive month that Android has held onto the lead. According to their data, July also bore witness to iOS dropping six points and RIM dropping one point. So we know who Android has been grabbing its share from. Apple was still the top vendor however, followed by Samsung, RIM, HTC, and Motorola. Hit the source link for more detailed data on manufacturers and individual phones.

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