Microsoft Outlook for Android exits preview


The Outlook for Android app has been updated seventeen times while in preview, but now everything seems ready for primetime as Microsoft has removed the ‘preview’ tag. The performance and stability of Outlook for Android has been tweaked and the company feels that it matches the iOS version. The non-preview release of the app offers an improved design, IMAP support, unified contacts viewing, directory search, three-day calendar view, and custom gestures. Microsoft asks that users forward them bugs and suggestions to issue updates as quickly as possible by contacting support from within Outlook.

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Microsoft Office preview now available for Lollipop users and tablets powered by Intel/x86 chips


Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint became available in Google Play for Android tablets in January, but they weren’t compatible with Android 5.0+ Lollipop, nor any tablet that sported an Intel/x86 chip.

Microsoft announced yesterday via a Yammer post that a preview has been released that take care of both of these issues. These apps are beta, so you have to jump through a couple of very simple hoops in order to try them out.

You must first join the Microsoft Office for Android Tablets Preview community on Google+. Once you do that, you need to become a tester for each app (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) that you’re interested in trying. The links are below…..

Now you will have to ability to download the preview apps from Google Play. The below links might not be available to you for at least 10 minutes and as much as 2 hours. Google Play has to replicate the permissions.

Also be sure to provide feedback in the Google+ community. The faster everyone reports bugs, the faster Microsoft can fix them, which means the faster it exits the preview stage and will be available to everyone.

You will need a qualifying Office 365 subscription in order to get the most out of these apps. You can still use them without a subscription, but you will only be able to make core edits for free, assuming your tablet is between 7-inches and 10.1-inches. If you want extra features like the ability to track changes or insert page breaks in Word, you need to go with a subscription. Subscriptions start at $6.99 per month or $69.99 per year.If your tablet is greater than 10.1-inches, you will need an Office 365 subscription regardless.



Certain Microsoft apps won’t be preloaded on the AT&T and Verizon Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (48)Surprise, surprise. AT&T and Verizon are altering what software ships on the Galaxy S6, limiting some of the preloaded Microsoft apps available. When it was first announced, the S6 was supposed to ship with Skype, OneNote, and OneDrive pre-installed. No one likes bloatware, but Skype and OneNote are actually pretty useful apps, and Samsung and Microsoft were tossing in 100 GB of free space of OneDrive storage, so it wasn’t an awful deal. In fact, it was probably one of the better app/service partnerships we’ve seen on a device. Read more

Microsoft slashes patent licensing fees for OEMs that pre-install its apps and services

microsoft logo

Despite having its own mobile operating system to foster, Microsoft cares very much about other platforms. The company invests heavily in supporting users of Android and iOS devices in addition to Windows. Late last month, Microosft had signed deals with eleven hardware manufacturers to pre-install select apps and services. The deals put Office, OneDrive, and Skype onto a multitude of Android devices that are available now and on the way. For example, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge feature the aforementioned Microsoft software products.

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Read more gets a makeover for Android phones


Just because you have an Android device doesn’t mean that you must use Google as the go-to search engine. There are plenty of options available and one of them just received a makeover. Today, Microsoft unveiled a new look for Bing that focuses on content consumption. Rather than being so straightforward and emphasizing search, Bing now serves popular content. Also, Bing Rewards has a new home on the homepage.

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SurveyMonkey tries to offer insight into smartphone manufacturer brand loyalty


A new survey conducted by SurveyMonkey attempts to measure brand loyalty for a variety of technology industry companies. Some of those companies include smartphone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung, with Microsoft even making an appearance. According to SurveyMonkey’s findings, Samsung managed to best Apple in terms of customer loyalty. Read more

Microsoft updates Outlook app for Android


Microsoft announced an update to their Outlook app for both Android and iOS to add in some major improvements to the People and Calendar portions of the app.

The People section of the Outlook app is no longer limited to just “top contacts. Notably, on the Android platform Microsoft can tap into the contacts that a user has on their smartphone or tablet to present a unified view of all contacts. Users accessing a corporate Exchange server will be glad to know the updated app also supports searching the Global Address List which is an organization’s directory. If you know a person’s name in your company, but not their email address, you can just do a search on their name to find their contact info. Read more