Microsoft will acquire Acompli next Monday, December 6

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Microsoft has just issued a statement on its official website confirming that it will, in fact, be acquiring third-party email client, Acompli, next Monday, December 6. Unfortunately, the company did not reveal how much money is being exchanged during the acquisition, but according to Re/code’s reliable sources, the price was “north of $200 million.”

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Microsoft Office integration hits Dropbox app

dropbox_businessMicrosoft and Dropbox had previously announced a partnership integrating Microsoft Office with Dropbox’s excellent cloud storage services. The new features have finally rolled out to the application, so users will now be able to edit Office documents from within Dropbox, or to save their files directly to Dropbox from an Office program.

The new features have made their way to the Android and iOS versions of the app, so you should be able to access the new stuff by updating your app. We should see the improvements on the web versions of the services soon.

source: Dropbox

Office Mobile update brings Dropbox integration, sharing and more

Office for Android

Microsoft is currently rolling out a rather hefty update for its Office Mobile application via the Play Store. In terms of added functionality, this upgrade brings a multitude of bug fixes, stability improvements, speed optimizations, and some pretty great new features; one of which being the integration of Dropbox as an online storage location.

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Skype now available in a web browser without downloading any apps

skype_bannerSkype has announced that they’re finally detangling the video chat service from its traditional Windows or OS X desktop program and offering it in beta through a web browser.

Skype for Web will let you quickly sign into the service on Skype’s web page and immediately begin making video calls without having to download any apps or programs. According to the Skype page, you can get the service started on any modern web browser, but it specifically mentions Chrome for Windows. That’s good news for Chrome users, but the wording of the support page makes it sound like Chromebooks are going to be excluded. 
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Microsoft continues supporting outside platforms by opening its Android emulator


After years of focusing on its own products and services, Microsoft is supporting the opposition. We have seen the company bring its most valuable assets over to Android and iOS. To really give more reach to developers, Microsoft has released a its Android emulator. Developers can use it to build their owns apps and see how they operate on Android. Microsoft included various Android functions to make the emulator operate as realistic as possible. This is part of the Visual Studio 2015 Preview.

Microsoft is also opening up software framework .NET, supporting OS X and inux platforms. In doing so, Satya Nadella & Co. are hoping to bring over a new audience of developers that would have otherwise stayed away from .NET.

Source: Microsoft Developer Blog (1) (2)
Via: The Verge

Microsoft and Dropbox team up to provide seamless integration across services

dropbox_businessMicrosoft and Dropbox have announced a pretty unlikely partnership that will allow Microsoft Office customers to integrate Dropbox into their day-to-day work. You’ll be able to keep your documents and work synced across all of your devices at work and at home, and you can make quick edits on just about any device you have.
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Microsoft Garage launches two Android apps for your lock screen and travels


Today, Microsoft Garage was introduced as an “after-hours idea factory” for company employees to work on their own projects. Microsoft started the day by launching Bing Torque for Android Wear. Now, two apps for phones are available in the Play Store. One is a lock screen replacement and the other is a social app for traveling.

Microsoft wants to be front and center on your Android phone with Next Lock Screen. The app is all about launching apps as quickly as possible. It displays things like your calendar, missed calls, emails, messages, and more. There is a swipe-to-dial feature that allows conference seamlessly. So it seems that people looking for productivity will find Next Lock Screen more useful. A nice touch for Next Lock Screen is that the background is dynamic and changes throughout the day and based on location.

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