Microsoft putting an end to unlimited OneDrive storage, changing existing plans


Mark this in the “this is why we can’t have nice things” category. Microsoft has announced that they will be ending their unlimited cloud storage options for Office 365 consumers and will be making changes to the other plans they offer. The change was triggered by cases where some users were taking advantage of the unlimited option by backing up several PCs and entire movie and DVR recording collections. Some users were consuming more than 75 TB of space, which Microsoft says is 14,000 times the average. In their announcement, Microsoft says they decided to focus on the majority of users and their need for “high-value productivity and collaboration experiences” rather than the “extreme backup scenarios” some users were creating. Read more

Sunrise team helps Microsoft overhaul Outlook mobile client


Near the beginning of 2015, Microsoft went out and acquired the company behind the popular Sunrise Calendar app. As the end of October approaches, the fruits of that acquisition are starting to show up in the form of an overhaul of the Outlook mobile app on both iOS and Android, with a Windows phone update pending. According to Microsoft, the Sunrise team has been rolled into the Outlook product team where they will help bring a “fresh approach” not just to the calendar portion, but the entire user interface for the app. The bad news for fans of the Sunrise Calendar app is that Microsoft plans to end-of-life the product once all features are fully integrated into Outlook. Read more