Microsoft’s Office apps expand support to Android phones


Finally, Microsoft’s Office apps work seamlessly across Android phones and tablets. The company announced today that its Office apps gained support for Android phones after being in preview for five weeks. Testing was completed with nearly 2,000 different models in eighty-three countries. Feedback from thousands of users helped the service being fine tuned on the form factor.

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Gmail app gets Oauth support for Yahoo! and Microsoft mail accounts

Gmail-bannerGoogle’s Gmail app for Android has gotten some extra new security features that will be very important for those of you using a Yahoo! or Microsoft account. The new update brings Oauth support for both accounts, bringing the security of using those email addresses closer to what you’ll typically experience with Gmail.

Oauth allows users to take advantage of two-step authentication and Google’s account recovery process, both of which are staple security features in 2015. If you use either a Yahoo! or Microsoft mail account in your Gmail app, keep an eye out for this update over the next few days. Read more