Microsoft Office files are seamlessly integrated into Skype for Android


Today, Microsoft is seeing two of its biggest businesses form a better relationship. People using both Office and Skype will be very happy to know that Microsoft is enabling seamless transition between the apps. If someone sends you a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file on Skype, the communication platform will redirect you to to the appropriate app that displays it.

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Microsoft’s Word Flow keyboard could find its way to Android


A few years ago the ability to flow your finger across a smartphone keyboard, instead of tapping on individual letters, was a novelty. Today this feature is much more run of the mill and with operating systems other than Android starting to support a feature like this there is some increased competition. Existing market players may be looking at competition from Microsoft in the near future as the tech giant appears to be working on porting their Word Flow keyboard to other operating systems, including Android. Read more

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint updated with a whole host of new functionality


Microsoft is in the midst of pushing out a series of nifty updates for its Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications for Android-powered smartphones and tablets via the Play Store. The upgrades bundle a plethora of new productivity features, in addition to a whole host of additional sharing options. As you’d expect, the standard array of bug fixes and stability improvements are also included.

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Cortana for Android review


Digital assistants are popping up all over the place, whether it be Google Now, Apple’s Siri, Hound by SoundHound, and now Microsoft’s Cortana. Google even recently made their own digital assistant even better with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The search giant introduced Google Now On Tap, which makes the search giant’s digital assistant much more contextual and powerful. While this update might make Google Now stand out from the crowd, it’s much too dependent on what version of Android you’re on and what smartphone you have.

Google Now is a victim of Android’s own fragmentation problem, making more independent options like Hound much more useful. Microsoft recently launched Cortana for Android, Redmond’s very own digital assistant, and the company believes that it might just have what it takes to compete with Google Now and make a name for itself in a not-so-useful market of digital assistants.

How does Cortana stack up against the rest? Find out below.
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