Android tablets just got a little more useful with Microsoft Office, Dropbox integration


When it comes to productivity, users are always looking for ways to cut out unnecessary steps in their workflows. On mobile devices, one way developers address this need is to integrate apps with each other so the end user is not forced to jump around between different apps. An example of this is the integration between Microsoft Office apps and Dropbox which was rolled out to some mobile devices last fall. A piece that was missing, integration on the Android tablet versions of these apps, has been eliminated with an update that was announced today.
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Here’s Google’s plan to take 80 percent of Microsoft Office’s business


In the beginning, Google’s online office suite wasn’t much to look at. A bare-bones text editor, a basic spreadsheet and presentation editor, and little in terms of features all around, people thought that Google’s online bid to take on Microsoft’s behemoth of an office suite was a bit ludicrous.  However, in the nine years since it debuted, Google has been working hard at adding features like real time collaboration, easier editing, and more tools that bring the online suite closer to Microsoft’s desktop suite. It’s become so robust, that small enterprises have been moving toward the cloud office solution, and as such, Google has even more ambitious plans to take even more business away from Microsoft Office.

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Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Android tablets now out of preview and available in Google Play


Microsoft has been previewing Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Android tablets to beta testers since last November, and today they are officially available in Google Play for all to use.

The preview generated more than 250,000 downloads in 110 countries, and it was tested on over 3,000 device variants. Microsoft says they designed these apps to be just as familiar to users of the desktop versions. Users will find the familiar Office ribbon and there are large touch points.

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Microsoft offering sign up for Office preview on Android tablets

Bringing-Office-to-Everyone-5Microsoft Office on Android isn’t a new thing. Users were able to view documents and have limited functionality in editing them for free. However, more advanced support and cloud functions have been something that required a valid Office 365 subscription. But that appears to be no longer the case as Microsoft is offering its suite of apps and the ability to edit documents for free.

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Microsoft and Dropbox team up to provide seamless integration across services

dropbox_businessMicrosoft and Dropbox have announced a pretty unlikely partnership that will allow Microsoft Office customers to integrate Dropbox into their day-to-day work. You’ll be able to keep your documents and work synced across all of your devices at work and at home, and you can make quick edits on just about any device you have.
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Editing Microsoft Office documents in Chrome OS in the works


Developers on the Chrome OS developer track have a new option that they can begin testing that could be a major new feature for the operating system. After buying QuickOffice last year, it turns out one of the benefits Google is working on is injecting the code for reading and editing Microsoft Word and Excel documents into the Chrome OS. The ability to edit commonly used file formats will help move Chrome OS powered devices into the mainstream and be able to better compete with Windows and Mac OS powered devices by removing a potential barrier.

If you are on the developer track for Chrome OS, point your browser to chrome://flags and look for the option to “Enable document editing.” After enabling that option, restart your Chromebook. Obviously this is still in a testing phase, so bugs are expected.

There is no word on how long before this may make its way into the general release of Chrome OS. With rumors of Google wanting to merge the Android OS and Chrome OS, this capability could end up on your Android device one day.

source: Chromium Code Reviews
image via: +François Beaufort

CloudOn gets updated to version 4.0 and brings even more goodies than ever before



If you’re a working professional or a student, then you are probably going to be happy at the latest update to CloudOn. The latest update brings the software to version 4.0 and gives even more functionality to one of the few apps available to offer Microsoft Office document editing. In addition to phone-specific support, the latest update includes enhancements to the usual goodies including allowing users to:


  • Use Microsoft Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint® on your Android Tablet and Phone to create, review and edit documents.

  • Rename, delete and manage documents with your Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and SkyDrive accounts.

  • View virtually any type of file, including: PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.

  • Share files as links or attachments via email directly from the workspace.

  • Display, edit or create charts, change formatting, spell check, insert comments, etc into any Word, Excel or PowerPoint files.

  • Use the FileSpace to see a log of all the activity on file including edits, notifications and notes.


The latest update is available for free, so most of you Android folk out there have no reason to grab it today— especially since the update allows you to you know— be productive and all.



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CloudOn Brings Microsoft Office to Android Tablets, Now in 60 Additional Countries

Those of you productive types out there may have heard of the app called CloudOn that brings the Microsoft Office experience directly to your Android tablet. Features like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint in combination with Dropbox and Google Drive integration, make this a must have app for folks who need an Office suite on the go. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the app, maybe it’s because it wasn’t available in your country due to it’s once limited availability. Well, that may be a problem of the past as CloudOn has just been launched in these 60 additional countries:
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Rumour: Microsoft Office set to land on Android November 10th

Little more than a week ago we brought the news that strong rumours were surfacing suggesting a November launch for Microsoft Office for Android. The rumour mill just keeps on churning and further information has come to light today suggesting that November 10th will be the exact date. Tech news site The Daily received a tip off that Microsoft finished work on the app last month and are now engaged in testing across multiple platforms.

With Google Drive recently swallowing up Google Docs, it will be interesting to see what kind of impact the arrival of MS Office will have on Google’s own productivity suite. Keep tuned in to TalkAndroid and we’ll keep you updated as the story develops further.


Source: The Daily