AT&T adds Mexico to GoPhone plan, ups data allowance on two GoPhone plans


AT&T continues to capitalize on their acquisition of Iusacell and expanding into the Mexican market. Last month the carrier added free calling to Mexico for AT&T customers. Not to be left out, AT&T’s prepaid service GoPhone is reaping some benefits of the expansion.

Starting February 20th, GoPhone users on the $60 plan will enjoy the same unlimited calling to Mexico that AT&T customers get. 
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AT&T will acquire Nextel Mexico for nearly $2 billion

AT&T_Logo_01_TAAT&T has announced they will be acquiring Nextel’s Mexico business for roughly 1.8 billion dollars. This deal includes all of Nextel’s equipment and stores in Mexico, as well as about 3 million customers in the country. Nextel’s network covers 76 million people, however, so the acquisition will help AT&T create a more competitive service in Mexico.

AT&T expects the deal to close in the middle of 2015, assuming no legal roadblocks show up.
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AT&T announces deal to acquire Mexico provider Iusacell


In an announcement made on Friday, AT&T indicated they have entered into an agreement to purchase wireless provider Iusacell for $2.5 billion from Grupo Salinas. Iusacell is a wireless provider in Mexico servicing 8.6 million customers and covering about 70% of Mexico’s population. According to AT&T CEO,

“Our acquisition of Iusacell is a direct result of the reforms put in place by President Peña Nieto to encourage more competition and more investment in Mexico. Those reforms together with the country’s strong economic outlook, growing population and growing middle class make Mexico an attractive place to invest.”

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Moto Maker to come to Mexico this week

Motomaker MotoX

Moto Maker will be made available to customers in Mexico this week, according to Motorola.

The news follows the service’s expansion to Germany last week.

The Mexican site will have the same customization options. It’s live now, but the check out service doesn’t work yet. Pricing isn’t known but we do know it will depend on the customer’s service plan through Telcel. 

Image of Moto E leaks in Facebook post


With only a few days to go until Motorola announces a new smartphone on May 13th, a new image has popped up that allegedly shows the Moto E, a device Motorola will be selling in developing markets. Last month we reported the Moto E would be heading to Mexico with other markets to follow, so it should not be a surprise that the leaked photo came from a Facebook user located in Mexico. 
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Google Maps Navigation now available in Mexico

Sure, most have the world has been utilizing Google’s free turn-by-turn navigation via Google Maps for years, but until now users south of the border have been left out of the action. Well, that’s changing today as Google has announced that Google Maps Navigation is now available to users in Mexico, albeit in beta.

Much like its other-wordly counterparts, the Google Maps app features full turn-by-turn directions, directions by point of interest, Spanish-language voice search, voice playback and even real-time traffic updates.

Users will need to be running at least Android 2.2 Froyo to take full advantage of Google’s new application. Those who fit the bill can head to the Play Store to find the official download.

Source: Twitter

Motorola carries Droid across the border into Mexico as the Motoroi X

We here in the states love Verizon’s Droid line.. it’s one of our favorites. But, what about everyone else? Well, it looks like Motorola is on their way to handling the issue of stateside exclusivity, as they have announced the first Droid ever to come to Mexico: the Motoroi X. It has, basically, the same specs as the Droid X, but no Verizon name to be seen. The device will be coming to Mexican carrier Lusacell in Q4 of 2010 with 3G and wi-fi hotspot capabilities, and will ship with the Motoblur version found in its Droid X cousin. The phone will also be running Android 2.2 Froyo. Be sure to hit the break for the translated press release, and hit up the source link for the original presser in Spanish. Let us know what you think in the comments!

[via Motorola]

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