Samsung Galaxy S III Coming to MetroPCS This Fall

We have good news for those of you who subscribe to MetroPCS because the Samsung Galaxy S III is slated to arrive on the nation’s fifth largest carrier sometime this fall. This version of the Galaxy S III leaves nothing to be desired and will be equally as powerful as the multiple variants available today. The only difference being the “MetroPCS” logo on the back of the device. One last key point I should mention is the device will have a few MetroPCS apps loaded onto it, but nothing too intrusive. In terms of pricing, the carrier has not released any information but we believe it will be somewhere around $549

So how many of you are on MetroPCS? If you are, will you jump in and pay the full price to get your hands on it? Let us know!

source: PCMag

MetroPCS unveils LG Motion 4G and new $55 unlimited plan

What’s better than an unveiling of a new 4G smartphone? An unveiling of a new 4G smartphone plus an all new unlimited plan of course! MetroPCS has announced their brand new LG Motion 4G handset for $150. For this device you can expect a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, a 3.5 inch display, 5 megapixel camera with 1080p HD video recording, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and of course, a 4G LTE radio.

MetroPCS plans on releasing this device along side their new $55 unlimited everything plan which will only be available for a limited time, so take advantage of this while you can. The plan is fairly simple and straight forward, for $55 you will get unlimited text messages, unlimited voice calling and unlimited 4G data. If you’re currently on a family plan, you can simply add another $50 for each line if you choose to take advantage of this deal. Does this sound good to you thus far? It actually gets better as we’re told once you sign up for this plan, you’re essentially “grandfathered” into it for life (or however long you plan on staying with MetroPCS). This means that you’ll never have to worry about losing this valued plan as long as you stay with the company. Not bad, right?

The device and plan will be available online and in-stores later this week! You can read the full press release after the break.

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MetroPCS Powers Up Voice of LTE (VoLTE), Begins Sales of LG Connect 4G

You may or may have never heard of MetroPCS as they are not one of the big four carriers in the United States, however, being small they are still scrappy and improving their technology all the same. Just over a year ago the ambitious company announced they would eventually transition to a Voice over LTE capable network, and they made it happen, launching the world’s first Voice over LTE network. In addition, the carrier has officially launched their first VoLTE capable handset at one of their Dallas / Fort Worth store locations. The LG Connect 4G is powered by Android and is their first of many VoLTE handsets to launch and MetroPCS promises more rollouts and phone options “in the coming weeks.” This is the ‘way of the future’ and we are beginning to see more carriers make the transition to the VoLTE model as the 2G and 3G networks we have known and loved for so many years become obsolete. Hit the break for the official press release.
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Samsung Galaxy S Lightray 4G Now Available from MetroPCS

If you’ve been asking for a Samsung Droid Charge, but for whatever reason don’t like Verizon, today is your day. MetroPCS has announced the renamed but otherwise unchanged Droid Charge as the Galaxy S Lightray 4G, and it’s available now. The phone features a 4.3-inch Super AMOLED screen, an 8 MP camera, a 1ghz processor, and a free 16GB MicroSD card thrown in as well.
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Huawei’s First US LTE Phone, The Activa 4G, Is Coming To MetroPCS

We’ve seen some impressive hardware from Huawei in the past with the Ascend D Quad. Looks like the US is going to get a slightly less impressive handset with the just announced Activa 4G. Yes, the 4G refers to LTE, and the device is coming to MetroPCS. This will be Huawei’s first LTE phone in the US, and MetroPCS’s fifth.

For a limited time, it can be had for $149 off-contract after an instant discount and $50 mail-in rebate, though it will normally list for $249. Still, for buying it outright, it’s not a bad price.

But what do you get for that? Check out the specs and full press release after the break.

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Quick Rant: Mobile Carriers Are Doing A Disservice To Its Customers And Customers Should Begin Looking At Prepaid Options Instead

The great thing about today’s technology is the ability to choose from a variety of mobile carriers to best suit our needs. That means some of you can choose Verizon Wireless for example because of great nationwide coverage and the solid 4G LTE speeds. Others choose AT&T because of the ever-improving 4G LTE network or great selection of mobile devices. The rest choose networks like Sprint and T-Mobile because of their great all-everything value which is price-conscious for consumers. Keep in mind I didn’t mention regional carriers like U.S. Cellular or Cincinnati Bell, which also give great value for customers (albeit at the cost for great coverage in one region of a country, but lackluster coverage elsewhere).

While there’s a great abundance of mobile providers to suit our needs, there’s a growing sense of frustration and anger at the mobile carriers because of the idea that they are not focusing on great customer service, but rather focused on consolidating features— while increasing the overall costs for the consumers. Unfortunately, consumers in this day and age feel as if they are at the mercy of these providers, so they lock themselves into 2-year contracts and can potentially pay thousands of dollars for cellphone service. The effect you see from this is two fold: 1) By locking themselves into a commitment, customers are stuck with devices that often lose support from not only the cellphone carrier, but the manufacturer as well. 2) The average customer doesn’t come even close to using their max totals allowed in their cell plans (an example is using just 40 minutes out of 400 anytime minutes or 1GB of data out of 2GB in a billing month), so they waste precious dollars. It certainly isn’t far-fetched to believe consumers are being taken advantage of by the big companies, especially in these trying times of economic recession and recovery worldwide. Naturally, there are plenty of individuals who have had enough of contracts completely and not have not only gone the prepaid route, but are completely satisfied by the decision. For this reason, I believe it’s necessary for not just Android users— but any smartphone user to at least understand why prepaid mobile service may not be such a bad thing.
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Huawei M660 QWERTY Smartphone Outed By Bluetooth SIG


Looks like Huawei is set to bring an intriguing Blackberry alternative to the masses in the not-too-distant future. This keyboard-toting specimen called the M660 will be a portrait-mode QWERTY smartphone featuring a CDMA/EVDO radio inside, with the frequencies pointing specifically to the infamous MetroPCS brand. In addition, Huawei is more or less budget-friendly when it comes to many of its devices, so naturally the M660 will likely be no different as it will probably feature a few snaps of Gingerbread 2.3 and a modest ( < 1GHz) processor.

Additional details are scarce for now, but since it’s been outed on the Bluetooth SIG website, it won’t be a long wait before we see Huawei and/or MetroPCS spill out additional details.

source: Bluetooth SIG
via: pocketnow

Sprint Raising $2 Billion From Investors

Sprint, the third largest carrier in the U.S., announced today that they plan to sell notes to raise $2 billion from investors. This will help pay for refinancing, network upgrades and possibly fund wireless partner Clearwire. This news comes at the heels of the abrupt cancellation of Sprint’s acquisition of the smaller MetroPCS.

Dan Hesse, Sprint’s CEO, will be doing his first Mobile World Congress keynote in Barcelona on March 1st. It is unsure if he will discuss plans for their LTE rollout, which will presumably use a chunk of the $2 billion, or if he plans to mention anything about the fund raising. We’ll have to wait until Thursday to find out.

Read the full press release after the break.

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Verizon Announces Holiday Savings Bonanza, Kicks It Off With Red Incredible 2

It’s that time a year again. The time where you brave the cold, dark and early hours to save a ton of money on your holiday shopping. As we told you before, it appears that Verizon knows this as well and has decided to bring some other great deals to you this holiday season. Starting with the Incredible 2, in red, Verizon will offer specific deals on specific days. This, coupled with the other Black Friday deals, Big Red is offering shows that they are very much in the Holiday Spirit.

  • The DROID Incredible 2 (In Red) – Available online on Nov 24th, 25th, and 28th. Available nationwide in the Verizon Wireless Communications store for free after a $50 mail-in rebate on Friday, Nov. 25th only.
  • The LG Revolution - Available online for $49.99 with a new two-year customer agreement on Nov. 24th, 25th and 28th. Available nationwide in Verizon Wireless Communications stores at holiday prices after a $50 mail-in rebate on Friday, Nov. 25th only.
  • The Pantech Breakout – Available from Nov. 24th – Nov. 28th for $49.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate and a new two-year customer agreement.
  •  Motorola Xoom – Available online on Nov. 24th, 25th, and 28th at the special holiday price of $199.99 with a new two-year customer agreement on Mobile Broadband plans beginning at $30/month for 2GB of data. Available nationwide in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores at holiday pricing on Friday, Nov. 25th only.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7-Inch Edition – Available from Nov. 24th – Nov. 28th after a $50 mail-in rebate and a new two-year customer agreement.
The Sony Xperia Play, among others, will also be available for free from Nov. 24th – Nov. 28th. Add this with both Amazon and MetroPCS’ Penny Pincher and Black Friday deals, those looking who are in the market for a new phone have some amazing deals to choose from. Also you can follow Verizon on both Foursquare and Facebook to get information on additional deals that are happening during this time .For a complete list of the Black Friday deals that are going on you can click here, otherwise follow the break below to see Verizon’s full press release.

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