LINE messaging app announces End-to-End Encryption feature


If you are looking for a messaging platform that can provide end-to-end encryption from a variety of platforms, you may want to check out LINE. The messaging client is receiving a new security feature called Letter Sealing that enables users to apply encryption on messages sent from the desktop as well as on the mobile client on both Android and iOS. LINE claims they are the first provider to offer this level of security combined with flexiblity to end users. Read more

Best instant messaging services


Messaging services can be a useful alternative to your standard SMS messaging on your smartphone. While a standard text message uses your carrier plan, a messaging app only uses WiFi and is completely independent, which means you won’t actually need a plan from a carrier to use it. These are also useful if you want to message simultaneously on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, and they often have a ton of extra features that your standard text messaging app simply won’t have.

We’ve compiled some of the best and most popular apps available to give you a few to test out.

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Lock screen photo messenger Trumpit gets in-house camera after exiting beta


Trading pictures with friends and family is a time-consuming activity. You have a lot of work to do between opening the message, selecting the image to view, capturing a picture of your own, and returning the favor. Trumpit seeks to eliminate much of that fluff by placing pictures messages on your lock screen. Rightfully so, Trumpit bills itself as a “lock screen messenger.” You never have to completely unlock your phone and use another app to swap pictures with contacts. Today, Trumpit is ready for showtime as it has left the beta phase and gained an important new feature.

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You can now send messages through WhatsApp and Viber using voice commands through Google

whatsapp2Google has integrated a few new messaging apps into its voice commands in the Android app, so now you’ll be able to quickly send messages in your favorite clients without ever having to touch your phone.

The process works just like sending a text message, but instead of dictating to send a text, you can tell Google to send a WhatsApp message to someone. Afterwards, Google will prompt for what you’d like to send. The process works with several of the most popular messaging services, including WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, Telegram, and NextPlus.  Read more

Microsoft announces short message app Send


Microsoft has announced the latest creation to come out of their Microsoft Garage unit, a new app called Send. The app is meant to serve as a tool for “brief, snappy communications” where an email is overkill but use of an IM or SMS app may not be feasible. Initially Send will work for users who have Office 365 business or school email accounts, although Microsoft expects to make it more widely available to other Office users in the coming months. Read more

Best text messaging apps [2015]


If you’re tired of the native texting app on your smartphone, Google Play has a plethora of great alternatives. When choosing a new solution you need to be careful, as not all of them incorporate SMS. The Play Store is filled with apps for messaging services that lack any SMS integration. Many options disguise themselves as a text messaging app when they are actually an instant messenger, which would require you to get your friends and family on-board to put it to use.

That, of course, limits our scope quite a bit. But there are still plenty of great options out there, some even built by Google itself. Be sure to check them all out below and find the one for your needs.

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Messenger no longer asks for a Facebook account


Want to use one of the best messaging apps but don’t have a Facebook account? Then go ahead and use Facebook’s Messenger. The app was updated to allow those without Facebook accounts to take advantage of a slew of Messenger’s features, such as sending photos and videos, placing video and voice calls, and sharing stickers. Facebook only requires you to connect your phone number.

The account-less sign up for Messenger is active in the United States, Canada, Peru, and Venezuela.

Source: Facebook

AirDroid update brings quick reply feature to notifications for Telegram and Kik

airdroid 3 interfaceAirDroid is a fantastic app for remotely managing your device across your WiFi network, and it’s just received a handy new update that should speed up your social media conversations.

The last AirDroid update allowed users to quick reply to pop-up notifications from both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger messages, all without ever actually touching a phone. The newest update expands on that functionality, bringing Kik and Telegram into the fold. Any message notifications you get from either of those two apps will give you the option to reply from your PC or Mac as soon as you receive them. Read more

Telegram users can design their own custom stickers


The millions of people around the world using Telegram can create and send their very own custom stickers. The messaging service announced this week that artists can send submit their custom sticker sets to the Telegram @stickers bot for approval. In return, users are provided with permanent link for the set to save and share with others.

Sharing a sticker set can be done either by sending the direct link or the receiver can select ‘Add to Stickers’ upon receiving one. The entire set is then added. Within Telegram’s settings, users can remove entire sticker sets.

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Kik Messenger updated with in-app browser and Material Design


Kik Messenger users, who now total more than two hundred million, can head to the Play Store and update their beloved messaging application. The latest version of the app removes the sidebar and replaces it with an in-app browser. Everything is now funneled into Kik Messenger rather than having to redirect users elsewhere. Kik Messenger also has a new look for users with Android 5.0 Lollipop devices. Within conversation, too, there are changes. Users have twenty-two chat bubble colors to choose from.

Hit the break for the changelog, gallery, and download links.

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