Meizu’s MX5 Pro to launch in July with 6-inch 2K display and Exynos 7420 processor


It’s no surprise that traditional Android device manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC, Sony, et al. are under immense pressure to maintain market share while facing the onslaught of China’s Android handset makers producing smartphones with high-end specifications for mid-range prices. One such manufacturer is Meizu, whose upcoming MX5 Pro smartphone is rumoured to carry a 6-inch display and a processor produced by Samsung. Read more

Early Meizu MX5 rumors point to high res camera, fingerprint sensor


It may seem a little early in the cycle given that Meizu’s last flagship device, the Meizu MX4, just launched last fall, but there are some early rumors already floating around about a successor, likely to be the Meizu MX5. We know that Sony has already moved to a faster than annual update cycle, so we may not have to wait until next fall for the Meizu MX5 if they are looking to employ a similar strategy. When it gets here, it could be equipped with a fingerprint sensor and a whopping 41 MP camera sensor. Read more

Possible Meizu smartwatch in the works based on leaked image


Chinese and other Asian markets are a growing piece of the smartphone market landscape, but we know the expectations of the buyers in those countries differs from other global markets as there is more emphasis on low price. Apparently one thing that may not be different is interest in wearable devices like smartwatches. To capitalize on that, a newly leaked image suggests Meizu has a device in the works as part of the Blue Charm line of devices. Read more

Meizu announcing new handset tomorrow for young consumers


Meizu will be turning its attention to “young people.” The company’s vice president Li Nan informed the public in an interview with ZOL that a “quality smartphone” for the younger crowd is on the way. Its announcement will come tomorrow (on December 8). Nan did confirm that MX Mini models are not what is coming because Meizu does not feel a smaller size is necessary at this time.

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