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Mediocre’s Does Not Commute veers into the Play Store

Does not Commute (6)

Kicking back and killing some time while gaming on your smartphone or tablet can be a most enjoyable experience, especially when the game you are playing is Does Not Commute. It’s a game that involves driving a variety of vehicles around a small town set in the 1970’s, and as the name implies, the gameplay involves commuting.  Read more

Sprinkle Islands makes big splash in Google Play Store


Following up on their popular Sprinkle title, developer Mediocre released Sprinkle Islands to the Google Play store on July 10th. This sequel once again has you piloting a small fire truck with a large water cannon in a quest to save a group of islands on the moon Titan. This time a garbage-hauling spaceship from Earth is dropping flaming debris that you have to extinguish before the Titan villages burn down. Read more

Granny Smith Gets Updated To Include New Space Levels


The game that encourages gamers to fight Apple thieves has recently been updated to be bigger and better. In the latest update, Granny Smith will not only chase those darn apple thieves through terrestrial surroundings, but she will be taking off to space to try to save the day and save her apples. Game developer Mediocre has found a way to incorporate 12 new levels, which gives the game even more longevity than it already had before.

Granny Smith version 1.1.0 is now available for Android 2.3+ devices now in the Play Store. So if you’re interested in a unique gaming experience, hit the Play Store link below or scan the QR code to get in on the action.



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Featured Play Store Review: Granny Smith [Arcade & Action]

The folks who brought you Sprinkle just came out with another game, and it’s going to be a hit. Mediocre just released Granny Smith. From the name, it’s safe to assume this one is about apples and you would be right in doing so. It also happens to be about an old lady conveniently named Granny Smith. She loves her apples and a thief is trying to steal them from her garden. It’s your job to get the apples before the thief does.

How do you do that? Well picture an old lady on roller skates plowing through farmland and cityscapes. While she is skating at a pretty good speed, you will need to do some tricks such as jumping and swinging to beat the thief. It just so happens that you will probably crash a few times into old barns and offices, and the crash physics are pretty cool. At first, I didn’t think I would like this game based on the concept, but trust me when I tell you that it will get addicting pretty quickly. Just check out my hands on video below and you will see what I’m talking about.


Spectacular physics – Granny Smith uses some of the most advanced destruction physics in mobile games. Crash through crates and windows and watch the pieces fly all over!

Dazzling visuals – Zoom through dozens of vibrant, whimsical worlds! Each level is like a fanciful, three-dimensional storybook.

Intuitive controls – Help Granny pull off crazy moves with simple two-button controls – perfect for both tablets and phones.

Vintage replays – Watch your best runs in retro movie style with cool camera angles and slow-motion effects!

Power Granny up – Collect coins and equip Granny with a helmet, banana peels and baseballs. If Granny is getting old, you have two alternative characters to play with – Scruffy and Stanley!

If you have Android 2.3 or higher, you can enjoy Granny Smith, but if you have a NVIDIA Tegra 3 device, you get additional breakable objects, grass, flowers and dust particles.



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Granny Smith is only .99cents so definitely hit one of the download links below to get started.


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Water Physics Based Puzzler Sprinkle Now Available On Android 2.3 And Higher

You may have missed trying this game out from developer Mediocre as it used to only run on TEGRA 2 devices. With some of the most realistic water physics seen on an Android, Sprinkle is a puzzle game that looks absolutely fantastic. Great news today though as it now supports most devices running Android 2.3 and up. What’s even better is Mediocre is offering a demo of the game for free on the market, which if you like it, you can grab the full version for $1.99. Hit up the break for some game features, screenshots, an a video showing the game off. Of course links to download the demo to follow as well. Let us know what you think.

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